101 Wyze Questions Answered!

If you’re an avid Wyze user just like me, you have probably asked yourself numerous questions related to your Wyze products. I can totally relate to that! With each new Wyze product that I had bought, I also found things to be concerned about.

I then realized that it is better to compile all these questions that bothered me for quite some time along with their corresponding answers.

Do you have any Wyze questions? Several questions related to Wyze and its products will be answered in this article. These questions will be about functionality, features, product availability, and lastly, third-party integrations in Wyze products.  

As you read this article, you will be enlightened about various aspects related to Wyze. The questions are brief and concise and I’m sure that you will find each of the questions listed here as very helpful.  

Wyze Functionality And Features

The first section of questions is related to the functionality and features of Wyze in general. Wyze offers a variety of products ranging from headphones to cameras so most users can get confused regarding their common features.  

Does Wyze Have A Desktop App?

Smart home and personal devices from Wyze are all supported in its mobile application called the Wyze App.

This actually makes their products very convenient to use because the Wyze App can provide centralized remote access for all the Wyze products that you are using which includes letting your devices interact with each other. Unfortunately, Wyze still does not have an application that can be supported on desktops. 

Wyze App can only be properly used on smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS software. However, there is a known method to still be able to use the mobile Wyze App on your laptop or PC.

You can use an Android emulator such as BlueStacks and Nox Emulator to be able to download and install the Wyze App on your desktop. Since this is not officially approved, this method is not 100% guaranteed to work on your device.

Does Wyze Have Cloud Storage?

Yes, Wyze has cloud storage but it can only be used for certain Wyze products. It offers its AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud storage to its cameras and video doorbells wherein the default automatic 12-second video recordings can be stored.

These automatic recordings are available for viewing in the cloud storage for up to 14 days. No additional subscription is needed to access this feature.

Does Wyze Have To Be Plugged In?

Most Wyze products are electronic devices. Its smart cameras (except the outdoor camera), bulbs, and doorbells use electricity as their power source. These products must be plugged into a power outlet during usage.

But Wyze does not only provide electrically powered devices. There are also Wyze products that are battery powered such as its lock, headphones, and the outdoor camera.

Does Wyze Have A Monthly Fee?

Users of certain Wyze products can opt to pay a monthly fee but it is not required. It is just an optional upgrade to its products that use cloud storage specifically the cameras and video doorbells.

This monthly fee is for the Wyze Cam Plus feature which allows person detection and recordings of detected motion at unlimited video length with no cooldown period. The monthly fee costs $1.25 which is billed annually.  

Does Wyze Need An SD Card?

The use of an SD card is not required for Wyze products. The only time an SD card can be used is when you want to record and store longer videos in your cameras and video doorbells.

It also lets you store videos locally aside from storing in the cloud storage. Wyze products support Class 10 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB microSD cards in FAT32 format.

Does Wyze Record All The Time?

It depends. The default setting for video doorbells and cameras with no upgrade subscription is to start recording 12-second videos once motion is detected with a 5 minute cooldown period between each video.

But continuous recordings can still be done using two ways: having an SD card and a monthly subscription to an upgrade. If you use an SD card, a full 2 days of HD video or full 7 days of SD video can be recorded.

If you subscribe to the Wyze Cam Plus, an unlimited length of detected motion can be recorded and stored in its cloud storage for 14 days. So if there’s motion detected all the time, it can be recorded. 

Does Wyze Cam Use Data?

Yes! The Wyze Cam uses a maximum of 2MB per minute for standard resolution videos and a maximum of 7MB per minute for high-resolution videos.

Does Wyze Cam Function Without WiFi?

Yes, but it has its drawbacks. Although Wyze Cam normally functions while connected to WiFi, it can still be used even when offline. To be able to do this, you must first have an SD card stored in your camera and then activate your local recording configuration in your Wyze app while connected to your WiFi.

Your Wyze Cam can continue to function offline but you will not be able to access the device via your Wyze app and no alert videos will be saved to the cloud storage.

Does Wyze Support Shared Access To Your Devices?

Wyze allows shared access to your devices. For those sharing their living spaces with family and friends, this will be a convenient functionality.

You do not need to share your account information and passwords with other people sharing a house with you, instead, you can create individual Wyze accounts and let them access your device along with you.

But the primary owner can still have superior access as the only one who can view locally stored videos. The other accounts can only view the real-time camera feed and the 12-second alert videos. 

Does Wyze Have Data Security?

Yes, Wyze secures any data coming from your devices. To ensure that its users’ data are safe and protected, Wyze uses symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and consistent hashing (producing output data that do not have enough information to be unencrypted).

For its devices, each has its own unique key and certificate to ensure validity during the encrypted handshake. This makes it almost impossible for hackers to interfere with your data.

Aside from this, Wyze employees do not have access to any user’s recorded videos and live streams which are all encrypted via AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128-bit encryption.

Wyze also encourages its users to incorporate additional safety measures such as enabling two-factor authentication, creating strong passwords, and avoiding phishing scams. 

Product-related Questions

Here, let’s see the answers to possible questions related to any Wyze product. 

Does Wyze Deliver To Canada?

Unfortunately, Wyze is not yet delivering to Canada. But do not worry because Wyze is currently working on its Canadian warehousing and shipping partner in order to be able to directly ship its products in Canada.

Does Wyze Make A Doorbell Camera?

Yes, Wyze has a doorbell camera and it is called the Wyze Doorbell. The Wyze Doorbell records and streams video with a 1080p Full HD resolution and a 3:4 aspect ratio from head to toe.

This slim-looking doorbell is equipped with motion-activated LED to make it more noticeable to your visitors. It is also weather-resistant and has a two-way audio system you can use to communicate with your visitors first before letting them in. 

Does Wyze Make A Battery-powered Camera?

One of its newest products, the Wyze Cam Outdoor is battery-powered. This outdoor camera uses two 2,600 mAh integrated rechargeable batteries that can last from 3-6 months based on the estimated normal usage (maximum of 20 event videos per day). 

Does Wyze Have An Outdoor Camera?

Yes! As previously mentioned, the only battery-powered camera from Wyze is also its outdoor camera which makes it convenient to use for outdoor purposes.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is battery-powered, water-resistant, and wire-free. It records 1080p videos and has an 8x digital zoom. It also has a two-way audio system that can be used to talk to people wandering or lost on your outside lawn without the hassle of leaving your house.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is also perfect to use as a surveillance camera at night because it supports infrared night vision up to 25 feet. It primarily operates using WiFi but it also has an offline travel mode wherein the camera emits its own WiFi hotspot for your smartphone to connect.

The starter bundle for this device which includes the camera and its base stations costs $50.

Does Wyze Have A Smart Lock?

Wyze Lock is actually among the best affordable smart locks out there. It is a smart lock that attaches to a pre-existing deadbolt and you can opt to also buy its dedicated keypad if you want other means of accessing the lock.

At around $100, it offers remote and automatic door locking and unlocking as well as door position detection without the need for additional sensors. It can also work using both WiFi and Bluetooth. 

Does Wyze Have Other Products Aside From Cameras?

Absolutely! Wyze has been well-known for its camera products but it actually offers a wide range of items.

Aside from its different types of cameras suitable for indoors and outdoors, Wyze also has a bulb, plug, smart lock equipped with a keypad, weighing scale, thermostat, headphones, video doorbell, and health band.

All of these are innovative devices and can be integrated into your smart home technology. For example, its Wyze Plug is unlike any ordinary plug because it can actually be voice-activated. 

Does Wyze Products Have A Warranty?

All Wyze products are covered by a one-year warranty which starts at the date of your purchase. Products with quality defects will be replaced with a new or similar model.

Just make sure to keep any valid proof of purchase in order to ensure that your item will be covered by warranty for one year. 

Does Wyze Have A Return Policy?

Yes, Wyze accepts product returns within 30 days of purchase and also refunds the purchase price plus the associated sales tax back to the payment method you used.

Unfortunately, the refund will not include the shipping fee. You can start your return process by submitting a return ticket on the Wyze website. But you can only return an undamaged product directly purchased from Wyze Lab and it must be repackaged including all accessories and documentation.

Do not worry about the return shipping fee because it will be shouldered by Wyze. And in case you didn’t know yet, you can also return Wyze products that you received as gifts directly sent to you from the Wyze Lab.

About Third-Party Integration

Wyze products can easily be integrated into your smart home technology. This last section of Wyze questions is all about third-party integrations. 

Does Wyze Work With Alexa?

Yes, Wyze can work with Alexa. To do this, you just need to add and link Wyze Skill to your Amazon device. And you don’t have to worry about the security of your account and password information because these will not be shared with Amazon. 

Does Wyze Work With Google Home?

Yes. Google Assistant allows control to Wyze Cam using multiple device types such as Google Home Mini and Google Smart Home Hub.

Does Wyze Work With SmartThings?

No. Wyze is currently not compatible with Smartthings but it is being evaluated for future developments. But on your own, you can do configurations on your SmartThings app in order to integrate Wyze.

Unfortunately, the functions that you can use will be limited through this method. 

Does Wyze Work With IFTTT?

Yes. IFTTT (If This Then That) is an application that lets you make use of triggers to perform specific actions. Currently, Wyze is partnered with IFTTT for its Wyze Cam to have a more seamless connection to other apps and devices.

Using this third-party integration, you can execute automated actions like motion detection inside your house when you are not around and sending alerts directly to your email. 


Wyze is a great brand because it offers a variety of products that are recommended by most people. Due to the number of their products, Wyze users just like us will really tend to have questions that may be related to the available products, their functionality and features, and third-party integrations.

By reading this article, I hope that I have given you clarity regarding your Wyze questions that are previously unanswered.


That’s it for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you think it might be useful for someone else then please share it on social media, email or your own website! It really encourages us to write more content and grow the site!

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