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11 Inventive Ways to Cover Up Weed Patches in Your Garden or Yard – Houshia

11 Inventive Ways to Cover Up Weed Patches in Your Garden or Yard

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A pleasant-looking garden is one that has a luscious sea of green leaves, complemented by a splash of colors from a variety of flowers or by hardscaping elements such as rocks and wood.

However, something else may stand out in your yard and that is the unpleasant sight of weed patches or brown spots in your grass.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of low maintenance tricks you can do to hide them away for good, while also making sure your garden looks fantastic! 

It may be ideal to try fixing this problem by doing something with the soil or the dry grass by using fertilizer, but the problem is that it might take some time before you get the results you want.

There are plenty of ways you can cover these lawn patches while also revamping your garden’s look without breaking the bank or waiting for too long.

Read along to see various ways you can creatively cover up weed patches in your yard in no time.

Fancy Garden Lane to Hide Weeds

Placing something on top of the weed patches across your yard is most likely the most straightforward way you can do to hide them away.

You’ve probably even done this already, which is instinctive because we usually like to cover up unpleasant things with something that looks nicer.

It’s easy to do and you have plenty of options to choose from. It’s also one of the best low maintenance solutions you can do to solve this issue. 

There are different ways on how you can do this without having to sacrifice the overall landscaping of your garden.

There are various garden accessories you can choose from, depending on the size of your yard, as well as the budget and amount of work you’re willing to shell out.

You only need to either match the current landscaping design you have. Better yet, create a different vibe using these additional garden accessories 

Permanent Mulch Lane to Hide Weeds

gardener mulching flower bed with pine tree bark mulch

Mulch is a mixture of materials made from compost, decaying leaves, or sawdust that is usually used as a protective covering to enrich the soil.

It may not be as durable and long-lasting as you would have liked due to its materials. It might even end up scattering across your yard when the strong wind blows.

There is an alternative and more permanent option, a mulch-like rubber mat that you can easily place across your yard, which easily becomes your aisle. 

You can buy this at stores like Home Depot, Gardener’s Supply Company, and Plow and Hearth, with prices ranging from $30 to $45. Some mulch mats are a perfect fit for a pathway.

Some mulch mats are also shaped round, great to be placed around a tree or a post. You can choose from these designs depending on the look you’re going for. 

Ground Mosaic Trail to Hide Weeds

Texture gray natural stone garden pavement, decorative mosaic of flat stones

Another attractive option to cover up those weed patches is a set of garden accessories made of stones. Not just any stones, but mosaic stones. These mosaic stones look great because they come in different colors and designs.

These will not only look good against the green grass, but they are also great pathways, especially when you don’t want to walk on soft soil or damp grass. 

You can get a set of three stone mosaics that’s ten inches in diameter for $49.95 at Plow and Hearth. Pebble Tile Shop sells various stone mosaic designs to choose from for around $15 per tile.

Amazon has different designs to offer and sells a lot cheaper. There are some sold at $25 for a set of six mosaic stepping stones. 

Faux Wood Pathway to Hide Weeds

If you’re the type of person who has a knack for DIYs, then this is a good project for you. Cover up the brown patches in your yard with concrete stepping stones made to look like wood.

This faux wood design will undoubtedly blend well with your garden landscape, while its concrete material is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

It’s relatively easy to do, and you can adjust the size of the stepping stones, depending on the sizes of the weed patches you’ll cover-up.

For this project, all you’ll have to do is mix sand and cement well. Pour on water but don’t overdo it. Pour the mixture on mold, and start marking it with uneven lines, similar to how the wood looks like.

To create natural-looking wood knots, scoop up a bit of concrete and place a crumpled piece of paper on the hole. Allow it to dry well before painting.

After the paint dries off, you may now install your concrete-made wood stepping stones. 

Aisle Made of Log Slices to Hide Weeds

Park walkway made of natural round wooden logs. Wood paving.

If you want to be more authentic with your garden landscape, use a material made from the actual wood to cover your yard patches.

Log slices are also excellent garden accessories that can do just that while also providing a lovely walkway.

It’s hard to match the charm of the irregular shapes and sizes of log slices, especially when you place them in groups and not just in the typical fashion of lining each step.

You may have a hard time sourcing log slices for the garden path, so it’s best to cut your own. 

Mini Landscaping Projects 

If you’re up to the challenge of doing something much more creative and fun to your garden to hide away those weed patches, then the ideas below are great for you.

The following projects are meant to add different vibes to your current garden landscape.

The only downside is that you’ll most likely need to focus on parts that are more problematic, meaning those with bigger weed patches, unless you extend your design to cover up other patches. 

You can either go for something cute or organic. Perhaps you’re the type who loves exploring creative options to improve your surroundings. You can also work with what you have.

Whether you have a budget for these mini garden facelifts or not, these projects are worth checking out. 

Cute Garden Scene 

This project is perfect for the DIY-ers out there. Create a garden scene to cover up the problematic areas in your garden using organic materials such as rocks, stones, and the likes.

The first thing you need to do is think of a garden scene you want to depict, perhaps a group of bugs huddled together in a spot, a family of ladybugs crossing the street, or a colony of ants going about their day. 

Collect stones and pebbles that you can transform to become your characters by painting on them. To make them more noticeable, make a small signpost, and place them on the tricky spot in your garden.

You can also add potted plants for additional aesthetic. 

In case you have more problematic areas in your yard, just make more mini garden scenes. You can also design them to look like a trail for your inanimate characters.

Including this design in your current landscape will surely be a great attraction for kids and adults alike. Kids can even play with them, or you can depict a different scene every once in a while. 

To ensure that your garden scene will last long, make sure that you use waterproof paints. For a more playful scene, use old umbrellas to give your scene shade from the elements.

Another cute idea is to make a small canopy for your garden creatures. This will make your scene more interesting. 

A Rocky Road 

Park with green lawn, trees trimmed bushes and natural stone path in autumn. Modern landscape design.

Here’s another option on how you can cover those weed patches using stones, pebbles, and rocks. Form your rocks on the ground to make different shapes and designs like a flower, dragonfly, or butterfly.

You can also try making your own rock mosaic. If you want to make a unique feature in your garden, make designs on your rocks with glow-in-the-dark paints.

In case you have trouble looking for the right size and shapes of rocks, you can purchase them in bulk. Some shops sell them for landscaping purposes, like in Craigslist and Freecycle, although pricing on these sites may vary, depending on the seller.

You can also check out building material supplies like EarthStoneRock or Greenlife, which sell these per ton at around $140. As for glow-in-the-dark paints, there are sets sold at Amazon, with prices starting at about $16. 

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Aviary Paradise  

If you’re someone who loves birds and enjoys listening to their chirping and love watching them from a distance, then this is perfect for you.

Installing a birdbath or basin is probably one of the most straightforward projects in this list that you can do to hide the most problematic area in your yard.

The key will be in how you decorate its surroundings with potted plants or rocks or fancy bird attractions like a bird’s nest or a stand. 

Pick a birdbath or basin design that will blend well with your current landscape. There are the traditional bird baths that you can either repaint or design with vines.

Another option is using a bird basin which also comes in different designs, whether you want something that looks organic or elegant.

There are various options to choose from at Walmart or Amazon, with prices ranging from $20 to around $100. 

Light Them Up 

Here’s another option for those who don’t want to disturb the current landscape design in their garden using landscape lighting.

This time, you focus on highlighting the best features of your garden. This way, you divert the attention from the ground to, let’s say, the big old tree in your yard or the flower curtain on your wall.

You can place your lights on the patches on your yard and decorate the surroundings with rocks to keep them hidden.

To make your landscape lighting more interesting, make your lighting more mystical using other garden tools and elements.

Attach the string of fairy lights to the holes of a watering can and install the watering can on a weed patch. Place potted plants and flowers below it so it’ll look like they’re sprinkled with fairy lights.

You can also use ornamental solar led lights and install them on these patches. 

There are affordable outdoor lights you can buy at Amazon for $15. If you want fancier garden lights, Gardeners Supply Company sells various designs with prices ranging from $21.95 to $84.95.

You can either pick a flower-designed ornamental plant. There are lights shaped like stars and even fairy lights perfect for your potted plants. 

In Full Bloom 

If you’re willing to put more effort into this project, then I suggest that you go all out and cover those weed patches with flowers or other small ornamental plants.

You don’t need to trouble yourself in planting them on the weed patches. You only need to place the flowers and ornamental plants in unique containers. You can either recycle stuff you don’t use or buy cheap alternatives.

In case you have an old chair, a bike, or a vintage stroller, you can use them as alternative flower containers. Some ornamental plants or flowers are low maintenance, or you can even use silk flowers for that matter.

If you want something much more rustic, then see if you can acquire a wagon wheel and use it to place your plants. 

Another option is using a hollow log as your organic flower container. Lay it on the spot you want to cover, cut out the top part of the trunk, and place the potted plants on this genuine part.

Once your plants start to bloom and grow bigger, they’ll look like they grew inside the trunk. It’s a beautiful design that will look great regardless of the design of your garden landscape. 

Cozy Hardscaping Ideas 

For those who are willing to shell out a bit more to work on their garden’s weed patches, these may be what you need.

Add a more prominent structure on your lawn not only to cover up those patches but also to divert the attention from the ground to these eye-catching cozy spots.

You also get a new hangout spot in your yard, especially when you feel like getting some of that Vitamin D. There’s also an option for those who are on a budget.

Fiery Backyard 

Building a fire pit on the part of your yard with the most prominent weed patch is one great way to cover it up.

It will surely steal the spotlight in your garden and be perfect for those who love the outdoors.

While there are fire pits you can buy from Home Depot or Amazon for at least $50, you can also make your own.

The difference is how you want your fire pit to look, whether you want the modern-looking fire pit or something more organic.

If you pick the latter, then you can make one using gravel as your fire pit’s floor and bricks as its wall. 

Lounging Out 

Another option for you to cover up the weed patches in your garden is to build an outdoor lounge area in your yard. This project is also perfect for outdoor lovers.

There are different options to choose from, whether you want to keep your costs to a minimum or you don’t mind spending at all.

For those on a budget, you can just cover up these weed patches by placing outdoor lounge chairs and tables and adding an umbrella and potted plants to complete the look.

If you’re the latter, dig out the problematic area in your yard and install your choice of flooring. You can install flooring made out of bricks or wood.

For a cheaper option, I suggest you check out this portable deck flooring that you can buy at different home improvement stores with prices starting at around $19 to about $100, depending on the deck design and size you need. 

Furnish your new outdoor lounge with furniture, or build your own as well. You can also add a fire pit to make it look more inviting.

Add potted plants, pillows, and a canopy for final touches. To make it fancier, add a canopy and fairy lights for a cozier hangout spot in your yard. 


Maintaining a weed patch-free garden can be challenging. However, it’s good to remember that sometimes, the best solution to a recurring problem is typically the most basic one, which is covering up these problematic areas.

There are different ways to do so. Just make sure you explore your options regarding budgeting, designing, and executing your plan.

This way, you’re not only trying to solve your weed patch problem, but you’re also giving your yard a unique makeover. 

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