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43 Stunning ABOVE GROUND pool ideas that you need to SEE! – Houshia

43 Stunning ABOVE GROUND pool ideas that you need to SEE!

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Nowadays, there is no need for you to excavate your yard to make room for a swimming pool.

Instead, you can install an above-ground pool and achieve some truly stunning results! 

This article is a collection of 43 of those ideas designed to inspire you into what’s possible with above ground pools.

Before we start…

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Below I’ve summarized some of the pro’s and cons of each style of above ground pool idea.

It might be worth revisiting them after you’ve checked out all cool above ground pool ideas we have….

Pool DesignProsCons
Extend your living roomIdeal for any pool shapeLooks very contemporary Will eat up porch spaceAdditional investment for outdoor furniture 
Indoor paradiseVery privateInstant vacation vibesIdeal only for smaller poolsRequires careful consideration for family with kids
Overlooking the CityProvides great cityscape viewLooks very modern Pool weight and size will matterNot too private 
End of the BridgeDoesn’t require significant house remodelingUnique access to the pool Requires careful consideration for family with kids May be costly, will require professional to execute the design 
Penthouse PoolVery modern ambianceIncredible skyline or cityscape viewPool weight and size will matter Plan needs approval from an engineer or the building owner 
Pool VillaIdeal for any pool shapeAdds value to the propertyMay be very costly unless there’s already an existing structure
Decked OutIdeal for any pool shape or sizeHides the exterior of the above-ground poolCostly, depending on deck material or designCommon pool design  
In a GazeboSize of the gazebo is adaptable to pool sizeMay serve different functionsCostly, depending on layout and materialsMay require additional ground or mount for gazebo
Glass DomeSleek-designCan hold up to different weather conditionsIdeal for any pool shapeUnless used with tinted glass screen or curtains, privacy can be a problem Costly because of additional structure 
Swim and LoungeIdeal for any pool shape or sizeHides the exterior of the above-ground poolCan be costly depending on the materials to be usedMay be tricky for freeform above-ground pools
Concrete WallingCan easily be upgraded with edgingAdditional protection for the poolMay look too simpleCan be costly depending on pool size
Poolside BarA unique feature for an above-ground poolCan be used separately from the poolIdeal for larger pools onlyCostly, depending on the size of and materials for the bar and stools
Wood PanelingSimple yet timeless designEasy to doMay be costly depending on the type of wood to be used 
Styled with TilesSpice up the look of pool exterior or enclosureTiles are easy to source and not costly If left unattended for long, tiles may become grimy and slippery
Bold MarbleEasy to source materialsGreat to use for a classic lookNot ideal to choose slippery types of marble tiles
Stacked and BrickedCheaper materials are availableCan also be tried doing on your ownCan be costly when hiring an expert because it’s custom made
Walled and OverflowingGreat for any pool shapeImitates the fountain lookRequires a spill basin below Needs a bigger floor area 
Classy EdgingCamouflages the exposed part of the poolCan use different materials to mix-and-match Can be costly depending on the materials used
Infinite ParadiseMakes the pool look more luxurious Trendy pool design May need professional to work around the pool to create the infinity look
In an AquariumReminiscent of famous summer vacation spotsImpressive views for both in and out the pool  Can be costly, especially when placed beside a room
Pool FountainReady-to-install fountains are availableDifferent fountain designs to choose fromCan be costly if you prefer to create a poolside fountain source
Peek-a-Boo PoolGreat in maximizing space in the backyardInstant enclosure for the poolWill require recessing of above-ground pool

Extend Your Living Room

This is one of the ideal designs to check out if you want to go for a contemporary above-ground pool look, regardless of your pool’s shape and size.

This design is suitable for houses with glass wall partitions or huge french doors leading to the backyard. All you have to do is incorporate features in your home to where you’ll place your above-ground pool and extend that design to match. 

Start with extending the wall color or floor design to your pool’s walls and flooring in your living room.

Next, pick out a set of outdoor lounge furniture that matches the decor you have in your living room to extend that ambiance.

While it may seem simple, this modernized design fits well with the contemporary and minimalistic style trend. 

Source: Aquatica Pools & Spas

Indoor Paradise 

If you want to go all-out in creating the perfect indoor paradise, you need to consider placing your above-ground pool inside your house! This will work best with smaller pools since it does not consume too much space.

It’s now easy to throw private pool parties, and you won’t need to worry about protecting your pool from outside elements.

Be ready to spend a bit more when hiring professionals to fix proper water supply and drainage to prevent leakages in the long run. 

If you like the idea of having an indoor pool but don’t want to commit to installing one inside your house, then go for a semi-indoor pool installment.

This is great for places with balconies. Simply install your above-ground pool below the terrace.

Another way to spice it up is to open up a part of your wall to create a space to install a section of your pool while the rest stays shaded under the balcony.

Doing so will instantly upgrade your home and give off that summer vacation vibe all-year-round! 

Source: Cadence Architects

Overlooking the City

If you’re the type who enjoys the cityscape view from your terrace, make it more enjoyable by placing your above-ground pool on your favorite spot. Imagine staring over the city lights while relaxing in your pool after a hard day’s work.

This additional feature in a balcony is perfect for those who are more adventurous and don’t mind the lack of privacy.

Add a comfortable lounging area to match your balcony pool to make it an ideal hangout spot. 

However, installing a pool in an extended structure will require careful considerations.

You need to make sure that your house can accommodate the above-ground pool’s size and weight, especially if you’re thinking of adding a big one.

Hiring a professional to do this and help you make the decision will cost you a bit more, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Source: AIBD – American Institute of Building Design

End of the Bridge

Here’s another great tip to connect your above-ground pool to your house without needing to spend too much, a bridge that connects your home to your above-ground pool!

Design your bridge to match the look of your balcony or the landscaping in your garden.

Abutting the bridge’s end to the pool will also give you a small ramp that can be used as a diving board for adventurous swimmers.

This additional feature can work on any pool size and shape and perfect for those who want instant access to and from the pool. 

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Source: Claffey Pools 

Penthouse Pool

If you own a penthouse and would like to upgrade its ambiance, consider adding an above-ground pool. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy the skyline or urbanscape view.

However, the difference is the sense of privacy a penthouse can offer. Whether you put your above-ground pool inside or on the terrace, it will definitely be an interesting feature in your property. 

It’s highly recommended that you consult first with an expert or the building owner if you can install a pool in your place. To be safe, go for smaller and lighter pools in case you get the green light.

Include in your installment plan possible adjustments to the flooring to avoid leakage and slippery floors. 

Source: Crossville Studios 

Pool Villa 

If you have a large yard and would like to make your pool’s surroundings more distinct from your house, consider creating a tiny villa beside your above-ground pool in any size or shape.

This little villa will instantly become a dedicated space for those who will use the pool.

However, you can further upgrade it so that it can also function as a guest room. This design idea will also look great in properties with detached or semi detached structures.

Place the pool in between these structures to provide a cool view.  

Source: Brown’s Pools & Spas

Decked out 

Creating a deck outside your property is probably the most common design idea used when incorporating a pool in a property.

There’s a reason why it’s popular—it’s functional, easy to design, and provides you with additional floor space not just for the pool but also for hanging around.

You don’t need to worry about camouflaging the dull look of your above-ground pool because the deck will take care of that. 

Speaking of function, while its design may be solely for pool use by building a fence around it, you can still use it as an extension of your outdoor kitchen, especially when you throw a barbeque party with family and friends.

A deck will follow the shape and size of your above-ground pool. Hiring workers may be necessary, but if you are equipped and have the knowledge to build things, you can try DIY-ing a pool deck to save some bucks. 

Source: Daniel Contelmo Architects

Chill in a Gazebo 

Another great design idea for your above-ground pool is to add a gazebo. It’s also another structure that is functional and adds beauty to your pool.

If you have large yard space and are willing to spend a lot on this project, you can build a huge pavilion and install your pool there.

However, you can also go for a smaller-sized gazebo and place it either on the side of your pool.

This is also great if you have a bigger above-ground pool, create a floating gazebo that will indeed wow anybody. 

Source: ADC Audio Visual Inc.

Glass Dome 

If you want to go for something that’s both organic and chic, you might want to consider building a glass dome instead. The sleek-looking design will stand out in your garden and will easily blend well with the landscape.

The size of your glass dome will vary with the size or shape of your above-ground pool, keeping it protected from elements that might contaminate the water.

For privacy, you can opt to install tinted glasses on your dome or enclose it with curtains. 

Source: Camargo and Associates, Inc.

Swim and Lounge

If you’re the type who enjoys the outdoors, adding a lounging area beside your pool is a great design idea. It’s a perfect spot to hang out if you want to get more Vitamin D while relaxing.

A lounging area is also an ample space to place your sunglasses, drinks, or towels when you go in the water. This will also easily hide the dull exterior of your above-ground pool. 

This can be a great DIY project for you to work on, but there’s nothing wrong if you want to hire help instead.

Just build a bench made either of concrete or wood around the exposed edge of your pool. Paint or add tiles to the bench or use colorful cushions to accentuate it from its surroundings.  

Source: Eponyme Architecture

Concrete Walling 

In case you have a specific spot where you want to place your pool, you can create a concrete enclosure for it, which will also serve as its additional layer of protection.

This way, you can also separate the pool from the other elements in your house’s design or garden landscape without using too many resources.

While it may seem simple, you can make this concrete walling look sleek and sophisticated by painting on the wall.

You can also add plants or lights around it to make it stand out, especially in the dark. 

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Source:  Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Poolside Bar 

This design here is a personal favorite. Suppose you’re thinking of a way to spice up the layout of your pool, build bar stools on the sides of your pool along with a mini poolside bar on its edge.

It’ll be a great hangout spot, whether you’re using the pool or not.

While it’s ideal to build it in any shape of an above-ground pool, it will look better on a bigger one. The only downside is the possibility of having your mixed drinks spilling in the pool. 

Source: Rustico Tile and Stone

Wood Paneling 

If you want to create a design for your pool exterior, this idea is a good option for you.

Making a wood paneling around your pool is a simple, yet timeless design that will go well with the greens in your garden. This also instantly gives off that traditional bathhouse ambiance.

Since the paneling will be built along the walls of your pool, this design is ideal for any pool shape or size.

Your budget will also depend if you prefer to do it yourself or hire a worker instead, as well as the materials you will use for your paneling.  

Source: Crestwood Pools, Inc.

Styled With Tiles 

Here’s one way to upgrade the look of your above-ground pool enclosure, add tiles.

Doing so adds color and depth to the pool exterior while also complementing the look of its surroundings. You can mix and match the tiling on the pool and the ground.

This is a great design idea, regardless of the above-ground pool shape you have.

If you wish to execute this design, you might want to consult with a professional to get an insight into how to do it and find out what types of tiles to use that will look great on your pool enclosure. 

Source: Jared Poole Design 

Bold Marble 

If you want to go for a more classic look that will blend well with the greens in your backyard, marbling is another good option. You can use a marble design to upgrade the look of your pool’s exterior.

Marble tiles usually come in muted earth colors, so it will blend well with your garden landscape.

This will also look great regardless of your pool design or shape, as marble tiles come in different sizes as well.

To find better deals and create a seamless marble look for your pool, you might want to consider hiring a professional. 

Source: Mezger Homes 

Stacked and Bricked

One standard design in traditional pools is rough stones and bricks to create a nature-inspired look. You can also adapt that design to your above-ground pool.

Stone stacking is not hard to do, but it requires patience and precision. You can try making it on your own or hire professionals to do it.

Creating an enclosure of stacked stones for your pool will add another layer of protection and add depth to your pool exterior, making it look a bit more sophisticated. 

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Source:  yardscapes Inc. 

Walled and Overflowing 

If you want your pool to draw more attention, consider making it an overflowing pool. It’s also another design idea that takes away from the luxurious pool designs.

The effect of water flowing adds texture to your pool’s exterior and will go well with your garden.

Take note, though. This design will cost you a bit more because you also need to work on the floor that will catch the water spilling from the pool and install a water line to make this work well. 

Source: DRC Pools

Classy Edging 

Edging is one styling design that will work well if you want your pool to look sophisticated without breaking the bank.

You focus your design on the exposed side of your above-ground pool to give it a chic finish. This will look best on pools regardless of size and shape.

You can choose to use wood, bricks, stones, or tiles as materials for your edging. Mix and match can work too, like using wood and bricks together. To make it more impactful, add landscape lighting around your pool. 

Source: Urban Angles

Infinite Paradise 

Recreating an infinity look for your pool is not entirely impossible. Whether you own a traditional above-ground pool or one with looking glass, you can achieve this by creating an illusion that the water in your pool is on edge.

Install it in a spot where it’s overlooking the landscape in your garden or the sea if you live near it.

This pool design idea will look even more sophisticated with landscape lighting. 

Source: Daydreams LLC

In an Aquarium 

Another great design you might want to consider for your above-ground pool is creating the aquarium effect.

There are above-ground pools with looking glass that can help you achieve this look. It has a very modern design and exudes summer vibes.

If you want to be more experimental, try placing your pool beside a room with a glass wall. This type of design is reminiscent of famous summer destination hotels where the private pool and the guest room are divided by a glass wall.

To make it look more exquisite, add landscape lighting around the pool. 

Source: Enkipools 

Pool Fountain 

A great feature to add to your above-ground pool is a pool fountain. If you’re up to spending a bit more, you can purchase a fountain statue for your pool and hire a professional to work on the water supply.

Adding a fountain will look great not only with your pool but also with your garden. 

However, if you want something much cheaper but will still give off that same effect, check out the different easy-to-install pool fountain. There is a wide range of fountains to choose from.

You can go for the traditional rain fountain, or try out the one with the lights. In the evenings, it’ll look like you’re having a lights-and-water show right in your backyard. 

Source: Daryl Toby – AguaFina Gardens International

Peek-a-Boo Pool

Owning an above-ground pool can be overwhelming because of its size. If you want to maximize the space you have in your backyard, say on your pool deck, consider installing a pool cover that can hide your pool while securely giving you a sturdy deck floor.

It’s great for any pool size, but it does get a bit more expensive depending on the pool size that the rolling deck will cover and the weight you want it to hold. 

This type of design is great for any pool size, especially if installed in a deck. Instead of using the typical pool cover, you can hire a professional to install a folding or sliding deck partition that also serves as the cover of your pool.

You now have more room on your deck and a secure place for your pool. It’s quite costly, though, between $25,000 to $75,000, so make sure you it fits your budget before availing of this feature. 

Source: River Pools 

Nature-Inspired Pools 

One of the best reasons to get an above-ground pool is its convenience when it comes to installing. However, you might be wondering how you can make your pool blend well with your garden, so it doesn’t stand out so much.

Try designing your pools and its surroundings with elements inspired by nature. Going for a nature-inspired look can either be budget-friendly or costly, depending on the ambiance you want to achieve and the materials you want to use. 

Hiring a professional, say a landscape artist or a landscape architect, costs around $50 to $150 per hour on average.

That range covers a typical fee for a freelancer or someone who’s part of a company. Of course, you still have to think about the costs of the materials you’ll need to achieve the design you want.

A cheaper alternative is to do it on your own, but you have to make sure you understand the work that needs to be executed for the design you’re aiming for.

Remember, your goal is to recreate nature in your garden, so try to use eco-friendly materials. 

Pool DesignProsCons
Pond-like PoolWill look unique and organicCan use elements already in the gardenCan easily accumulate dirt from elements because of layout
River-like PoolWill create a different vibe to your lap pool May have difficulty sourcing s-shaped above-ground poolCan easily accumulate dirt from elements because of layout
Background FallsWill make your pool stand out in your gardenCan be costly because of the backdrop and the need to hire a professional
Tree ShadeVery relaxing ambiance Perfect for those who love being surrounded by nature Can easily accumulate dirt from elements because of layout Also need constant maintenance so mosquitoes won’t breed in the pool 
Dreamy Forest Trail Cute and unique design to add character to your pool layout Can efficiently be executed with recycled materials Will require work to create a trail 
Personal Traditional Bath Unique design for your above-ground pool Very relaxing May be costly because it will require professional help 
On the Hillside Great view from the pool Will look great whether placed in front or at the back of the house Costly, will require professional to plan out and install pool 
Swimming in the Field Will look very natural against the grassy field Costly, will require professional to plan out and install pool 
Creating an Oasis Can be easily achieved with desert landscaping May not be easily adapted in other areas 
Pool in a SunroomPerfect enclosure for pool Pool size will depend on the size of sunroom 

Pond-like pool 

If you have a smaller, freeform above-ground pool, you can spice up its look by making it look like a real pond. Stone stacking and landscaping its surroundings will help you achieve just that.

If you have a tree with a huge vacant space in your yard, you may want to consider placing your pool beside it.

Finish off the look with water-floating lights that are designed to look like waterlilies. Imitating a real pond as the design for your pool will look great, especially in small gardens. 

Source:  Rock & Water, LLC 

River-like pool

Another ideal body of water to imitate is the river, which is for those who own long, rectangular above-ground pools.

If you can, try to look for an s-shaped pool to perfectly imitate your human made river.

This will look great with a deck surrounded by rocks, plants, and trees. To create a sentimental ambiance, add floating and hanging lights. 

Source: Mirror Lake Designs 

Background Falls

If you’re willing to spend a bit more in recreating a nature-inspired theme for your pool, go ahead and incorporate a human-made waterfall.

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional to help you decide where to place your pool and how to install the waterline you’ll need for the falls.

You’ll also need to work on creating a good backdrop made of rocks to make your design look more convincing. 

p.s. We have an entire article dedicated to 17 cool hot tub enclosures, it might be worth checking that out after this one:

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Source: Premier Pools and Spas

Tree Shade 

Here’s a design idea for the tree lovers out there. If your vast garden has plenty of trees all around, you can install your above-ground pool in the right spot in the middle of the trees.

The trees’ natural shades will instantly provide you with the privacy and isolation you seek.

Being surrounded by trees is naturally calming because of its quiet ambiance, which will perfectly go well with your pool. Use landscape lighting to add drama to your tree shades, especially in the evening. 

Source: Kelly Messier Landscape Architecture & Planning

Dreamy Forest Trail 

Here’s another idea to add to your nature-themed pool design; create a unique path that looks like a mystical forest path leading to your pool.

This will significantly complement the natural landscape around your pool.

You can make paths like these using cheap, recyclable materials such as weathered wood slabs or broken bricks—complete the forest path vibe with ambient lighting leading up to your pool. 

Source: David Thorne Landscape Architect

Personal Traditional Bath 

There’s a reason why traditional bathhouses thrive even in this day and age. It’s because it provides its patrons the relaxation they seek for. You can also recreate that ambiance in your backyard with your above-ground pool.

This design is ideal for smaller pool sizes, not to betray a traditional bath’s intimate feel.

While it only uses wood slabs for pool enclosure and backdrop, you may need to hire a professional to execute your design if you want to achieve a traditional bath’s unique features, such as the sitting area and a sauna room. 

Source: Simmonds & Associates, Inc.

On the Hillside 

If your house is situated in a sloping area or on a hillside, you can take advantage of this beautiful location to place your above-ground pool half-recessed to the ground. This type of design will look great on round-shaped pools.

Imagine taking in the beautiful landscape in front of you while swimming. Use the sloping design to create steps going into the pool.

To add depth to your pool design, try stacking stones around the pool and match it with huge stone slabs used as your steps. 

Source: Land Design | Swimming Pools & Landscape Designs

Swimming in the Field 

Here’s another great design idea for backyards with sloping grounds. Install your rectangular pool in the middle of the vast field, and surround it with huge rocks, imitating the look of a patio wall.

This will be costly because you will need to either excavate or level the ground to correctly install your pool.

However, this design will perfectly blend well with the grassy surroundings of your pool. 

Source: Edgewater Design LLC 

Creating an Oasis 

Make your above-ground pool stand out more by making it look like a refreshing oasis in the middle of the desert. If your house is situated in an area with a dry climate, you can go for this look.

Make your pool stand out like a real oasis by doing a desert landscape with plants and dry ground.

It’s also great for above-ground pools with looking glass. The color from the water will surely stand from the muted colors of its surroundings. 

Source: the construction zone, ltd.

Pool in a Sunroom 

Sunrooms are an excellent area for recreation. Adding a pool in a sunroom will make it more special while also making use of the room to keep your pool protected from outside elements.

It’s also a perfect place to install a pool if you are the type who enjoys outdoor views but wants to stay indoors. A sunroom can perfectly provide you both of that, especially if you have a smaller above-ground pool. 

Source: G. Christianson Construction, Inc.

Budget-Friendly Designs

Owning and maintaining an above-ground pool is costly, so you must make the most out of it without sacrificing its function and look. Even if you’re tight on budget, you can still make your above-ground pool and its surroundings look fun and inviting.

You can start with some unique pegs for creative design ideas. It’ll also help if you are resourceful and are great with your hands. 

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can beautify your pool by using materials you already have in your garage or buying from the store. However, hiring help is also encouraged if you need some professional advice.

While hiring service may cost you a bit more, say around $100 or less per hour or about $250 to $850 per project, it’s still better than having to remedy a problem when everything is already set and installed. 

Pool DesignProsCons
Traditional LookSimple and straightforward design Very cost-efficient May look dull on those who don’t like raw designs 
Chill Out SpotsVery cost-efficient The theme for chill-out spots can be changed when desired Will look better on smaller backyards May not look as appealing in bigger backyards 
Landscape LightingA simple design idea to add depth to the surroundings Will also go well with the garden May be costly unless used with solar lights or battery-operated lights May need professional help from a designer 
Pool PlatformSimple design, easy to execute Budget-friendly To ensure proper installment on the ground, hiring a professional may be necessary 
Tropical themePool design theme that’s straightforward Easy to source materials Materials may not last long May require to change the reed or bamboo often
DIY FencingAdds protective barrier around the pool Child-proof design May be costly depending on materials and if you’ll opt to hire a worker 
Half-decked PoolNot as costly as a large deck Provides easy pool access and space to hangout May be costly depending on materials and if you’ll opt to hire a worker 
DIY Recessed PoolWill make pool easier to access Will be a bit costly in hiring professional help for pool installment 
DIY CanopyVery easy to do Requires cheap materials Will require walls or post to hang the canopy Might not look as appealing in larger yards 
In a Plastic DomeMay be used whether the pool is occupied or not Doesn’t look cheap nor flimsy Not as weather-proof as glass dome or other structures Not enough space inside because the dome size usually fits the pool size 
Inflated and Futuristic A simple yet very futuristic look Great for private pool parties A bit pricey Requires machine to inflate, an additional cost to add arches to support inflation 

Traditional Look 

If you’re the type who likes the raw and unfinished design, you probably won’t have a problem with the exterior of a typical above-ground pool. Most pools of that kind now have shells that look more pleasing.

You can now focus on the pool’s needs—stable and leveled pool ground and easy pool access.

Above-ground pool stairs are easy to find. You can pick out the style and color you want and install it in your pool. This pool addition is extremely cost- and space-efficient.

As for the pool ground, you can stick to the basics by using concrete and adding a splash of color to match your pool stairs. 

Source: Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs

Chill-Out Spots 

A simple tip to make your above-ground pool feel more pleasing is to divert the eyes by creating great chill-out spots around the pool.

You can use simple lounge chairs or bean bags, to create a cozy vibe, along with canopies or tipi-inspired tents to hide from the heat of the sun.

Hang string lights and canopies or scatter candlelights to make the ambiance look more inviting and warm. 

Source: Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture

Landscape Lighting 

Here’s a personal favorite, landscape lighting to set the mood in your pool’s surroundings. Different types of lights and their brightness can help create the mood you’re going for. Soft ambient lighting around your pool can make it look romantic.

Well-placed spotlights can highlight the best features of your pool and its surroundings. You can also use floating lights to add sophistication and mystery to the above-ground pool. 

Source: Structure Builders

Pool Platform

One design technique to make your pool look cohesive with its location is to match it with its platform. There are various materials you can use to upgrade the look of your pool platform. You can use wood, rocks, or tiles for a splash of color.

If you’re tight on a budget but still want to make it stand out a bit, paint your pool platform instead. You can also install small arcs around your pool for a unique yet straightforward feature.

While it’s essential to pay attention to the base of your above-ground pool, it wouldn’t hurt to try and make it look more pleasing to the eye with these simple techniques. 

Source: Ehrich & Ehrich Construction LLC

Tropical Theme 

This design is perfect for those who can’t seem to get rid of their Hawaii or Bali fever. Incorporate the tropical theme to your outdoor pool by camouflaging its exterior using bamboo or reed.

This simple design can instantly give you that summer beach destination vibe. Add a mini tipi umbrella or a mini hut beside your pool to match your pool exterior.

Both materials are cheap and relatively easy to source. They are also easy to replace in case the season changes. 

Source: Craft in Crosby (DIY) 

DIY Fencing 

Another simple yet outstanding design tip for your above-ground pool is adding a partition to provide a protective barrier around it.

Having a sort of fence around your pool separates the spaces for swimming and other recreational activities in your garden.

If you are handy with making a fence or partitions, you can create one from scratch. However, you can also use partition walls, which are available in different designs. 

Source: Flexfence

Half-decked Pool 

If you want to put a deck for your pool but have a limited budget, then a partial or half decking of your pool is a great design option.

This will require a bit more work if you’re doing it on your own, and it will also cost you a bit more, but not as much as an entire deck will.

The goal for your partial deck is to create easy pool access and provide an ample amount of space to hangout. This is also ideal for those who want to install their pool a bit further away from their house. 

Source: Rising Sun Pools & Spas

DIY Recessed Pool

There are various ways you can try to make your above-ground pool look recessed. Decking is one way of doing it. While it can be costly, it’s still way cheaper than installing an actual inground pool.

Another way is to create a sloping platform accompanied by landscaping to fake an uneven ground.

If you can find a spot in your property with uneven ground, you can start from that. You might need to consult with professionals to ensure a stable foundation for your pool. 

Source: Pinney Designs   

DIY Canopy 

Create a different vibe to your above-ground pool surroundings by using a canopy. While its primary function is to cast a shade over the pool, you can install your canopies in different ways to play with their shapes and shadows.

Try also using a tapestry as an additional decor to your canopy. You can again go for the traditional style if you want to keep it simple. Decorate the surroundings with fairy lights, lanterns, and buntings for a hippy vibe. 

Source: Smart Shade Solutions Inc.

In a Plastic Dome 

If you want a glass dome’s elegant look for a fraction of the price, then a plastic dome is right for you. Plastic pool domes come in different styles and sizes, and they don’t necessarily look cheap.

When opened, they look and function in the same way a glass dome does. It’s perfect for a backyard with limited spaces or those who don’t want to burn their budget to build another structure for their above-ground pool. 

Source: Propools

Inflated and Futuristic 

An inflatable pool cover is almost the same as a plastic dome cover. The main difference is it’s inflatable. This is perfect for those who want to enclose their pool and the surroundings during special events.

It’s unique and gives off that futuristic vibe of being inside a giant aquarium. While it’s a bit pricey than a plastic dome, its size is a lot bigger and can accommodate larger ground areas. 

Source: CristalBall 


Investing in an above-ground pool is no different from investing in a recessed one. While it’s relatively cheaper, it still provides you the same function as any other pool.

Make the most out of your investment by making sure that it is aesthetically pleasing to you and that it serves its function for as long as possible.

Creating a design to make your pool look stunning can reflect how you look after your investment and property.

So whether you go for a contemporary, organic, or resourceful design, make sure that you research well on it and pick out what best reflects your design goals.


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