6 Popular Fire Pit Brands Made In America

Firepits can make a beautiful addition to any backyard.


If you are looking for a fire pit and are also a proud American looking specifically for an American-made firepit, you have come to the right place. We have spent some time searching around and have located 6 of the best American-made firepits on the market today. 

  • Breeo- X-Series 19
  • SoloStove-Ranger
  • Ohio Flame- The liberty
  • Firepit Art-Namaste
  • Burley- Scout
  • Lehmans- Amish Made

Each of these fir-pits has been crafted right here in the United States of America and built from solid, durable materials backed by their companies satisfaction guarantee.

1. Breeo X-Series 19 


This Breeo Series 19 Smokeless fire pit is great for sitting around a campfire in your own backyard. With the fire pits versatile yet straightforward design, it will fit in with any home’s backyard decore, and can you can use it at any event. Roast marshmallows, or attach the grill, kettle hook, and kettle to make an entire dinner.

Built-in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the design of this American-made smokeless fire pit has to give you the same great features as other fire pits with significantly less smoke, which means no more dry eyes by the end of the night.

You can choose from two strong, durable metals for your fire pit, 304 stainless steel or corten steel, meaning your firepit will last for many years.


  • Inside Diameter of Bowl: 18.5 inches.
  • Inside Diameter of Rim: 17.125 inches. 
  • Outside Diameter of Rim: 22.125 inches
  • Outside Diameter of Bowl + Legs: 21.611 inches. 
  • Flange Width: 2.5 inches.
  • Inside Height: 11.375 inches. 
  • Total Height: 14.75 inches. 
  • Weight: 47 lbs.
  • Material: stainless steel or corten steel

Price: $499.00


Best use for Outdoor campfire/bonfire, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, making meals with accessories.

2.SoloStove- Ranger

This South Lake, Texas company has produced one of the most fantastic American-made portable fire pits we have found yet. This fire-pit may be small, but it provides just the right amount of fire and heat you need no matter where you are.


The Ranger fire pit is great for taking camping or setting up on the back porch on a chilly night. The design of This pit will not damage or deck or the lawn. As long as you can provide firewood, the Ranger will provide heat.


This fire has a 360’ airflow design creating a secondary burn feature, plus the heat from the pit will burn almost all wood down to thin ash, making easy clean-up when it’s time to empty the ash catch tray.


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Weight 15 lbs.
  • Height: 12.5 inches
  • Top Width: 13 inches
  • Bottom width: 13 inches

Price $249.99


Best used for: Taking camping, campfire foods.


Purchase: Here

3.Ohio Flame-Liberty Fire Pit

This beauty fire pit was designed and created in Columbiana, Ohio. The Ohio Flame company started their business based around the love of their local roots and the “steel belt revival,” Bringing steelwork back to the rust belt of America.

This Ohio Flame fire pit was hand-crafted and locally made with thick carbon steel. These firepits come with no pieces or parts, meaning easy assembly and clean-up after use. These pits will burn just about any type of wood you place into them with ease.

There is a rain drain built into the bottom of the pit, so there is no rainwater pooling, and the high-quality steal makes it capable of withstanding weather all year round.


  • Material-Natural steel
  • Hight- Depends on the design.
  • Weight-Depends on design
  • Dimensions around- 24,26,28,30,32,34 inches

Best used for: Back porch fires, campfire food, to showcase or decorate your back yard

Price: $297.93

Purchase: Here

4. Fire Pit Art- Vesuvius

If you are looking for a fancy firepit to show off to your guests, you want a pit created by talented crafters from Fire Pit Art. These pits are made from durable materials and have many designs and colors to choose from.

Fire Pit Art designed the Vesuvius Fire Pit like a chimney.  This design allows the smoke to rise out of the top while protecting the flame from wind and hot embers.

The firepits created by Fire Pit Art are perfect for sticking on a back or front porch to add curb appeal and keep you cozy on a frigid fall night.


  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Height: 48 inches tall
  • Width: 21 inches
  • Depth: 21 inches
  • Material: ¼ inch carbon steel

Price: $1,081.08

Best Used for: Curb appeal, front or back yard to keep warm outdoors.

Purchase: Here

5.Burley USA Scout Fire Pit


This Burley fire pit is excellent for quick, simple use and travel. It’s lightweight and easy to set up and put away. The two-piece design makes it less likely to create a large amount of smoke or embers than the basic outdoor fire pit.

The Scout fire pit produces a high amount of heat, making it easy to throw a grate on top and cook up some hamburgers or hotdogs while enjoying the outdoors.

This unit is ready to go straight out of the box and has heavy-duty, highly durable handles that make transport easy.


  • Inside diameter: 17 inches
  • Height: 17″ tall
  • Outside diameter 20 inches
  • Weight – 43 lbs
  • Material: Metal

Price: $649.00

Best Used For: Taking camping, cooking burgers, and hot dogs.

6.Lehmans Amish-Made Fire Pit

This USA Amish-made fire pit is a simple design created to make back door fires and bbq easy.  Use this pit for cooking for a party, then remove the grill and use the pit alone for a cozy campfire at night while you sit around roasting smores and telling ghost stories.

This fire pit is relatively small; Lehmans created it to last. It is durable crafted, and thanks to the heat-resistant base, it will not damage your deck floor or the grass. The compact design makes it easy to use, yet never in the way. 

Whether you want to cook up a big juicy steak or make spider dogs over a warm country feel the fire, this is the perfect grill to buy.


  • 12-gauge steel ring
  • Grill plate: 19-3/4″OD, 19-3/8″ID
  • Grill handle: 10″L
  • Stake: 30″H
  • Heatshield: 16″OD
  • Material: Heat-treated, powder-coated steel base
  • Overall 39-1/4″H x 31″OD x 6″D
  • Weight: 54 lb

Price: $375.00

Best Used for:  Grilling, small back yard campfires.

Purchase: Here

Fire PitPro’sCon’s
Breeo  x-series 19Great design, smokeless technology, customizable, cooks all types of foods.Pricey, only big enough for 1-4 people
Solo stove-RangerPortable, durable, low smokeHave to be close to benefit from heat
Ohio Flame- Liberty fire pitGreat design, affordable price, beautiful designs, lifetime guaranteeNot smoke-less
Fire Pit Art- VesuviusBeautiful designs, durable materials, simple to use, blocks wind.Very expensive, Can’t gather around it.
Burley USA Scout Fire PitEasy to use, portableSmall, not suitable for back yard gatherings, pricy for the design
Lehmans Amish-Made Fire PitVersatile, reasonable price, durableIt has a basic design, isn’t safe to use on wooden decks.

Fire Pit Accessories You Must Have

Now that you have a great list with all the different types of American-made fire pits options available, now we want to go through some of the must-have accessories to go with them. These accessories are available to help you use and enjoy your fire pit much more often.

  1. Firepit spark screen- These spark screens are exactly like the sound, a screen that is covering over the flame to prevent you from being hit with any burning embers.
  2. Firepit Cover– Even the fire pits that are weather-resistant could use a cover. This tool will keep them clean and solid.
  3. Firepit grate– Greats are great to place inside the firepit. They help keep your flame consistent and makeup ash clean-up more manageable.
  4. Firepit Lighter– Having a lighter made explicitly for lighting a fire pit keeps you from reaching too far into the pit and risking being burned. You can also purchase electric lighters that last longer and make start-up easy.
  5. Roasting sticks– There is nothing more nostalgic than roasting over an open fire. Whether marshmallows, hot dogs, or anything else you can fit on the end of a stick. Purchase a good pack of metal roasting sticks and keep them tucked away so you can re-use them at every fire.
  6. Firepit snuffer– A snuffer is designed to suffocate a fire putting it out without having poor water over it. 
  7. Firepit poker– A fire poker helps keep the fire evenly burning without injuring your hands,

Our Take Away

These American-made fire pits are all well-crafted designs created by talented and patriotic companies. These pits each have their own uniqueness, benefits, and design, and they are all created for different purposes, making them all a great buy. Choose which is best for you around what you plan to use them for most often.

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All the best


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