7 Electric Patio Heater Accessories That Just MAKE SENSE!

Finding quality accessories for electric patio heaters can be a bit of an uphill battle.

No, it’s not there are so few options worthy of consideration. There are plenty of brands putting out plenty of great accessories to think about adding to your collection, many of them adding new products on what feels like a day-to-day basis.

The problem is that there are so many electric patio heater accessories to pick and choose from – and not enough money to buy them all!

That’s why we have put together this detailed list, though.

Below we breakdown our seven favorite electric patio heater accessories you’ll want to grab as quickly as you can, accessories that improve the functionality, the look, and the overall heating capabilities of your patio heater in a big way.

Our Favorite Electric Patio Heater Accessories You’ll Want to Take a Closer Look At!

DONYER POWER Portable Electric Heater

The first accessory that we recommend you strongly considering is a “hanging heater” that Paris well nicely with the rest of your traditional electric patio heater set up.

Traditional patio heaters (standalone, standup units built on a single “stem” with the heater and reflector on top) do a great job at keeping spaces evenly and consistently. But there are definitely spaces that these heaters just can’t get enough hot air into no matter how high they are dialed up.

Sometimes you just have a patio layout that doesn’t allow you to get a heater into a hard to reach space, and sometimes putting a standard heater there would throw the flow off completely and eliminate a lot of the usual space – nullifying the whole purpose of using these heaters to get more livable space at the same time.

The beautiful thing about this “drop in” hanging heater is that it can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, hangs that it isn’t ever in the way, and still pumps out tremendous amount of heat without causing your meter to fly right off the face of the planet.

Elegantly designed, super easy to install, and gorgeous to look at (not to mention waterproof and weather resistant), this is certainly something you want to think about adding to your collection.

Electric Patio Space Heater

This is another ancillary heating element you’ll want to consider adding to your fleet of standard electric patio heaters, though this one aims at heating the air closest to the floor or the ground more than anything else.

The one big complaint that a lot of people have with traditional patio heaters is that they don’t do a great job at forcing hot air down below table height.

That means that everyone from the waist up is going to feel pretty toasty, but their legs are going to get chilly in a hurry – not to mention their feet which will inevitably start to freeze when temperatures outside drop.

Well, with this unit rocking and rolling (strategically placed to flow hot air across all of your guests) you don’t have to worry about that problem any longer.

No, instead everyone will be kept nice and warm thanks to this fast acting ground-level portable heater.

Running off of a 120 full power supply (with an included 89 inch long, outdoor friendly extension cord) you’ll be able to set this portable unit up anywhere you like and angle the heat flow, too.

Three different levels of heating settings are available at your disposal (fan only, low, and high), you’ll be able to flip through settings as much as you like to dial in the level of heat you’re after.

A 750 W heating element kicks in at the low level and then cranks up to 1500 W when you run it on high. Combine that with the blower system that efficiently moves heat through indoor and outdoor spaces and it doesn’t take very long for this device to take the chill out of pretty much anywhere.

Classic Accessories Terrazzo Water-Resistant 34 Inch Round Stand-Up Patio Heater Cover

Protecting your standup patio heaters from the elements has to be mission priority number one.

Especially when you’re working with electric patio heaters.

These kinds of heaters are always a little more delicate and a little more sensitive than propane based units, and the electric components inside of these heating systems really don’t like a lot of water, a lot of moisture, or a lot of wind blowing things into the mix.

With these covers, you’ll be able to protect your porch/patio heaters from top to bottom (literally) without having to spend a fortune along the way.

Stylishly designed, very rugged and durable, and capable of keeping all kinds of wind and weather out of your sensitive electronics, these are a must have accessory for anyone that doesn’t want to have to bring all of their patio heaters inside when a storm is kicking up or over the winter.

Classic Accessories 55-648-051501-00 Veranda Water-Resistant 60 Inch Patio Cushion

Almost identical in every way to the water resistant covers we highlighted above, the only main difference between these two options is that this product is basically “cube shaped” whereas the other is a lot more formfitting.

Something like going to want the more formfitting option we mentioned a moment ago, but the cube shaped unit offers a lot of extra protection and a lot of extra space under the cover that the formfitting option never could.

This allows you to sneak other things on your patio underneath the cover when you need a little bit of short-term storage, never having to worry about anything underneath getting damaged by wind, weather, or rain.

You might not want one of these for every single one of your patio heaters (instead going with the formfitting options for most of your units), but having one for a couple of your patio heaters – and anything else you can tuck underneath – is never a bad idea.

Bromic Heating BR-WRCW ON/Off Remote Controller

This amazing little remote control element is a little bit on the expensive side to be sure, but it adds a whole world of convenience to using your electric patio heater that you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

For starters, the simple on/off remote control system really makes it easy to power your heating unit on before you go outside and then turn them off after you have returned to the warmth of your home.

That alone is reason enough to snap one of these units up!

Beyond those capabilities, though, is the ability to control up to two separate circuits remotely – and to control up to four tungsten gas or platinum gas heaters as well.

This means that if you decide to flesh out the capabilities of your patio heaters beyond just having a couple of electric units set up you’ll still be able to use the same remote control system – this system – to run the whole show.

Talk about flexibility!

The remote transmitter itself can be used up to hundred feet away, works well even through walls, and can be mounted to the inside or outside of your home quite easily.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to flip a remote control button, power on your entire any of heating system 20 minutes before you go outside, and do all of that from the comfort of your master bedroom?

You bet it would!

Hiland THP-ATM Mechanical Tip/Tilt Switch for Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are super convenient, but standup electric units do cause a couple of concerns in the safety department.

For starters, anytime you’re talking about electronic heat elements you’re talking about a potential for electric shock as well as a fire to breakout.

Secondly, because these units standup all on their own (usually with a relatively narrow base acting as the foundation) the potential for them tipping over or falling over is pretty high.

This cool little switch takes care of both of those problems completely.

All you have to do is install this unit on your patio heater and it will instantly recognize anytime the heating element has become compromised. This will result in an automatic shut off to help keep everyone safer.

Secondly (and maybe most importantly) it’s also capable of detecting anytime the unit gets tipped over.

In those circumstances, an automatic shut off is communicated immediately – killing the heat killing the electricity, and preventing serious problems from happening because of an accidental tip over.

The peace of mind this accessory offers makes it another must-have

Sunday Living Electric Patio Heater

Wrapping things up, we really have to mentioned another cool accessory heater that you’ll want to consider adding to the mix of your traditional patio heating components.

This is a wall-mounted unit designed to operate a little more passively than some of the other traditional patio heaters you’ll find on the market today. That helps to keep the noise that this unit produces down, though, while still pumping out quite a bit of efficient, inexpensive, and consistent heat all the same.

Super slim, very compact, and capable of being mounted pretty much anywhere, you should have no trouble whatsoever finding a spot on your patio for this accessory to add just a little bit more warmth and comfort when the weather starts to get.

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