7 Propane Patio Heater Accessories That Just MAKE SENSE!

Finding the right propane patio heater is just one small piece of the puzzle.

Sure, it’s (obviously) important to find a high quality propane patio heater that you are going to be happy with. But it’s just as important to make sure that you buy the right accessories to outfit your patio heater to improve its efficiency, its safety, and it’s easy of use.

And that’s why we have put together this detailed guide.

By the time you’re done with the inside information below, you’ll know exactly which of the seven best propane patio heater accessories you’ll want to grab ASAP. Each of these accessories below can totally transform the way you use, store, and protect your heater from here on out.

Let’s get right into it!

Top Propane Patio Heater Accessories You’ll Want to Get ASAP!

KOMAN 12FT High-Pressure Propane Tank Converter Hose

One of the biggest challenges that new propane heater owners are going to struggle with is setting up their propane bottles to fuel their heating systems without having them take up a lot of outdoor entertainment space at the same.

No, it’s not that propane bottles are extremely large (though they have a decent heft to them) – it’s just that they are so bulky and so oddly shaped that they aren’t exactly going to tuck into a corner somewhere and disappear.

Well, with the help of this propane hose extension you won’t have to worry about that any longer.

Now you’ll be able to put your propane bottles anywhere you like (up to 18 feet away) – tucking them underneath the deck, under or behind a bush, or somewhere else out of the way – without any adverse effects whatsoever.

The super reinforced braided line is incredibly strong and durable, making it weather resistant, rust resistant, and generally just one of the most capable accessories you could buy to outfit your new propane heater.

Combine that with the quick attach connections at either end that prevent leaks and this is a bit of a no-brainer upgrade.

SHINESTAR 10FT Braided Propane Adapter Hose

But maybe you don’t need 18 feet of extension hose to work with – maybe just an extra 10 feet would give you all the extra room you need without having a lot of extra hose coiled up somewhere.

In those cases, this is where you’ll want to spend your money.

Featuring a lot of the same design and material elements as the homes that we highlighted above, but obviously coming in significantly shorter (10 feet compared to 18 feet), this is still a very strong, durable, and resilient edition to your propane heater.

The same braided cables featured on the other units are featured here, and they are also leak proof and capable of preventing dents and damage that could have otherwise compromised the propane system (or even caused unsafe leaks).

Quick connections are attached to both ends of this extendable hose, too. That means you’ll be able to quickly hookup to any standard propane source and to any standard sized propane heater hose – giving you a lot more flexibility and a lot more room to work with at the same.

Kisworm Patio Heater Cover w/Zipper, 90” Outdoor Heater Cover Waterproof 

High-quality heat lamp covers are a must have accessory, too.

These are the only parts of your propane patio heater that are going to be exposed to the elements and everything Mother Nature can cook up on a regular basis. You need to be sure that you are protecting these sometimes sensitive and delicate components from excess wind, access weather, and definitely from rain and snow.

This rain cover specifically is made out of 420 denier fabric that features a super high waterproof rating, protecting against rain, sleet, and snow in a way that lower-level materials and fabrics can’t.

The inner layer of this shield is also impregnated with waterproof material, acting as a second layer of resistance against any liquid or moisture that would otherwise weasel his way through the 420 denier waterproof layer itself.

Oversized enough to be easily slid on top of pretty much any heat lamp/patio heater available, but fitted enough to provide extra layers of protection all the same, this is a very well-made and high quality accessory that you can pick up for next to nothing.

Think about grabbing one for each of the patio heaters that you’re thinking about running.

SIRUITON Patio Heater Covers

Very similar to the patio the cover highlighted above, using a lot of same materials as well, this particular option as a little bit better manufacturing quality – and that provides for a better fit, a better finish, and slightly better waterproofing capabilities.

Another big bonus of going with this particular option versus the one above is the fact that the materials here feature a UV stabilized coating as well.

This means that the 420 denier outer layer is not only protected with a chemical water repellent layer, but it’s also been treated with a non-toxic PU coating to protect against UV damage as well.

Other options do not have this UV protection and end up drying up, cracking, or breaking after a couple of years (if they last even that long) just because of exposure to the sun.

The fit of this cover is generous without being too billowy, but it’s really easy to take on and off thanks to the one zippered opening and drawstring on the bottom hem.

You’ll be able to pop the sign and pop this off in no time at all, making quick work of protecting your heater units when you aren’t using them. That’s hugely important, especially when you’re talking about propane units that really shouldn’t be left exposed in the elements for extended amount of time.

only fire Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator with POL Connection and 3/8″ Female NPT Fitting

Nothing is worse than running out of fuel just as you start to get nice and toasty with your patio heater – and this cool little regulator system guarantees that won’t ever happen again.

Really simple, really elegant, and really intelligently laid out, this two pigtail hose design on this regulator allows you to connect to different propane bottles to a single propane heater and flip from one fuel source to the other as one runs out.

You basically double the capacity for your propane heaters with this very inexpensive accessory, a “must-have” for sure. You’ll definitely want to run this kind of setup if you plan on sitting outside when the weather gets really cold, knowing for sure that you have a backup fuel source that’ll keep you toasty.

WallDecalsAndArt Outdoor Heat Focusing Reflector for Patio Heaters

Not all of the heat diffusing shields and reflectors that are included with propane heaters are quite as well-made, intelligently designed, or as high-performing as this set is – which is exactly why you want to consider moving forward with it as an upgrade.

There are definitely other options available on the market that provide a different look or aesthetic, but no other option has the same kind of performance increase you can expect with this particular set of reflectors and shields.

The whole thing comes in a couple of different pieces, allowing you to sort of “build your own” shield that works best for the patio heater you are running.

If you want to leave a section open to sort of cut down on the amount of heat one particular heater is putting out you have the chance to do that. Or you can angle the reflectors so that more heat is focused on a specific area of your patio, too.

The flexibility and freedom you have with this particular accessory is a big part of what makes it so popular.

Smokitcen Adjustable Heat Focusing Reflector for Round Natural Gas and Propane Patio Heaters

For folks that REALLY want to reflect heat in a specific area nothing is better than this particular upgrade.

Made out of super high quality and highly reflective aluminum materials (materials that will not rust, corrode, or become compromised over time), you’ll be able to efficiently direct and flow heat to whatever area of your patio you’d like with smart placement of this reflective shield.

On top of that, you can also use this reflector to better protect the exterior siding of your home, trees, or walkways that you don’t want a tremendous amount of heat flooding into as well. Maybe you don’t want your propane patio heater pumping heat directly into your face as soon as you step onto the deck, for example. This shield prevents that from happening!

Super easy to install (on pretty much any propane patio heater, too), it’s hard to imagine finding a more flexible, more versatile, or more affordable accessory that you absolutely have to have them this one right here.

Don’t be surprised if you snap a couple of them up for every single one of the propane patio heaters you have on your property. They give you a chance to customize different “zones” without having to move your patio heaters all over the place.

All in all, you really can’t go wrong with any of the seven accessories we breakdown above!

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