Are Aluminum Awnings Noisy – We Looked at 5 Models!

One of the biggest hesitations that people have when it comes time to buy an aluminum awning is worrying that it is going to be especially noisy after it has been installed.

Early model aluminum awnings had a (not totally unfair) reputation for being more than a little bit noisy as soon a bit of a breeze picked up, and they got even worse when it started to rain, sleet, or really start to storm.

Thankfully though, manufacturers have found new and innovative ways to quiet down aluminum awnings significantly.

“You’re no longer going to have to worry about the “cat on a hot tin roof” kind of noise you might have expected from traditional metal roofs and metal awnings.

Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space even when it’s a little on the windy side without having to worry about yelling over the sound of your awning!

Below we break down five of the best aluminum options on the market today and highlight how they specifically work to quiet things down in less than picture-perfect conditions.

We also touch on a handful of other features that help make these awnings special in the industry today.

Let’s dig right in!

A Closer Look at How Noisy 5 of the Top Aluminum Awnings Really Are!

NuImage Awnings 48425 Series 2500 Aluminum Door Canopy with Support Arms

Easily one of the most intelligently designed front door awnings you’re going to find on the market today, this particular option is stiff, stable, and aerodynamically engineered to shed water and resist wind pressure all at the same time!

Permanently attached (this awning does not retract), you won’t have to worry about it creating a win sale of fact that gets loud and clattering every time a stiff breeze comes through.

Instead, the structural components and all aluminum framing of this awning work to resist that kind of pressure. This keeps everything in place, allows the wind to slip right by without whistling, and helps to make sure that water stays off of your house (and any of your visitors) all at the same time.

Combine all of that with a 100% aluminum awning itself that has been protected with a double coat finish that is baked on, guaranteeing you won’t ever have to worry about rust, either, and this is a bit of a no-brainer.

The fact that anyone (and we mean anyone) can easily install this at home without any experience – or any special tools – really only helps to put it over the top!

NuImage Awnings 1500 Series Aluminum Door Canopy with Sidewings

Featuring many of the same design principles as the aluminum awning we highlighted just a moment ago, this takes the design another step forward and introduces “sidewings” that are specifically engineered to protect people from wind and weather, too.

The wings extend down horizontally from the awning itself, working all the way back to your home and providing just another shield of protection when Mother Nature really starts to storm.

The engineers behind this awning were smart enough to make sure that there were plenty of “wind channels” cut into these sidewings, though. Those wind channels allow everything from a gentle breeze to a pretty stiff wind to pass right through, without putting a lot of extra pressure on the sidewings themselves.

Without these wind channels this awning wouldn’t be nearly as quiet as it is!

Wind would have been able to buffer against the side, putting stress and pressure on the awning every time it blew, causing quite a racket while also exerting a lot of extra force on the aluminum frame, too.

Not only would you have ended up with a pretty noisy awning without the wind channels, but you also would have ended up with an awning that would last anywhere near as long as it’s able to now.

If you want that extra bit of side protection that more traditionally designed awnings don’t provide, but also don’t want to have to worry about a lot of noise or structural issues, this is a great choice.

NuImage Awnings 60425 Series 2500 Aluminum Door Canopy with Support Arms

Another top-tier aluminum awning from this manufacturer, the thing that makes this particular choice so special is the inclusion of an intelligently designed rain gutter upfront that keeps your walkway (and your guests) dry no matter how hard it storms!

The aluminum materials are double coated with a protective finish that is then baked on, providing a resilient surface that is going to withstand all kinds of wind, all kinds of weather, and anything else that Mother Nature can cook up.

Because of the way that this awning has been engineered, though, wind is able to effortlessly pass through without causing a racket.

The awning itself as a gradual slope coming out from the house before pitching severely into the gutter on the front, with a gutter that is pitched from left to right to make sure that water doesn’t pool up in your awning.

The entire system is very well-thought-out and impressively implemented. It won’t ever become a wind sale that causes a lot of noise or racket, even if you start to deal with pretty significant storms.

Best Choice Products 98x80in Retractable Awning, Aluminum Polyester Sun Shade Cover for Patio

Those looking for a larger awning system (one that can cover more outdoor space than just an entryway) are going to want to shift their attention to something like this.

Certainly on the bigger side of things, offering a lot more shade (up to 54 ft.² of shaded area, in fact), this awning takes advantage of a powder coated aluminum frame that is strong, stiff, and yet lightweight and rust proof.

The awning material itself is a synthetic that has been treated with a variety of chemicals to shed water and resist UV damage.

The way that the awning material is stretched across the aluminum frame allows it to sit up against the framing materials without a lot of space between – preventing wind from sneaking up underneath the awning and causing it to plop around noisily all the time.

Easy to extend and retract, many agree that the noisiest thing about this awning is going to be the handcrank system itself. A little bit of WD-40 for penetrating oil on the gear system every few months, though, will help it run smoothly and almost silently.

At the end of the day, this is never going to be a super noisy awning, either.

Tangkula 8’× 6.5’ Retractable Awning, Aluminum Patio Sun Shade w/Crank Handle

About the same size as the aluminum awning mentioned above (though it’s also available in larger sizes, too), this near silent retractable awning takes advantage of a lot of the same materials and premium components to provide plenty of shade without making a ton of noise.

The large awning shed is going to provide upwards of 54 ft.² of shaded space, and again the awning itself has been designed so that it’s held taught against the frame and won’t flop around in the wind.

This helps to avoid the possibility of causing damage and making a real racket at the same time.

On top of that, though, this awning features a more minimalist style retractable frame that is even quieter than the options above.

Sure, you might want to add a couple of drops of WD-40 to the joints and the handcrank system every now and again. But for the most part, this whole thing is going to extend and retract nearly silently without a lot of babying or maintenance.

“In extreme wind situations, you’ll probably want to have this retracted against your home anyway. Not only are you likely going to want to slip inside during extreme winds (eliminating the need for having the awning out), but you’ll be protecting your investment by retracting it when the wind really starts to blow, too.

In more moderate when situations, though, you won’t find this awning shaking thanks to the extra rigidity that the aluminum frame brings to the table – again keeping things nice and quiet (not to mention safe).

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are plenty of options out there when you are shopping for a new awning to avoid a lot of extra noise and a lot of extra clattering – regardless of whether or not you are looking for a permanent awning or one that can be retracted.

It’s critically important that you search for a new awning that can withstand a lot of wind, isn’t going to sound crazy during a rainstorm, and is strong enough to withstand whatever kind of snow and ice winter weather might throw your way.

All of the five options we highlighted above are fantastic choices that you’ll want to start your search with. These are quality products made by quality companies, products that have glowingly positive reviews out there for them.

They’re also awnings that aren’t going to break your bank account, either.

Don’t be surprised if you find your new near silent awning amongst our five favorite options that we broke down earlier.

They’ll help you beat the summer heat, provide shade and protection from the weather when you need it most, and do so without making a lot of noise, either!

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