Are Glass Garage Doors Secure?


Just How Safe Are Glass Garage Doors?

Let’s get this out of the way, glass garage doors are not as safe as a regular garage door. The fact they are made out of thicker materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and so forth makes them harder to break into. Now, with that said, glass garage doors can be very secure if you add the right safety features. In fact, a glass garage door with security add-ons is arguably more secure than a regular garage door with none!

Therefore, glass garage doors are secure as long as you take the proper steps to make them that way. Before tackling those methods, however, there is the question of just what security concerns there are with glass garage doors that necessitate having more security. Let’s touch on those first.

The Security Concerns That Can Come With a Glass Garage Door

Certain security concerns can arise when you are using a glass garage door. These issues will be examined now, illustrating why the security measures you should take to make sure your garage is secure are called for even more with a glass garage door.

Too Easy to See Inside

Windows make it easy to see into the garage

Unless you are using frosted glass or some other opaque option, anyone who gets close enough may be able to peer inside your glass garage door without too much trouble. This, of course, can be quite inviting to thieves eager to check-out what they hope is an easy target for finding and then snatching some of your stuff.

It can cost more to have glass that obscures the views of others more thoroughly, but that can really help reduce this risk. Plus, even if someone isn’t a thief you don’t want nosy neighbors in your business either. In other words, you really should invest in frosted or otherwise opaque glass!

Easier to Shatter = Appealing for Smash-and-Grab

It is a fact of Science that even well-insulated glass will shatter more easily than vinyl, aluminum, wood, etc. Glass is simply not as strong as those materials, and that means it is easier to shatter. A robber can theoretically quickly smash the glass, grab some items, and then take off before you have a chance to respond.

Then, you are also left with a hefty bill to repair the glass, adding insult to injury. Now, having a heavily insulated glass can make a break-in more difficult, but it still is admittedly no match for having material used in a regular garage door such as vinyl or aluminum.

Can Look, “Too,” Wealthy

garages can appear too wealthy

It sounds a little stereotypical, but glass garage doors look more modern and wealthy. Thieves want to steal high-value items and seeing a sleek and new glass garage door in some ways says, “There is money here!” Glass garage doors look beautiful and impressive, which is a positive.

Unfortunately, that same aspect of being beautiful and impressive attracts the kind of attention you don’t want along with the kind of admiration you do! This is another reason why taking the right steps to make your garage with a glass garage door more secure is extremely called for.

If you’re curious about the cost of glass garage doors, I’ve written an entire article dedicated to answering that very question, I highly recommend checking it out. Are Glass Garage Doors Expensive?

Steps to Take so You Can Make Your Garage With a Glass Garage Door More Secure

With it established that glass garage doors are unfortunately easier to break into than regular garage doors–even with added insulation or frosting–it is important to know how to take the steps to make your garage with a glass garage door more secure.

To increase your security within your glass garage door so as to prevent (or in the worst-case scenario, at least record) a break-in there are a number of features you can add. These won’t stop all possible security risks but are a big step towards having more safety than not.

Security Cameras

security cameras can improve security and deter criminals

Adding security cameras into your garage (and outside of it) is one of the smartest moves you can make. It will scare-off thieves looking for an easy target and who want to avoid being recorded in any fashion. Plus, a camera will allow you to always check-in on any movement alerts. For that reason, besides just preventing break-ins a security camera can be handy if you’re trying to keep track of wildlife that keeps messing-around by your garage as well (raccoons are like nature’s little bandit with their love of digging in the trash).

There are a number of security camera options for your garage as well. Some companies with smart garage door openers (more on this in a second) have added smart locks and security cameras into the garage door openers themselves. Also, installing popular cameras that can connect to your phone such as the Blink security camera has been a growing trend. While the Blink cameras are pretty easy to install, more heavy-duty security systems with elaborate cameras or networks may require professional installation.

Motion-Detecting Lights

philips hue motion activated light

If cameras sound like too much of an investment for your garage, having motion-detecting lights right outside your garage can work wonders to keeping you updated about any movement by them and can frighten anyone trying to get too close to your glass garage door in hopes of scoping it out.

In fact, should you want to sync motion-detecting lights to certain camera systems that can be done as well (albeit with some further expense). Should a camera sense motion all the lights can come on, or vice-versa with any situation that makes the lights click-on also activating your cameras to start recording the situation that triggered everything.

With systems such as Nest or the aforementioned Blink cameras, all kinds of complex systems can be set-up to keep your garage well-monitored both inside and out. If you want a system where the slightest detection of suspicious motion activates a bunch of floodlights, you can have it and the security it brings!

Plus, it can scare-off the earlier mentioned wildlife if you have an issue with them rooting around your garbage or otherwise messing around by your home.

A Smart Garage Door Opener

chamberlain B730 is a very quiet garage door opener
chamberlain B730 is a very quiet garage door opener

Much can be written about smart garage door openers and how they are a step-up above regular garage door openers which can be alarmingly easy to hack. Without this piece going into too much detail, it needs to be said a smart garage door opener is a very wise investment.

If you’ve already spent the extra funds on a glass garage door, putting up a bit more for a smart garage door opener and the security it provides is almost always a wise choice. Plus, as with the smart cameras and motion-detecting lights, certain devices can connect to those networks as well, giving you an impressively all-seeing and interconnected system if that is such a thing you desire!

When to Consider a Regular Garage Door (and Just Add Windows)

As fantastic as a glass garage door can be to own, there are times it just might be a better choice to go with a regular garage door and if you truly want some great views or a nice, “Look,” you can add some snazzy windows.

Should you live in a location where the threat of theft is extremely high, choosing a glass garage door might just be inviting trouble. Also, the steps you need to take so that your garage with a glass garage door is more secure can be a bit costly in addition to what you’ve already paid for the glass garage door itself.

Should you want to save money or not have as high a risk of burglary you maybe should just consider a standard garage door. That by no means is a reason to despair, however, as you can easily add some gorgeous windows that accentuate the beauty of your garage and house without carrying as much of a security risk.

In the end, you want to be sure you’re safe and there are times a regular garage door is the better choice. When either option works, however, a glass garage door is an obvious great consideration, however!

Glass Garage Doors: Quite Secure…With the Right Added Features

It has been made clear that while glass garage doors are not as secure as a regular garage door, they can be made quite secure as long as you take the proper steps. Adding features such as security cameras, motion-detecting lights, and having a smart garage door opener all can greatly improve the safety of your garage and its glass garage door.

While you still face a higher risk of theft with a glass garage door (or people peering-in and violating your privacy), you can fortify things to a solid degree. Now, adding all of these security features can be expensive along with the higher cost of a glass garage door, so if you want to avoid spending too much or live in a very high-risk area for break-ins and theft, a regular garage door may be the proper choice.

However, if a glass garage door is doable for your household, it is a beautiful and enjoyable addition to your home–just make sure to keep it safe!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you found it useful then share it with other people who might be interested in learning more about glass and see through garage doors!



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