Are Heated Airers Worth The Purchase?

There are so many different ways of drying your clothes indoors. One of those is using a heated airer. Heated airers are all the rage in the market, and so many people wanted to try these in their houses.

Others might think that a tumble dryer or drying your clothes outside is still the best way of drying your clothes.

Hence, some might think if buying a heated airer is really worth the purchase and the hype around it.

Heated airers offer a lot of benefits, such as its mobility and not requiring a fixed location. These are perfect for those who do not have the space to dry their clothes outside or install expensive tumble dryers in their homes. They also provide heat during the colder months.

In this article, we will be discussing the different perks and benefits of buying your very own heated airers.

We will also talk about the cons and disadvantages of owning one, as well as comparing a heated airer and a tumble dryer, when it comes to electricity usage, upkeep, and other different factors.

After reading this article, you will have a clear mind to decide in buying a heated airer for your house.

Perks of Owning a Heated Airer

Does Not Require a Fixed Location

One of its selling points is that it does not require a fixed spot for you to allot for the heated airer.

Most models are foldable, so when not in use, you can just fold it and put it on the space between your washing machine and the wall.

You can also just put it back in your shed or your storage cabinet, if you have one.

They are also very easy to assemble, with most models can be installed in half an hour at the least. You will not need any additional set of hands at all, except maybe if you are not used to doing this for the first time.

Then again, even newbies find installing a heated airer a breeze. It can be disassembled and stored back in your laundry area when you are not using it.

Some models can be customized into having two or three racks, depending on the need of the user.

Having Dry Clothes is No Longer a Luxury

Heated airers can be operated indoors. This one is perfect for those who have no verandas or open spaces to hang their clothes out.

It is also a suitable match for those who live in  apartments with little or no space for a bulky tumble dryer.

We all know how huge most tumble dryers are, and not everyone is blessed with extra space for a tumble dryer to be installed, especially in the cities.

With a heated airer, you can expect dry clothes even in the colder months of autumn and winter. There is absolutely no need to wear damp clothing on your way to work.

It also gets rid of musty smells coming from clothes that are not dried properly. You can be assured of wearing dry clothing all year round.

No need to be insecure during winter while wearing a damp coat that smelled faintly of mildew, because your heated airer can make it warm and toasty.

Saves You Time, Money, and Effort

Using a heated airer is much more convenient than putting all your clothes outside or loading everything inside a tumble dryer.

This one is perfect for those who are always on the go, or those who just do not have a lot of time in their hands.

No need to rush outside when it is raining just to get your clothes from the outside.

In addition, heated airers are cheaper than tumble dryers. A standard VonHaus heated airer costs $102.99 on Amazon, which is cheaper compared to a regular Panda tumble dryer costing $220 on Amazon.

People who want to have drier clothes for a fraction of the cost might find having a heated airer a much more practical choice.

Lastly, heated airers can be left on overnight. Just plug it in, load up with damp clothes, sleep, then wake up with drier clothes that are ready to be folded or ironed.

You do not need to worry because they are equipped with timers. Most heated airers automatically stop when the time is up. Hence, no worries about overheating and consuming a lot of electricity

Speaking of electric consumption, heated airers also consume lesser electricity compared to tumble dryers.

To put things into perspective, Aldi heated airers run for only 230W.

For 60 minutes of using a heated airer, you will only be charged $0.05 per hour, which is much cheaper than your frequent visits to the laundromat, that will cost you three dollars per visit on the minimum.

Cons of Using a Heated Airer

There are Voltage Differences Across the Pond

Most heated airers are from the United Kingdom, where it is very popular there because of its different perks and benefits.

Most people from across the pond live in spaces with little or no place to dry their own clothes under the heat of the sun, so buying these heated airers have solved their problem of drying their clothes indoors.

However, the UK and the United States have different voltage requirements in their appliances.

Most UK appliances work at 230V, while most American appliances work at 110 or 120V.  In this case, a voltage converter is needed.

Appliances will not work properly, or worse, get blown up when used with incompatible voltages.

Heated Airers are Not Compatible on Some Fabrics

Some fabrics, such as silk or very thin cotton, might not react well when heated airers used onto them.

Very thin fabrics might get “crispy” when left in the heated airer for too long. Better to use an electric dryer for those kinds of fabrics if you do not want to risk having your favorite summer shirt get ruined potentially.

It might also take a bit longer in drying thick clothing. To solve this problem, you can purchase a drying rack to contain the heat from the heated airer and dry clothes much faster.

A VonHaus drying rack, which is like a bag and you have to put the airer with the clothes inside like a foldable cabinet, costs $21 on Amazon.

They Might Be a Bit Expensive From the Start

Lastly, heated airers might be a bit expensive since most of them come from the United Kingdom.

Still, it is much cheaper than buying an expensive tumble dryer. In the long run, it saves you electricity and laundromat fees.

No need to go to the laundromat and maybe use your flat iron on some fabrics because your heated airer can do those for you.

Some people also noted they did not have to use a flat iron on most of their clothes since heated airers did the job already.

Heated Airers vs. Tumble Dryers

Heated Airers are the Skinny Slayers

One of its prime advantages is the size. Unlike tumble dryers, there is no need to have an allotted space for your heated airers.

It can be disassembled and stowed inside your storage cabinet until your next use. Most users are from flats and apartments with little or no laundry space.

A washing machine is big already, so there is no need to have another bulky appliance in your already smashed up house.

Heated Airers are Very User-Friendly

They are easy to install, easy to use, and easy to dismantle. It offers the best results with unsupervised usage.

It gets the job done and offers even more. Also, it does not consume a lot of electricity.

It lets you save more money to buy more essential things or maybe some of your monthly splurges.

Tumble Dryers are Still Tough Competition

Heated airers can really do a lot of things. That being said, heated airers can only do so much compared to tumble dryers.

If you have a lot of clothes or a lot of thick clothes, tumble dryers are still the best option. It can still deliver satisfactory results as it usually offers.

Tumble dryers are perfect for bigger households and small businesses since heated airers are only meant for small families and not for industrial uses.

You cannot use heated airers as an alternative if you are running a laundromat. Tumble dryers can get things done, like it has always been for years.


There are various ways on how to dry your clothes after washing. Depending on your needs, house space, and budget, there are options such as tumble dryers and heated airers.

Heated airers are still the best option for most homes since it offers convenience, cost efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction to its users.

You will get more than what you paid for, and heated airers are very much a bang for your buck.


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