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Are Heated Clothes Airers Safe? – Houshia

Are Heated Clothes Airers Safe?

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Heated clothes airers are becoming a favorite domestic gadget nowadays. It’s no surprise seeing how efficient and useful it is when drying out the laundry.

Not everyone can take advantage of natural daylight and heat to dry their newly washed clothes, so these heated airers are a blessing to those who own them. With all the attention it’s getting, people may be wondering about its safety and durability before purchasing one. 

Are heated clothes airers safe? Yes, they generally are. Heated airers are thermostatically controlled—their heating system will respond automatically to temperature changes and adjust the necessary amount of heat needed by the equipment. However, like any other electronic device, heated airers must be used with care. 

As if doing the laundry isn’t hard enough, finding the means to dry the laundry completely is challenging. No wonder a heated airer seems too good to be true. In this case, it actually delivers well.

There are several reasons you should consider getting one. This article discusses why heated airers are proven safe to use while also recommending heated airer brands you should definitely check out. 

Understanding Thermostat Controls in Heated Airers

A thermostat is a component or device that regulates temperature on other devices that produce heat or cold. When you turn on a device, say the heated airer, and set the temperature to a certain level, the heated airer will gradually produce the heat.

Once the heat reaches the set temperature, the thermostat will automatically control the temperature by shutting off the heat source to avoid overheating. When the temperature falls way below the set point, the heater will start producing heat again. This cycle will go on until the device is shut off. 

It’s not different from how a home thermostat works. Your house is gradually heated by the thermostat when you turn it on. Setting the temperature is essential so as not to produce too much or too little heat.

The fact that thermostats are usually used for a long time, having this automatic function to control the source of heat, is necessary to ensure the safety of various devices like the heated airers. 

Safe and Secured with Your Heated Airers

Similar to any electronic devices or appliances, a heated airer must be installed or positioned in a place where there’s a proper electric source and where it’s safe to leave whether in use or not.

Check the outlet where you plan to plug your heated airers if it’s accessible, or use an extension if necessary. This way, you can be assured of the safety of your device. 

You can either place it where your laundry room is or put it in your room. This way it’ll be easier to fold freshly laundered clothes after taking them out the airers. Heated airers are also easy to disassemble for storage when not in use. It’s also lightweight and can be carried off easily if necessary. 

It’s also essential that you follow proper guidelines on how to use a heated airer. For starters, you don’t put wet laundry directly on heated airers. You have to run them in a dryer at least to remove excess water. You may also need to study how long the heated airer takes to dry out different clothing items. 

There’s also the weight limit you need to check. Bigger heated airers have a clothing capacity of around 15 kilos. The smaller ones can hold not more than 10 kilos.

It’s also important that you don’t hang dripping wet laundry on your heated airers. While these are built to be used safely, correct usage of the device is still the best way to ensure that it lasts long in your home. 

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Picking Out Better Options for Heated Airers

Heated airers come in different shapes and sizes. It’s an indoor drying rack, so its various designs aim to cater to every household’s different needs.

Even the shapes to choose from matter, depending on the space where you can place it or how often you need to use it, so don’t forget to consider that matter. You can either go for the size or shape of the airer or the weight it can hold. 

While it’s almost instinctive to get smaller heated airers if you have a small space, it may also depend on the amount of laundry you tend to do every wash day.

Some customers get the bigger heated airers despite having smaller households because it’s much more convenient. The size isn’t actually an issue for them because of how easy it is to assemble and store a heated airer. 

Another important matter to consider is the electricity cost per hour that the heated airer generates. Heated airers aren’t exactly cheap, so even if you’re willing to spend in investing in one, you should take note of how much it’ll cost you in using one for the long run.

It’s typically used for hours, around 3 to 12, so knowing how much it costs per hour should help you decide which type or brand of heated airers you should get. The smaller ones tend to cost around a nickel per hour, while the tower types may cost you about a dime to less than a dollar per hour of use. 

You may also want to take a look at the features these heated airers come with. Most have the thermostat feature, making it a reliable device when repeatedly used, sometimes even left unattended.

Some also come with timers only, and some with both. There are also manually operated heated airers, meaning you have to be more attentive in using it. 

Top Pick Heated Airers 

Most consumers swear by the brands with the thermostat feature as the most reliable ones in different review articles. There were situations where they left their heated airer on for days and experienced no problem, just an evenly dried and heated laundry. One brand that made it to the top of those lists is the Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer by Lakeland. 

It’s a tower-type heated airer that usually comes with a tower. It has three tiers where you can either hang or lay flat your damp laundry. The electricity cost for this type is about a dime per hour.

However, it’s a UK brand, so unless you are able to find a distributor on your local stores or Amazon, shipping this from the UK will cost you. 

One alternative is a top reviewed brand on Amazon, the KASYDoFF Portable Clothes Dryer, which sells for $99.99. Similar to the Dry:Soon one, this is a tower-type heated airer that comes with a cover, which is used to speed up drying and also great to use as cover storage of the heated airer. This type also comes with a remote to control the heated airer’s machine. 

Another brand that consumers also swear by is Costway’s Portable Ventless Laundry Clothes Dryer, which sells for $94.99.

Unlike the tower type, this one’s different because it’s designed like a round hanging rack where you need to hang your clothes using hangers. It also comes with a cover to help in quicker drying time. 

Cost-effective Heated Airer 

For those who want the cheaper and smaller option, there’s one sold by another UK brand Dunelm that sells for around $40. It’s just one single rack with eight bars for hanging.

It’s considered cost-efficient because despite its simple design that seems ideal for hanging smaller items of clothing, it can also dry up jeans and towels when laid flat on top. Using one costs about a nickel per hour, so an entire day use will only cost you about a dollar and two cents. 

This type of heated airer is perfect for those who live in dormitories or have small floor space. The other bars don’t heat up for safety, so even if your space is cramped, you don’t need to worry about burning accidents while using it. It’s also very easy to store as you only need to fold it and slide in between your shelves’ narrow spaces or behind the door. 

Winged Heated Airers 

This type of heated airers is like the bigger version of the previous flat one, with its two end wings provided as extended racks. You can either use these racks for hanging, but some find us more ideal for laying flat a pair of jeans or a towel.

It can hold up to 10 kilos of laundry. Winged heated airers from Fine Elements and Argos Home cost around $50 to $70 plus shipping on Amazon and their respective websites. 

Although it provides additional hanging space, the winged design may become an issue when it comes to floor space. It may even look awkward with its extended wings. Thus, it’s ideal to position it somewhere where it can do its job undisturbed. When not in use, fold it up and keep it in storage. 

Tiered Heated Airers 

Another popular design is the three-tiered heated airers, which also come with shoe racks at the bottom. Famous brands with high reviews are by Dunelm or John Lewis, which cost about $120. It’s sturdy and can hold up to around 15 kilos of laundry. It also has a low run cost of about a nickel per hour. 

The stacked design on this tiered heated airer seems to help with the heat circulation even when clothes are hung on each row. Some users also use something to cover their tiered heated airer to speed up heating.

The shoe rack is also a favorite feature for this design. When storing, you only have to fold it like a step ladder and keep in-between your shelves or in narrow spaces in your laundry area. 


There are plenty of electronic gadgets and devices nowadays, such as the heated airers that help us make our lives convenient, especially with household work.

It’s only natural that you aim to assure that the things you use in your home are safe and reliable. Learning about a heated airer before purchasing one is one great way to do that. Read about how other consumers use it and what you can do to make the most out of it.

However, the more important thing is knowing how to use one properly. That way, you can be assured that your investment in a heated airer will not go to waste and can even last you for a lifetime.

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