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When buying something, we naturally want to get the bang for our buck. More than that, we want to feel like we scored one against businesses which simply means getting a high-quality product at a cheap cost. The same is true when thinking of getting Nanoleaf panels. Naturally, we would want a cheaper option that would provide us with all that Nanoleaf can do. This is where Zemismart comes in.

Are Zemismart Panels Any Good? If you expect to have the Nanoleaf experience, don’t purchase the Zemismart Panels. Zemismart lags behind Nanoleaf when it comes to functionality and compatibility. However, if price and customizability are your main criteria, then Zemismart is for you. 

These days, it comes as no surprise that there are (hidden) sacrifices to product quality when the price is cheaper. In this article, we will be dissecting these areas where Zemismart lacks and compare it with the performance of Nanoleaf panels. We will also be learning about the different features of Zemismart and why you may be willing to buy it even if it is not as good as Nanoleaf. If you want to get to know the underdog in the light panel race, this article is for you. 

The Complete Guide to Zemismart Panels

zeni smart light kit
zeni smart light kit

Zemismart Light Panels – What they do

Zemismart Light Panels are a rising brand for intelligent and modular LED light panels. Its popularity is brought by the numerous colors, 16.1 million, to be exact. Generally, it features the same triangular shape as a Nanoleaf panel. It also has an app through which you can control brightness and color temperature. Just like Nanoleaf, it can even change colors in response to the music it hears through microphone input. 

Getting a Zemismart Light Panel

Zemismart comes in different product bundles, you can start with three pieces of light panels with a controller. You can also choose to get six pieces with a controller or nine pieces with a controller. If you already own panels and would just like to buy one or two pieces, you can also get them individually. If you decide to add a Bluetooth controller or replace the one you already have, you can also get it separately. 

You can buy Zemismart from their official website, on AliExpress, and on Amazon. On their official website, nine pieces of light panels with a controller cost $154.69. On AliExpress, the same bundle costs a bit less at $149.18. On Amazon, however, Zemismart is sold under a different name “BENEXMART,” so make sure to search for this keyword instead. Currently, Zemismart (or Benexmart) is not available in the US but it may be purchased in other locations like the UK and France. 

Zemismart’s 9-Panel Pack Listing 

Inside the box, you will find the nine pieces of light panels, adhesive tape, connectors, the adapter, and the driver. The light panels are measured to be 250 mm in width and 215 mm in width. These panels are linked by inserting the connectors on “pre-panels” and adding additional panels on the side of the connector marked “next.” Don’t worry if all these sound so technical, you will get to see the easy-to-understand manual for yourself if you end up buying the Zemismart light panels. 

Zemismart’s features 

Personalized Shapes 

Zemismart advertises their light panels as something inspired by a jigsaw puzzle. This is actually an accurate description because, with just one controller, you can connect up to 900 pieces of light panels. With these light panels, you can easily create whatever shape you like, especially that they are triangular. 

Multiple Uses 

Zemismart also has a wide range of use. Inside the home, it can be placed in bedrooms, ceilings, corridors, and even stairwells. Aside from decorating homes, they can be installed in commercial buildings like hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. In addition, they can be used during events that require colorful lights like concerts, parties, and even workshops. Of course, they are also a big help in studios. 

App Control 

zemismart app
zemismart app

The app for Zemismart has a lot of built-in modes you can choose from. These modes are a mix of colors that are premade to fit different moods and to set different scenes. Specifically, there are over 180 options composed of automatic, solid color, and music modes. 

In solid color mode, there are seven kinds of DIY colors and seven kinds of non-changeable colors. While in music mode, users are able to “see sound” as the light panels display music as animated displays of color. 

Moreover, one cool feature of the app is that it still allows the control of the lights even when your phone is not connected to the same WiFi networks as the light panels (or if it’s on mobile data). This makes it on par with more high-end light panels and ahead of other cheaper alternatives, which do not allow this functionality. It is also worth mentioning that the app for Zemismart is available on both iOS and Android. 

Easy to Install 

What some users specifically love about Zemismart is that it is easy to install. All you have to do is wipe the wall to make sure it is clean, plan and spell out the shape you want to go for, use double-sided tape at the back of the light panels, and mount them. Aside from this simple setup, Zemismart also takes pride in the fact that their light panels are environmentally-friendly and have low voltage making it a safe option. 

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Zemismart Compared with Nanoleaf

Let’s see how Zemismart compares with Nanoleaf across several factors. 


Since there are several bundles for both brands, let’s compare using the 9-panel kit that is available for both Zemismart and Nanoleaf. As mentioned above, you can get Zemismart for roughly $150. In 2019, during a sale period, the price for Zemismart’s 9-panel bundle even went as low as $135. On the other hand, you can get the same kit from Nanoleaf for $199 on Bestbuy. Clearly, the difference between both brands is not as negligible as we would like to believe since it can add up to about $75. 


An area of contention when it comes to comparing Zemismart and Nanoleaf is the controllers they offer. When considering the controller alone, it seems that Zemismart is more cost-efficient because it can take up to 900 panels per controller. The expensive Nanoleaf controller, on the other hand, can only take up to 30 light panels. In this area, Nanoleaf is 870 panels behind.  


As mentioned repeatedly throughout the article, Zemismart and Nanoleaf generally have the same triangular design. So, you would expect that there is no major comparison when it comes to this factor. However, reviews on Youtube actually mention that, for them, it makes a difference that Nanoleaf has the corners of the triangle cut out while Zemismart has the full triangular borders. 


Living up to its price, Nanoleaf performs better than the Zemismart. For example, the light transitions are much smoother on the Nanoleaf. On the Zemismart, the colors, although wide in range, are not that accurate since it only has RGB LEDs compared to Nanoleaf which has both RGB and White LEDs. 

In the area of light brightness, Zemismart also lags behind Nanoleaf which produces twice the amount of light Zemismart does (and at a lower power consumption at that). However, a Youtuber says that this shouldn’t be a problem since most Nanoleaf owners turn down the brightness anyway. He says that Nanoleaf at 100% is way too bright for the eyes. 


Since Zemismart and Nanoleaf are smart lights, it is also important to talk about how compatible they are with smart homes. This point goes to Nanoleaf again because unfortunately, unlike Nanoleaf, Zemismart’s basic kit does not support IFTTT nor Apple HomeKit. 

Reasons to Purchase Zemismart 


Evidently, Zemismart’s price is considerably less than the Nanoleaf. More than that, Zemismart usually has offers that bring the cost down to almost $130 dollars. That’s $70 less than what you would have to spend on Nanoleaf panels. If you are looking for an affordable option, Zemismart is the clear choice for you. 


Furthermore, it is known that Zemismart panels are much more “hackable.” This is because Zemismart uses standard individually addressable LED chips to control their tiles. This means that Zemismart users can write their own programs for the panels. So, you can truly make Zemismart your own and tweak it to your heart’s content especially if you’re a tech-savvy user. 


All in all, Zemismart light panels are good enough if you have a budget constraint and if you are willing to sacrifice some functionalities. To reiterate, if you really want the exact Nanoleaf experience, Zemismart, although cheaper, will be a waste of money for you.

This is because it does not function exactly as Nanoleaf does and you might find yourself wanting to buy what you wanted in the first place. However, on top of the price, you are looking for something you can customize and program, Zemismart is the perfect choice for you.

At the end of the day, it really just depends on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. 

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If you’re interested in learning way more about smart lights, light panels and LED checkout our Smart Lights Section of Houshia.

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