Best Solo Stove Size (Size and Type Guide)

Buying a Solo Stove will be one of the best purchases you ever make.  They are a great opportunity to bring friends and family together and to ignite that primitive fire-loving fiend in all of us but without the smoky eyes!  Whether you intend to warm yourself up around it or just sit and gaze into the beautiful, smokeless flames it produces, a Solo Stove will bring you many simple pleasures in a compact and stylish, easy-to-use design.  Although primarily a fire pit, you can also cook some fire-pit-friendly foods over your Solo Stove.

So let’s take a look at the 4 different Solo Stove sizes and types to help you decide which one is best for you.


Height:          12.5”

Diameter:     15”

Weight:         15lbs / 6.8kgs

Log size:        12” long

People:          2-4

The Ranger is the junior of the bunch and is fantastic for taking on hiking or camping trips, whether they be day trips, overnighters, or for the weekend.  It is a nice compact size and weighs in at just 15lbs, so won’t be a burden, just a bit of light exercise!  It will also work great in your own backyard and porch, or even on your decking. 

The Ranger is so compact that it could also go with you in the smallest RV on those road trips.  This means no more searching around for a ton of wood to build a decent fire, all you have to do is place 4-6 logs of up to 12” long inside it and you will have a beautiful warming fire in no time at all.  Then you just need to put your feet up and enjoy the ambiance of your natural surroundings.

Another great use for the Ranger is on the beach after a surfing session.  It is so portable that you can easily carry it in the Solo Stove shoulder bag along with your surfboard under the other arm.  It will then be ready to fire up when you start to feel the post-surf chill and you’ll be able to enjoy dogs and s’mores whilst watching the sun go down. Pure bliss!

Equally, if you work in the great outdoors maybe as a gardener, builder, or farmer, the Ranger is so compact you could take it out at lunchtime and quickly fire it up to get nice and warm whilst taking lunch. The ranger is a great size for up to 4 people to comfortably sit around and benefit from the wonderful heat it emits. 

Always remember to place it on the Solo Stove stand when using on grass, wooden decking, or other surfaces that may leave scorch marks, such as stained concrete.  You could also place it inside an existing fire pit as long as you leave a 2-inch clearance around the edge for proper ventilation.


Height:          14”

Diameter:     19.5”

Weight:         20lbs / 9.07kgs

Log size:        16” long

People:          4-6

Bonfire is the sophomore of the Solo Stove fire pit range as well as the most versatile and popular as it is still small enough to take most places, but is also a great size for 6 people to comfortably fit around.

Again, this model can be taken on camping trips and is a perfect size to carry around in your RV without taking up much space and could also be carried on hiking trips if you are looking for an extra workout.  It weighs in at 20lbs, making it totally portable and great for someone who likes to combine training with their leisure time – we’re thinking Iron Man!

The Bonfire takes just 4-6 logs up to 16” long to get a great fire going, making it easy to find fuel anywhere. As with all Solo Stove fire pits, it’s always best to use decent hardwoods such as hickory, maple, oak, or birch as these will burn for far longer than softwoods like pine.  They also produce fewer oily residues which will make it far easier to clean your stove after use.

The Bonfire makes a fantastic fire pit for your garden, porch, or decking due to its perfect family sized-capacity of 6 people.  This means the whole family can enjoy the warmth and smoke-free atmosphere that this sleek design offers in the comfort of your own backyard.  Even if you are a household of two, it means you can invite some friends to share a great evening under the stars and maybe even toast some fire pit-friendly food along with your toes!

Again, always be mindful of where you are using your Solo Stove and use the stand when placing on surfaces that could scorch.


Height:          16”

Diameter:     27”

Weight:         38lbs / 17.23kgs

Log size:        22” long

People:          6-10

Now we’re talking – meet the Daddy of the range!  The Solo Stove Yukon fire pit boasts an impressive size and heat output.  This model packs a real punch when it comes to keeping you toasty and warm even on the coldest winter nights.  When fully charged the Yukon can give you flames up to 4 feet high – so make sure you have good overhead clearance when using this model.

Being able to comfortably fit 6 or more people around the Yukon makes it fantastic for parties and family gatherings.  It will be sure to impress anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of experiencing the Solo Stove’s stunning design and smokeless heat output.  It will not only be the focus of attention, but the most talked-about feature of your shindig, and the envy of your friends and neighbors.

The Yukon takes 8-10 logs of a whopping 22” long making it a veritable furnace, giving off some serious heat to efficiently warm up to 10 people at any one.  With its fantastic smokeless stainless steel design, you can all enjoy hours of chatting, sitting, or even dancing around the Yukon.  You can also enjoy cooking some hot dogs or shrimp on sticks over this wonderfully sociable backyard fire pit.

Please always remember to supervise small children to avoid unnecessary accidents as the Solo Stove Yukon can reach temperatures of 1200F which is SERIOUSLY HOT!!!!

Grill and Stand

Height:          29.4”

Diameter:     22”

Weight:         38.5lbs / 17.5kgs

Fuel type:     Lump kiln-dried chunk wood or charcoal briquettes

People:          6-10

The Solo Stove Grill is a wonderfully sleek, efficient, and fun way of getting everyone together for a great outdoor grilling experience.  Using the Solo Stove 360° Airflow technology, convection is created within the Grill to provide the perfect cooking environment.  This means it is quicker to heat up, lasts longer, and the best part – it uses far less fuel!

It’s extremely quick and easy to set your Grill and stand and is ready to cook in just 15 minutes. At present, the Solo Stove Grill comes with the Stand, Grill Pack, Weather Cover, and Tools, all of which are necessary for using and keeping your Grill in optimum condition.

The Grill is designed for use in back yards or alongside your RV or tailgate.  It allows you to cook almost anything from juicy steaks, kebobs, spatchcock to anything in a cast-iron skillet – the choice is yours.  The Grill will deliver beautifully cooked food time and time again. 

Although the Grill and Stand are totally transportable, bear in mind that combined they weigh in at 43lbs, and once assembled the legs do not fold down.  Therefore we recommend you consider this when deciding upon how you would like to use it.

You will find your Grill keeps a 4lb bag of charcoal going for up to 45 mins at 400-500F.  It will still offer enough heat to cook other foods like burgers and steaks after this time.  Please bear in mind that the Grill is not suitable to use as a smoker because of the temperatures it reaches and because of the convection environment it creates.

The beauty of the Solo Stove Grill is that it makes grilling a really sociable experience, allowing several people to sit around and participate in the actual cooking.  It gives you the chance to come up with some great recipe ideas that will impress your family and friends and make for a really great get-together.

Solo Stove also provide 100% recycled Starters to get your grilling experience off to a great start in a totally safe and chemical-free way – far healthier than regular fire starters and totally pet-safe too.

The Grill also has a removable ash pan to make cleaning safe, quick, and easy and as the Grill is made from 340 stainless steel, it really cleans up well with minimum effort. 

The tools that come with the Grill are also really useful as they have been designed with a lot of thought and care to ensure that they actually work! So no more picking up that juicy steak only to drop it in the ashes or on the ground before it reaches your plate.  They are also nice and long with an average length of 20” to ensure you don’t burn yourself from the heat of the Grill.

The whole Solo Stove range has been designed with style, quality, and convenience as the key factors and the thousands of positive reviews really are testament to this.  You certainly will not be disappointed when you purchase anything from the Solo Stove range.

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