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Creating the Perfect Space for a Small Garden Hot Tub – Houshia

Creating the Perfect Space for a Small Garden Hot Tub

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You want to incorporate a hot tub in your garden, but you’re unsure if it will blend well with the landscaping or if it will stick out like a sore thumb in your small garden.

A huge hot tub will surely catch anyone’s eye, but don’t worry. There are various and inventive ways to place one in your garden, to naturally blend in with your landscape and the overall look of your house.

Here are some hot tub design ideas that will go well with your small backyard. Surround it with existing landscape elements in your garden to help it blend in. Build a cozy structure that provides privacy while also protecting the tub. Invest in creating a unique space around the tub for a more restful or sophisticated hot tub installment.

Before you dive in and start making room in your garden for the hot tub, you need to know how you can execute these design ideas adequately. Doing so will ensure that your investment in an outdoor hot tub will not only look great in your garden but will also last for a long time.

This article will give you just that, along with design tips, so you won’t have to spend too much on your new outdoor hot tub. 

Blending in with the Landscape 

Using your garden landscape is most likely one of the most cost-efficient and foolproof ways you can incorporate a hot tub in your small garden. You only need to reinforce the ground with crushed gravel or place it on concrete to ensure safety, especially in the long run.

You only need to work with the space you have and the elements that are already present in your garden or around your property. Your goal is to make your hot tub look like it perfectly belongs in your garden. 

Pick Out Elements from the Garden 

Take a good look at your garden landscaping and pick out your favorite feature or an element that stands out the most for you. You can start your design from that. It doesn’t have to be grand. It just has to work well with your hot tub.

Place your hot tub beside a vast old tree with a cool shade. By using its shade, you already have something that can provide you with privacy when you’re in your tub. You can also use the branches to hang string lights or cute buntings for a more festive look when you’re hosting an intimate party with family or friends.

Another great idea is to use plants to cover up your hot tub’s exposed sides to give it a more organic look. Try using crawling plants or vines by allowing them to cover the walls of the tub.

If you don’t want to disturb your plants, you can use other elements such as rocks or stones to build an exterior around your tub. You can even use more immense stone slabs as the steps leading into your hot tub. 

Extend Indoor Design to the Patio 

In case you want to place your hot tub somewhere a little more discreet or not too far off from your house, you can still make the design of the surroundings of your hot tub to blend in with the design of your house.

Pick out an element from your home and use that to extend the ambiance to where you place your hot tub.

Think of the space as an open-air extension to your living room or kitchen. Perhaps add an outdoor seating that matches your house’s chairs or paint the tub’s sides to fit your home’s color. If you have a patio, then you can use that as your design reference.

This placement is perfect for families with kids. It’s very convenient for the adults to watch over their little ones enjoying the tub while doing chores inside the house. 

Building an Isolated Sanctuary 

Suppose you want something more isolated and intimate, and you’re willing to spend money on making the perfect space for your hot tub. In that case, you can consider making a sanctuary within a sanctuary.

While it’s still ideal to stick to your garden’s landscaping design to create a cohesive look with your new sanctuary, there’s nothing wrong if you want to create a different vibe for your private hot tub.

An Oasis in the Backyard 

Building a sanctuary for your hot tub doesn’t have to be too costly. Go for a more straightforward, DIY structure around your hot tub if building a separate structure isn’t feasible due to budget or space constraints.

While it may not look as grand as a built gazebo, you can still make it look cozy. You can also change it up once in a while, depending on the occasion or season.

Start with designing the type of enclosure you want to make for your hot tub. You can fence it in with wood slabs which might cost you around $500 to $1000. A cheaper option is to use a portable partition to create an instant wall for privacy for less than $200.

You can also use curtains and create a sunshade or a tent to provide shade and privacy. Giant beach umbrellas can also serve this purpose, a great item to use for an instant summer vibe. 

In a Gazebo 

Creating a gazebo for your hot tub has lots of benefits. Firstly, it’s a compact space solely dedicated to the tub. You can adapt the design you want your hot tub to look with the type of gazebo you want to build.

Second, it also serves as a protective outer shell for your hot tub, aside from the tub’s actual cover. Third, it provides a great sense of isolation and privacy, which makes it a perfect sanctuary.

There are various gazebo designs to choose from. You can go for a conventional free-standing gazebo with benches on the sides, similar to those we see in parks.

You can also go for a simple gazebo and adapt an architectural design, say a Japanese-inspired spa house with huge sliding doors. If you want something more eye-catching, go for a glasshouse gazebo that will be a great relaxation spot all-year-round.

Constructing the Perfect Getaway Spot 

In creating a perfect getaway spot for your hot tub, you only have to make sure that the surroundings where you’ll place your hot tub will look inviting and will make you feel like you’re lounging somewhere else and not in your backyard.

Build a more pronounced setting for your hot tub, like a deck, a bar, or a sunken outdoor lounge.

Provide More Room Around the Tub 

One great idea is to build a leveled bench around the tub to create a space to sit on and place things. You can also level this bench to provide steps leading up to the tub instantly. If you want something more unique, build a bar around the hot tub and place bar stools.

It’s a great space to hang out when you want to take a break from soaking in the tub. And even if you don’t feel like dipping in, you can still use the space to hang out or have a drink while soaking under the sun.

Maximize Space with Decking 

You might think extending your deck will make your already small garden look more cramped. Not at all. A well-planned deck for your hot tub will create the illusion of a larger space for your hot tub and its surroundings. Your deck can go one or two levels higher than the ground or go all out to build a recessed hot tub with your deck. 

One great tip is to place your hot tub on a corner. If it extends from your house’s deck, you can create a walkway to connect to where the hot tub is. The walkway can also be converted into an extended lounge space for weekend barbecues, garden picnics, or just a quiet area to bask under the warm sun or chilly night sky.

Sink in an Inground Tub 

If you’re willing to invest more in creating a unique set-up for your hot tub, an inground design is perfect for you.

Designing an inground hot tub will maximize what your garden landscaping has to offer by providing refreshing scenery, while the shade provided by the trees will naturally give you the privacy you need.

It will also be a great spot to spend some quiet time while enjoying what your garden has to offer.

Create a sunken lounge beside your inground tub to match it. It can merely be a long hollow bench that can also be used as a long table. Use huge waterproof pillows to make it cozier while you’re basking in the sun.

Place candles around the area to create a romantic vibe while you’re spending time with your significant someone. Now, you already have the perfect getaway spot within your backyard.  


Having an accessible and personal hot tub in your property is an excellent investment. Imagine relieving your stress while dipping in your tub or spending time with your loved ones while hanging out.

There’s no doubt your entire family will have a blast using it.

That’s why it’s essential to place your hot tub in a location where everyone can appreciate it along with its surroundings by either building an enclosed structure or allowing it to blend well with the landscape while also making sure that it will last long.


That’s it for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you think it might be useful for someone else then please share it on social media, email or your own website! It really encourages us to write more content and grow the site!

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