Do Plastic Sheds Fade? – A Long term owners view

Plastic sheds are very popular for a lot of reasons. They are durable, they are cheaper, they provide more features and they last longer than any other materials available in the market today.

They also require little maintenance, since they are waterproof and rust proof.

However….One thing they are not saved from is fading!

Some might wonder if buying a plastic shed is still worth it if they fade just like any other material used for a storage shed.

They might be worried that it might ruin the appearance of their garden once it gets faded, or they might think that it might be faded for a shorter amount of time.

Do plastic sheds fade? Yes. However, storage sheds made from other materials such as wood or metal might fade faster that plastic sheds since most models nowadays have UV protection, making the color last for a much longer time. Hence, plastic sheds fade the longest out of all materials.

In this article, we will find out if plastic sheds fade, including how long it takes for it to fade eventually. We will also learn about the reasons why plastic sheds fade.

We will also discuss the tips on how to make your plastic shed last longer, and lastly, we will also talk about the best materials to be used for storage sheds in general.

Plastic Sheds versus The Sunlight

They Fade, But Not As Fast As Other Materials

Nothing lasts forever, including colors on plastic sheds. Plastic sheds do fade overtime. It is noteworthy to mention that earlier models fade faster than the newer ones.

They tend to fade faster under the stronger sun rays If you live in a tropical place where the sun shines the brightest all year round, consider buying a newer and more expensive model. As these models tend to use a higher grade of plastic.

You can also opt for a metal or a wooden shed but be prepared to repaint it every now and then.

All Things Fade in Time, Eventually

Again, nothing lasts forever. Paint will eventually fade, regardless of what material it is applied onto. Some types of storage sheds might need a lick of paint or two after a few years, such as wood and metal ones.

They also paint the metal ones to prevent it from rusting, but it will still fade as time goes by.

Plastic sheds last longer than the others because the polymers bind the colors of the plastic sheds even tighter, compared to ones made of wood and metal.

Plastic Sheds are Still the Best

That being said, plastic sheds are still the best option for a storage shed. Its color fading is the least of its problems, and you will not get to experience it until its seventh or tenth year.

That will give you enough time to buy a newer model if you do not want its faded appearance ruin your overall garden aesthetic.

Then again, its faded exterior might give your garden a dose of vintage feel on it, so it might still benefit your garden anyway.

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Reasons Why Plastic Sheds Fade

Mister Sunshine is to Blame

Plastic sheds are placed outdoors, as it is intended to be. Plastic sheds might be waterproof and rust-proof, something that wooden and metal sheds cannot do, respectively.

It is also the same reason why wooden and metal sheds lose their color in time. Plastic sheds are not sunlight-proof, or at least the outside coloring is.

The interior is definitely sunlight-proof, so there should not be any questions about that. It is one of the selling points of plastic sheds, anyway.

Plastic sheds are supposed to keep the things inside it safe and dry from the harsh elements of nature outside.

Sunshine Breaks the Color Down

Here is how color fades under the sun: when a colored plastic item is left outside to be exposed for a long time under the heat of the sun, it eventually fades.

The harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun break the polymers in the plastic. When the polymers are broken, it causes the plastic to fade, crack, or lose its shape.

It can also go brittle, depending on the quality of the plastic. Brittle plastic has compromised quality so they cannot function the way they used to once they become brittle and sensitive because of the sun’s rays.

So if you are living in a place where it is always hot and humid all year round, it is better to choose something much more expensive. Do not compromise the quality for a few dollars’ worth of savings.

The Pricier the Plastic Shed, The Better

We bought plastic sheds because they are affordable, but we need to remember that it is always better to spend a little bit more and get the quality you paid for.

Cheaper plastic sheds fade faster, that is a known fact. You get what you paid for, especially if you paid for cheaper models, which use cheaper materials in building those kinds of plastic sheds.

It is always the best option to opt for more expensive ones, especially the newer designs. Most of the newer designs have UV protection, which makes it withstand the sun’s rays a little bit more.

It will still fade, but the color will be protected for a long time. You will have the vibrant colors of your storage shed last for a much longer time compared to a cheaper model.

Dos and Don’ts When Owning a Plastic Shed

Do: Maintain and Clean as Often as Possible

Plastic sheds are low maintenance but it does not mean that you will never clean it. Clean the outside with some soapy water, but not warm as it might help break the polymers down because of the heat.

Use cleaning brushes while cleaning it, scrubbing it a bit tougher around the edges. If possible, opt for a garden hose and clean it using its sprays.

Cleaning the sheds make it last longer in general, not only the color but also its overall longevity. It also prevents insects and other bacteria from spreading. Clean out the inside as well, and throw tools or materials that are no longer useful from time to time.

Don’t: Paint Your Plastic Sheds Ever

Never rely on doing things on your own, especially if you want to protect the colors of your plastic shed. Painting a plastic shed might ruin its aesthetic quality. It might look cheaper because of the outcome. No one wants to have a cheap-looking storage shed in the garden where everyone can see.

Plastic sheds can look cheap compared to its wooden and metal counterparts, and trying to salvage its appearance with a lick of paint or two might not help matters at all.

Never do DIY even if using paints for plastics. It is still the best option to just change into something newer if you really want to have a vibrant colored plastic shed.

Don’t: Try to Customize it Beyond

Plastic sheds are the most difficult ones to customize. Since it is already fixed, you cannot just change a few things here and there quite easily. Plastic sheds are not the most flexible ones, in terms of customization. Drilling holes is not advisable as it might weaken the whole structure with the poking of the holes.

Most plastic sheds in general cannot bear as much weight on their walls compared to wood. Hence, the number of shelves or hooks are limited to conserve the safety and the longevity of your plastic shed.

You can only hang a few hooks or install a couple of sheds. You should not also hang heavy tools and materials on these hooks so that the plastic shed will not collapse under its weight.

Do: Make Sure it Has a Stable Foundation

You also need to make sure that you have a stable foundation as to where you will install your plastic shed.

It needs a stable foundation because the soil might not be able to hold all its weight once it gets filled with the tools and materials that you are going to put inside the plastic shed. Having a stable foundation makes the plastic shed even more durable and resilient.


Plastic shades offer a lot of convenient qualities, perfect for those who want to install a storage shed outside on a budget.

However, it does not escape the fact that the color will still fade, just like paint applied in wood or metal. It is still the best choice to buy a much newer and more modern design, because you will get what you paid for, and so much more.

Maintaining your shed will also help it last even longer. In the end, it will still fade but it will last much longer than any other storage shed option available on the market.

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