Eufy Floodlight Vs Ring Floodlight camera – I have both – which did I pick

Security should always be the top priority of every home. Every homeowner should feel safe within their property, whether they are there or away.

This is why, nowadays, there are a lot of security systems that are affordable and will provide peace of mind to an homeowner. Having a floodlight camera is one way to beef up your home’s safety.  

Eufy Floodlight Vs. Ring Floodlight camera – I have both – which did I pick? Eufy Floodlight Camera is my pick because it gives you the security features you need at an affordable price. Unlike the Ring Floodlight Camera, you do not need to pay extra for storage or live views. Another great feature is its audio quality and lights, as well as the clear night vision.

You want all the best for keeping your home safe, which is why picking the right floodlight camera is important. In this article, you will know the different features of the Eufy Floodlight Camera and the Ring Floodlight Camera.

You will also learn the features that are available on both floodlight cameras. Hopefully, you will know the best floodlight camera for your needs by the end of this article.

Battle of The Features – Eufy Floodlight vs. Ring Floodlight Camera

Home security should never be underestimated. One of the best ways to protect your home is by purchasing floodlight cameras. Floodlight cameras are usually used in backyards and front yards of a home.

The best position for floodlight cameras is where you can see a wide-angle of your yard. These cameras use a motion sensor where it can detect anyone who is unwanted in your yard.

Once it senses movement, the camera will begin to record, and the floodlight will turn on. There are also some floodlight cameras that have siren features, and when the lights turn on, it’s bright enough to scare any intruders that may come to your home. It also discourages intruders from continuing to enter your property.

There are many floodlight camera brands out there, but the Eufy Floodlight Camera and Ring Floodlight Camera are the crowds’ favorite. The following will talk about the features of both floodlight cameras as well as their disadvantages.

Eufy Floodlight Camera

Now, the traditional floodlight camera offers minimal functionality, which is why the Eufy Floodlight Camera is a significant upgrade. The Eufy Floodlight Camera is compatible with Alexa, and there’s no need for Echo Show or Echo Spot to get it to work.

The Echo Show is a smart speaker that is part of the Amazon Echo products, while the Echo Spot is a small compact smart alarm clock. For those who are using Android, don’t fret because it is also compatible with Google Assistant.

The Eufy Floodlight Camera dimensions are 7.1 x 7.9 x 12.2 inches, and it is considered the latest floodlight camera in the market. It is only available in white, and all of the features are included without having to pay extra money for subscriptions. 

It has 2,500 lumens in cold white, which is perfect for night vision. It provides clear videos even at night. The audio quality is very clear and loud so that you can hear any conversation through the live feed from the floodlight camera.

However, the siren is a tad bit quieter than the Ring Floodlight Camera with 100dB.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is made to monitor the situation from your Eufy Floodlight Camera’s live view by detecting and recording moving objects. When a movement is detected, it will send notifications to your phone that someone is trying to enter your property without your permission.

Motion detection works by combining the motion sensors, software image motion comparisons, and the AI engine. The Eufy Floodlight Camera has two modes, the ‘All Motion’ and ‘Human Only.’

When you choose the All Motion setting, you won’t miss any movement in your home. Whether it’s a running squirrel or other animals trying to get into your property, the camera will start recording and notify you of all the motion events that it detects.

The Human Only setting will filter any non-human motion events. Selecting this setting will save battery on your floodlight camera. It also reduces false alerts, unlike the All Motion setting. However, for everyone’s safety inside the home, it is best to select ‘All Motion’ at night.

The Eufy Floodlight Camera can support up to four activity zones. You can set this feature up in the Motion Detection settings. You can select an Activity Zone within your Eufy camera’s view where you want the motion to be detected.

If anything is captured outside this area, it will be ignored by the system. This feature will lessen or minimize the chances of false alerts. 


Now, the Eufy Floodlight Camera has an eMMC (embedded Multimedia Controller) for storage that has a limitation of 4GB. You can also add local storage through a USB or an SD card. You can store up to 128GB worth of videos, which removes the 4GB limitation on the eMMC.

Unlike the Ring Floodlight Camera, you don’t need to pay an extra cost for additional storage for the videos.

Connecting Eufy Homebase

The Eufy Homebase is a security camera that Eufy offers. It provides a 1080p full HD video with the capability of watching live feed videos. As of the moment, the Eufy team is still trying to find a way to connect the Eufy Floodlight Camera with a Eufy Homebase.

So, if you have a Eufy Homebase at home, expect  better things to come with other  Eufy products in the future.

Ring Floodlight Camera

The Ring Floodlight Camera is compatible with Alexa. However, unlike the Eufy Floodlight Camera, you would need to have an Echo Show or Echo Spot to access it through Alexa. It’s also not compatible with Google Assistant, which is another difference from the Eufy Floodlight Camera. You can choose from two colors when purchasing this product, white or black.

The light of the Ring Floodlight Camera has 1,800 lumens in Warm White. It may not be as bright as the Eufy Floodlight Camera, but it also does the job. This floodlight camera’s night vision is not as good as the Eufy Floodlight Camera because the lumens are lower with this brand.

The audio is not quite as good as well. It has muffled or low volume sound, especially when the person is in a far range of the floodlight camera. The siren is slightly louder than the Eufy Floodlight Camera with 110dB.

Motion Detection

Unlike the Eufy Floodlight Camera, Ring supports up to six custom motion zones. Setting up the motion zones is pretty easy. All you need to do is tap on the motion settings on your Ring app located on the three lines on the top left. Then, select motion zones and add a motion zone button.

When that’s done, a colored box will appear. Follow the on-screen directions, and just drag the colored box’s points to expand the area that you want to monitor.

When your motion zone is set, make sure that you tick the box labeled ‘Active’ to activate the zone. Once you’re happy with the placement, select ‘Save.’

Motion Scheduling

This feature will allow you to control the schedule coverage to avoid receiving alerts that are triggered by a regular occurrence. When you have this feature active, you will not be able to turn on your Motion Alerts. It would be best if you disabled the motion schedule for the Motion Alerts to work.

Motion Sensitivity Slider

This slider will help you tune what the floodlight camera will trigger. It ranges from ‘People Only‘ to ‘All Activity,’ just like the Eufy Floodlight Camera.

The ‘People Only’ option configures the motion sensors to look for human shapes, and the ‘All Activity’ is excellent for anyone who is looking to capture anything.

When setting your Motion Sensor, you have to note that the ‘People Only’ option looks for a person’s silhouette, like the head and the shoulder region.

Motion Detection Optimized

There are times where you will experience false alerts because of moving trees, a lost animal, lightning, or reflections of shiny objects. In order to reduce these false alarms, you need to look at your motion zone the way the Ring Floodlight Camera does.

When you don’t want to receive false alarms, it is best to set your setting to ‘People Only.’


When it comes to storage, cloud storage is available when you don’t have the Protect Subscription. It won’t allow you to save any video recordings on your phone or computer without the subscription.

There is more information below about the storage that Ring Floodlight Camera offers when you avail of the Protect Subscription.

The Protect Subscription

The Ring Protect Subscription Plans provide additional features that you may need for your Ring Floodlight Camera. It is an optional service that allows you to save video recordings from your Ring devices to be saved on your Ring account.

Without this plan, you won’t be able to get video recordings of events like a Live View on your camera.

There are two plans that are available, which are Protect Plus Plan that costs $10 a month ($100 annually), and the Protect Basic Plan for $3 a month ($30 annually).

With the Protect Plus Plan, your warranty is extended to another year. This plan also covers all Ring devices at one location. It also has a Ring alarm professional monitoring, but there may be additional charges in areas that require permits or guard response service for the alarm verification.

You can also get exclusive 10% off of any Ring products that you purchase. 

The Protect Basic Plan has the same features as the Protect Plus Plan except for the exclusive discounts and the Ring alarm professional monitoring. The warranty for this plan is not extended either. The coverage for this plan is limited to one Ring doorbell or a security camera.

Live View

When purchasing a Protection Plan, you can have access to Live View recordings. This would also allow you to have cloud storage where you can save videos from 30 to 60 days, depending on your location.

If you have any important videos, make sure to save them locally before it gets deleted on your cloud. 

You can also review, share, and save videos that you have on your Ring Floodlight Camera when you subscribe to their Protection Plan.

What They Have in Common

There are many features that Eufy and Ring Floodlight Camera have. They both have the capability of reading something like a license plate that’s 50 feet away from the camera. They both have 1080p full HD resolution with 15fps and 140-degree view.

They are both easy to install with instructions that are straightforward and easy to understand. You just need to make sure to turn off the power at your electrical box. There’s no need to hire and pay extra for professional help because you can install this yourself.

Both the Eufy and Ring app are also easy to install. You can turn the camera on and off through the app remotely. You can also configure how you want the lights to work. Lastly, you can configure the video length up to two minutes and its cooldown period before the next recording starts.

Both floodlight cameras can be triggered when it detects motion. You also schedule different times for the camera to turn on and off. There is also a three-second per recording feature. This means that it will start recording three seconds after it detects any motion.

Hitting Home Run with the Prices

Aside from features, homeowners, of course, consider the price of each floodlight camera. The Eufy Floodlight Camera costs $199.99, while the Ring Floodlight costs $249.99. You can also purchase the Ring Floodlight Camera with an Echo Dot at $289.98.

If you plan to purchase the Ring Floodlight Camera with the Echo Show, it would cost $338.99. Again, if you want to add the Protection Plan, that would also add an additional cost to the price of the Ring Floodlight Camera.

My Two Cents When It Comes to Eufy and Ring Floodlight Camera

As mentioned above, my choice is the Eufy Floodlight Camera. With the features that it offers at an affordable price, it is the better choice. It has better audio and video, whether it’s morning or nighttime. You don’t need to pay extra for viewing live feeds or saving videos. You can simply buy a USB or an SD card to store videos.

This table shows the different comparisons of the features between the Eufy and Ring Floodlight Camera.  

Eufy Floodlight CameraRing Floodlight Camera
Video Quality
Audio Quality
Motion Detection
Color Choice


The number one priority of a homeowner is their home’s security, which is why you must choose the right floodlight camera for your home. You need to consider the features as well as the prices when selecting the right floodlight camera.

With the Ring and Eufy Floodlight Camera, you can get the best features possible for you to keep your home safe. You have to consider every feature available on the floodlight camera, from motion detection to storage.

For me, the Eufy Floodlight Camera takes the win against the Ring Floodlight Camera.


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