Famous Pro Games Desks – What They Use and Why

famous pro gamer desks and what they use

Competitive gaming continues to grow in popularity year after year. We now have E-sports, Twitch and Youtube Gaming, which created a billion-dollar industry, $159 billion in revenue to be exact by the end of 2020.

Now, in both E-sports and Streaming, gear and equipment impact the gamer’s performance significantly. Things like the mouse, mousepad, keyboards, headsets, joysticks, and desks all play a key factor in a pro gamers setup.

But What about their desk?

We need to talk about gaming desks because they rarely get attention. Whether you realize it or not, having the perfect gaming desk factors in on your gaming performance.

The famous gaming desks used by pro gamers and youtube gamers include Jarvis Standing Desk, ApexDesk Elite Series, Humanscale Float Standing Desk, Varidesk Electric Desk, and Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. Among the list, the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is popular with e-sports and hardcore gamers.

If you’re curious about what desks famous pro gamers use in their setup then this is the article to read. We also answer the question of what type of gaming desk is best for someone looking to get into competitive gaming.

Arozzi Arena Desk


  • Suitable for dual monitors
  • Entire surface is a mouse pad
  • Reasonably prices
  • Used in gamer bootcamps

Hardcore gamers extremely recommend this gaming desk for a number of reasons. One of these is the way it is designed to accommodate gamers who use multiple monitors, which has been slowly becoming common nowadays. The desk is designed to accommodate a lot of items, which makes your gaming space less cluttered.

For starters, this gaming desk is 63-inches wide and 31-inches deep, which gives you maximum space to comfortably play video games on your PC, Xbox, Playstation, or any other gaming platform.

Another amazing feature of this gaming desk is its full-sized mousepad. The mouse pad covers the entire gaming desk, which means you do not have to buy a gaming mouse pad anymore. The material used for the gaming desk and its full-size mouse pad are some of the highest qualities out there in the market, probably the reason why it gets so expensive despite not being electronically adjustable.

This desk easily makes this list despite not being electronically adjustable because it serves the ultimate purpose of a gaming desk, to give the gamer maximum focus while sitting down and playing.

The Arozzi Arena Desk is often used by gamers and esports teams in their in-house boot-camps. In this boot-camp, esports teams practice their strategies and gameplays while being housed together in one building. Having the perfect gaming desk in boot-camps can definitely increase the gamer’s abilities, especially the mechanical skills. The Arozzi Arena Desk is ordinarily priced at around $400.

Disadvantages of the Arozzi Arena Desk

This gaming desk does have its fair share of disadvantages. For one, it is not that flexible to accommodate every gamer out there. The height of the desk can only be adjusted by loosening up the screws, which is a bit of a hassle compared to other desks in this list. Another glaring disadvantage to this gaming desk is its weight.

It is not the heaviest gaming desk around. It weighs at around 176 pounds, making it a bit difficult to relocate once it is assembled. Nevertheless, the heavyweight makes the desk even more sturdy and strong.

Jarvis Standing Desk 

courtesy of fully.com


  • Height adjustable
  • Electronic motor
  • Memory settings
  • Lower centre of gravity

The Jarvis Standing desk is one of the gaming desks in this list that has electronic height adjusting controllers. This means that this gaming desk can be lowered or elevated by the use of electronic controllers. The hassle of loosening up some screws are entirely out of the picture. The gamer can easily focus on the game and adjust the table height without much effort.

The Jarvis Standing Desk is also ideal for gaming because of its low center of gravity. This gives the desk better stability, which prevents instances such as shaking while playing games. It usually has a seven-year warranty for defects, which is a very safe option to have when choosing gaming desks. Although it comes from the cheaper side of gaming desks with high-end features, it is not a bad choice to make.

You can buy this desk at around $630, which is almost as cheap as the Arozzi Arena Desk. It gets the cheap label because it is priced a bit low for a desk that has electronic controllers. Other gaming desks in this list are priced double than the Jarvis Standing Desk.

Disadvantages of the Jarvis Standing Desk

This desk is unfairly discredited for being made in China. In truth, only the base frame is manufactured from China. Nevertheless, critics easily jump in on the Jarvis Standing Desk as a supposedly low-quality gaming desk or perhaps a mere budget-friendly one. However, there is a bit of merit to the cheap quality and design criticism. This gaming desk is visibly lacking a cross support.

Without cross support, the feet of the desk can easily wobble, twist, or slant. While this gaming desk is known for relative stability, it cannot be easily moved because of the lack of cross support. Moving it while a PC or an Xbox or any other gaming device is mounted can seriously damage the desk.

ApexDesk Elite Series – Desk


  • Good all rounder
  • Solid build quality
  • Mid range priced
  • Scratch resistant
  • Handles up to 3 monitors!

The ApexDesk Elite Series is somewhat of the top of the line version to the Jarvis Standing Desk. While the Jarvis Standing Desk is plagued by bad reviews over its quality and design, the ApexDesk is blessed with good reviews for its seemingly good quality.

This desk is definitely an all-rounder gaming desk with its solid, sturdy, and durable frame. It doesn’t sacrifice flexibility because its electronic controllers for height adjustment are some of the best in the market.

It is also marketed as a scratch-resistant gaming desk, which boosts its already amazing reputation when it comes to durability. This desk is almost as wide as the Arozzi Arena while being more heavy and stable. Surely, this desk can handle at least three monitors and even a flight simulator. Since sitting down for long periods of time is considered unhealthy, the manufacturers had this gaming desk easy to transition to a standing desk via electronic buttons.

Despite its top-notch quality, this desk is not that expensive. You can easily buy one at around $800 to $900, depending on its specifications. However, the desk by itself is priced at around $699. The added expenses are attributed to the electronic cable tray, metal drawer, and desktop power grommet, all of which complete the set.

Disadvantages to ApexDesk

Some may see the ApexDesk as somewhat expensive. This is because the features that make it expensive are not exactly what an ordinary gamer would seek. Unless you are into flight simulators or game simulators, you might actually need a gaming desk this fancy. However, this actually all depends on your preferences on gaming, especially the gaming platform.

Uplift Desk V2

courtesy of upliftdesk.com


  • Heavy duty
  • Compact design

This gaming desk is one of the best heavy-duty gaming desks because it can easily carry four monitors and two computers easily. No gaming setup is off-limits for this gaming desk. This desk offers a huge deal of flexibility because you can easily switch positions with just a click of buttons. It has a lifting capacity of up to 335 lb, which means the computers’ weight will not burden them.

The Uplift Desk is highly rated because it checks all the boxes a gaming desk should have, such as durability, stability, flexibility, and space. The desk’s travel speed is measured at 1.57″ per second, coupled with a muffled sound of 50 decibels. Comfort while gaming is definitely a plus in this desk.

Disadvantages of Uplift Desk V2

This desk does not extend enough for really tall users. Another thing noticed by users is it’s over sensitive anti-collision detection system. It has come to a point where desks that are not appropriately leveled automatically triggers the system. Once the anti-collision detection system kicks in, you cannot even move the desk because it thinks the desk will collide with an object.

This desk suffers the same unfair connotation as the Jarvis Standing Desk has. The Uplift Desk V2, despite its amazing specifications, gets to be labeled cheap or unreliable because the materials, especially the frames, are imported and manufactured from China. You can easily buy this desk at around $600.

Humanscale Float Standing Desk

courtesy of humanscale.com


  • Superior build quality
  • aluminum construction
  • High durability
  • Used by PewDiePie

Here comes the priciest gaming desk on this list. Like the others, the Humanscale Float Standing Desk is also another desk that can easily be adjusted from sitting to standing position and vice versa. By far, this desk is top in this list in terms of stability, material quality, and innovation. It is also not bad when it comes to visual aesthetics, safety, and ergonomics.

This desk is made up of really good aluminum material, which makes it so malleable and easy to manipulate into various designs and styles. The only problems with this gaming desk are the price and one feature. This desk is priced at around $1,400, which is just about as double the other gaming desks are. Another disadvantage is the fact that it is too expensive for a manual adjusting table.

Famous Gamers And Their Desk Setups


By Cold Ones Clips - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9otmiJ_wGJk, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=84850571

Pewdiepie or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg in real life is one of the biggest Youtube stars in the world right now. His fame and net worth all started with game reviews on Youtube. Pewdiepie would upload gaming content consistently online, and so his Youtube fan base grew. He now has 106 million subscribers on Youtube, with a total of around 26 billion views. 

Pewdiepie had creativity, intensiveness, and of course, the right computer setup. He uses the Humanscale Float Standing Desk as his gaming desk. The gaming desk suits him because he prefers games that are relaxing and fun like Minecraft, instead of those games that are too technically and mechanically demanding.

Even though Pewdiepie has stated that he only seeks to play games and have fun, it doesn’t change the fact that he drives gaming sales in both mainstream and indie game developers.


By Nate Herrera n8bit_ - File:Shroud_at_PUBG_PGI_2018.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=76459151

Shroud or Michael Grzesiek in real life is one of those Youtube gamers that started out as a professional esports gamer. You could say that he is one of those hardcore gamers because he played it all, from intense e-sports games like PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Call of Duty, to relaxing and fun games in the Youtube gaming community like Minecraft. When it comes to first-person shooting games, no one is a better “aimer” than Shroud. 

This makes people wonder what gaming desk allows the best shooter to perform at his best. It has been said that he uses the Custom Uplift Desk at home, and it makes perfect sense. The Custom Uplift Desk is one of the sturdiest and most stable gaming desks out there. Those “headshots” are definitely easy to execute in that desk if you are anywhere near Shroud’s level. 


Tiffany Michelle Herrera or more commonly known as IHasCupquake or Cupquake in the Youtube gaming community, has been reported to have a Jarvis standing desk. Cupquake plays games like Minecraft, Bioshock, Enchanted Oasis, Portal, etc. These games are perfect for her gaming desk choice because they are more on game immersion instead of intensity. Having a relaxing and stable gaming desk is what iHasCupquake really needs.


To summarize things up, having an amazing gaming desk is important because it affects your performance, gaming experience, and overall health. The key aspects of a good gaming desk revolve around stability, flexibility, sturdiness, and good space.

However, not all gaming desks match each and every person. Some gaming desks may suit others well, while some may not. Therefore, you need to look for a good gaming desk that suits you and your gaming style.


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