Best Garage Door Opener For Heavy Wood Doors

We all know how heavy wooden garage doors are, especially if we live in older houses.

It can be a real struggle when going out each and every time, trying to lift it on your own while risking your back and waist from injuries.

Luckily, electric garage door openers are available which makes everything easier and much better for us owners.

There are a lot of available garage door openers on the market, but not all garage door openers are designed for wooden garage doors, the heaviest kind available.

What is the best garage door opener for heavy wooden doors? Genie MachForce Connect 2HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener is powerful enough to lift your doors with its horsepower. It also boasts compatibility with older garage door systems so there is no need to buy hardware just to use this door opener.

This article discusses some of the best garage door openers for heavy wood doors.

We will also discuss why a homeowner should consider buying a garage door opener for his or her heavy wood doors.

Lastly, we will also talk about some things you need to do or consider when you have heavy wood doors in your garage, including some tips on how to extend its life even longer.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Garage Door Opener for Heavy Wood Doors

Here are some of the things why it is very much recommended for you to buy a garage door opener for your heavy wood doors.

Wood Is The Heaviest Material Available

Generally, wood is the heaviest material where garage doors are made. This is prevalent especially when the garages are old and vintage, where wood was the primary material of choice for garage doors.

Nowadays, garage doors are usually made of aluminum or other lighter materials, but replacing doors entirely can really put a toll on some homeowners.

Manually opening the garage doors would be very tedious for you to do, especially if you are in a hurry. Thus, it is very important to have a garage door opener for such a heavy garage door.

It Will Make Your Life Much Easier

It goes without saying that life always gets easier when it is powered by machines. This is the same with garage door openers, which is their primary reason why people buy them.

Using garage door openers relieve people of the tedious and strenuous task of opening their garage doors on their own.

With the help of these openers, you can just easily open them and go on with your day since they are all powered by electricity.

Saves You A Lot Of Time And Effort

Garage door openers are powered by electricity so there is absolutely no need for you to manually do some labor just to open your garage door.

It saves you time by just pushing a button that will help open your garage door in no time. It also saves you from potential injuries you might sustain from opening garage doors.

You can easily rely on garage door openers for a simple but heavy task like this.

Best Garage Door Openers For Heavy Wood Doors

Here are some of the best garage door openers for heavy wood doors, according to user reviews available online.

That means a lot of people have been vouching for these models’ credibility and capability to get the job done, and more.

Chamberlain B970 — The Best Garage Door Opener

This model costs $245 as of writing.

Older homes usually have large, heavy wooden garage doors and so many openers will not be able to handle the weight of these doors.

The Chamberlain B970 has a 1.25HP motor, making it a bit more powerful than some other models. Its given horsepower gives it the power to raise heavy doors.

This model is also belt-driven with steel reinforcement, allowing it to run more quietly than others.

It also has a battery backup system, along with other amazing features such as  smartphone access and long-range remote controls. These features simplify the operation of this opener.

Chamberlain B970 also includes encryption features that will prevent burglars or other criminals from hacking the system just to gain access to your garage.

It can be pricey but its added features are seemingly worth the splurge, without compromising your security in the process.

LiftMaster 8550WLB Elite Series

As of writing, this model costs $294.30.

This bad boy has ¾ HP and 12V-DC motor, and is also belt-driven, like the Chamberlain. Its DC motor is long-lasting so there should be no worries on when to replace it and how often you need to replace the motors.

It is very quiet yet very strong at the same time. It is very silent so no worries waking up everyone just to open your garage door.

This particular model comes with a battery backup and is MyQ ready. MyQ allows opening and closing your garage door anywhere you are as long as you have a stable Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet.

LiftMaster 8550WLB is also compatible with an automatic bolt lock that is purchased separately, which gives you the highest level of security for your garage door opener. It allows you to extend the hardware life and reduce maintenance with smooth start/stop operation.

It also has safety sensors that stop doors from closing on obstructions. Lastly, forced openings are impossible with its automatic protection against such acts.

With its collaboration with Amazon, you can monitor and control your deliveries from your smartphone by just downloading the Key by Amazon app and linking it to your MyQ account.

This feature is only for eligible Prime members, so you have to check if you are eligible for this feature.

Genie MachForce Connect 2 HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

This model costs $268.43 as of writing this article.

The most powerful model on this list, this is the best garage door opener for homes with wooden garage doors. It has a 2HP motor that can lift the heaviest wooden doors with ease.

It also has a battery backup system that can be purchased to power the drive up to fifty times with no electricity.

However, you need to remember that unlike other models, this is not as quiet as the other typical belt driven openers.

Genie MachForce Connect 2HP also has Aladdin Connect WiFi smartphone technology, HomeLink and Car2U integration and Safe-T-Beam door sensors which make control safe and efficient.

It is also equipped with GenieSense monitoring technology that alerts the user to any issues. Intellicode adds rolling code technology for maximum level of security.

Lastly, this model has backwards compatibility with older HomeLink and Car2U systems without having additional hardware.

Drive runs smoothly with the heaviest doors and compared to other screw drive systems, is much quieter.

Things To Look Out When Owning Heavy Wood Doors

Of course, there are some things that you need to remember when you own heavy wood doors for your garage. Here are some of those.

Wooden Doors Need Constant Refinishing

Wood deteriorates quickly if left bare for the elements, so it is very important to finish doors to protect from moisture and harmful UV rays. Doors can last a long time if the finish is properly applied and well-maintained.

It is better to hire a professional painter to easily strip the old finish and apply a newer one to the door. Professionally applied finishes look better and last longer than do-it-yourself ones.

After all, your garage doors are part of your overall home aesthetic since a lot of people can see this, so you have to make sure your garage doors would look better outside.

Cleaning Truly Protects Your Doors

Wood rot is one of the worst enemies of wooden garage doors. Wood rot destroys the garage doors from the inside, and you’d be surprised one day when your garage door suddenly falls down because it is already destroyed and hollowed inside.

Prevent wood rot by cleaning your doors monthly with a dry microfiber cloth to remove dirt and grime. Do not use a pressure washer in cleaning your door because it might strip the finish off your door.

It also helps to sweep dirt from the threshold regularly. Dirt can easily find its way to the door, causing it to be easily susceptible to wood rot.

Regular Professional Maintenance For Long Life

Wooden doors can absorb about 50 pounds of water from the air, which can cause additional wear and tear on the opener.

Torsion springs, which are mechanisms that help you lift your door up, can wear out over time, especially if lifting heavy loads regularly.

To prevent this, it is highly advised to get an annual garage door tune-up. The professionals can easily assess and detect if there are issues with your garage door, which can save you loads of time and money if you do it regularly


Wooden garage doors are known to be the heaviest garage doors ever, so it is very important to enlist the help of an electric garage door opener to get the job done.

There are a lot of garage door openers available on the market, but you need to consider the weight of your garage doors so that it would operate very well on your garage doors.

It also helps if you also make sure to regularly take care of your garage doors so that it would also last longer.

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