Hue Lights in the Bathroom – A Beginner’s Guide

Phillips Hue lights in the bathroom

When you have to prepare for school or work in a rush, light plays a significant part in your bathroom morning routine. And among all of today’s smart lighting choices, Hue is the most well-developed, approved, and also the most well-connected.

What are Hue Lights?

Hues are easy smart LED lights that can be dimmed or turned up. They can be used in the bathroom within a light fitting wall that protects them. Hue lighting can enliven  the interior layout of the bathroom with options from plain white bulbs to multicolored lightstrips and other bulbs that can fit smaller sockets.

From elegant, waterproof, polychromatic fixtures in the bathroom to surprisingly cost-effective white LED lights anywhere in the house whether indoor or outdoor, here is everything you want to learn to get started in smart lights.

Can I Use Hue Lights in the Bathroom?

Hue Lights are not specifically created for the bath, but with the right design of fixtures that are wet location rated or built to protect the bulb from being reached by steam, Hue Lights can be utilized in the shower! Just make sure you use the right water-resistant tight fixtures for all your bathroom lighting.  

Actually, our bathroom is divided into 4 (0-3) safety zones. ‘Safety zone 0’ is the area most exposed to water and ‘zone 3’ the least. Zone ‘0’ is the shower and tub which are the most exposed to water, so no light fixtures are recommended here. Zone ‘1’ is above the bathtub and shower which  height is below 2.25m and requires an  IP65 rating. Zone ‘2’ is outside the bath and shower which is exposed to accidental water splashes, light fixtures used here must have at least IP44 standard

The last safety zone ‘3’ is everywhere else, except close to a bath or shower. For as long as the light fixture is safe from splashes of  water, it only requires a rating of IP21.

All you need to do is check the IP ratings on the packaging to find the right ones for each zone in the bathroom.

sketch of bathroom zones
my rough sketch of bathroom zones for Phillips hue

Use All Three Kinds of Fundamental Lighting – From luminous ceiling lights to changeable color mood lights

Keep in mind that more layers of light makes more options and whatever your bathroom design is, the following 3 lights are essential to highlight the style of space. 

Ambient Lighting 

Fundamental layer of light that lights up bathroom space evenly. Aside from the light function, the ambient lighting enhances the sense of warmth and depth of the bathroom.

Accent Lighting 

It’s excellent at creating visual interest and moods often in a one dimensional room like the bathroom. Accent Lighting accentuates essential features to the bathroom aesthetics, like wall-hung vanity, shower screen, detailed tile work, large mirrors, and bathroom tapware. 

Task Lighting

Focal lights that create scenarios for distinct specific grooming activities like makeup application, tooth care, shaving and so on. Actually, this is the light that you can best see yourself!

Philips Hue Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Hue Lights in the bathroom ceilings
Hue Lights in the bathroom ceilings

Philips Hue bathroom ceiling lights are carefully tested to guarantee it’s water and humid environments resistant, thus it meets IP44 standard. It creates ambient time for concentration, relaxation and enthusiasm. It can be bought with ready-to-use  Philips Hue Dimmer switch that brightens and dim lights sans wired-in set up. 

This dimmer switch can control 10 smart lights at the same time. Also, the switch can be used as a remote control to set light recipes. Philips Hue lighting versatility enables the following controls: 

  • White light for reading
  • Cool white daylight to pump up body and mind before a headstart in the morning
  • Soft glow white for relaxation before bed time
  • Finely tuned white light for precision and concentration that is superb for flawless makeup and shaving.

Additionally, Hue Bridge can be bought separately for smart controls to make it all the more functional! This allows you to add or remove lights from your system, set timers and routines.

Technical Specifications – What Philips Bathroom Hue Lights are made of

  • Chrome color, made of metal/synthetics
  • Comforting to the eyes, modern design for bathroom ceiling light
  • Built in LED so it’s energy efficient
  • It’s 2.280kg, 6.0com in height, 40.7cm both in length and width
  • Lifetime is up to 30,000 h
  • Mains power ranges from 100V- 240V / 50-60 Hz
  • 40 W maximum wattage bulb and wattage replacement bulb 
  • IP44 approved 
  • 2200-6500 Hue White Ambiance 
  • 24 V bulb
  • 2400 total lumen output fixture

Philips Hue Bathroom Mirror – A Mirror That Lights Up

phillips hue adore light
phillips hue adore light

Philips Hue Adore is a smart bathroom mirror that gives stunning effect and prevents undesirable shadows. It’s  IP44 rating as it can withstand a moist environment like the bathroom  and occasional water splash. It’s sleek design in a built-in hoop of tunable white light on the outside and a mirror on the inside giving a lovely pleasant glow. This smart mirror is not heated, so don’t panic when you see it steam up as you get out of the shower. This is common. 

For Philips Hue Adore smart bathroom mirror, professional installation is not a trouble because  it’s plug and play after you hang it! 

In addition, different settings in tone and brightness are on the white light spectrum that range from warm, yellowy tones,to hotter,stark white daylight! And since it’s a smart mirror, Philips Hue Adore smart bathroom mirror can be connected and controlled using apps via  Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and  IFTTT.

Are Philips Hue Waterproof?

Philips Hue bulbs are designed for indoor purposes only. You have to remember that any bulb unprotected from rain or other forms of moisture is unsafe. Also, bulbs and installed wires are easily damaged. But as long as your Philips Hue bulbs are mounted in a protected light fixture to keep it from any forms of precipitation, then you won’t run into any problems.

Below are two products of Philips Hue lights for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus – For indoor and not waterproof 

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus is an indoor smart light that is made from synthetic polymer. It can be set up underbars, bed frames, or cabinets with adhesive tape included. Though it isn’t waterproof, the bulbs last up to 22 years! Even if you aren’t home, the lighting can be controlled anywhere. All you need is your mobile device when you travel to control a smart lighting system that remembers and edit routines and set timers. 

It’s hassle free connectivity provides you with the ultimate entertainment experience, such as movie syncing, gaming, and music using your PC via Hue Syncs App! 

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus also works well with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Microsoft Cortana, SmartThings, and IFTTT. 

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus does work in the bathroom too for as long as you have a Litcessory! These connectors and extensions are easy to assemble!

Philips Hue Outdoor Light Strips – Fully weatherproof

Philips Hue Outdoor Strip can withstand all weather conditions from puddles to jets of water, snow, and other rough weather conditions. Its water resistance is largely credited to a solid block of opaque silicone around it, so its lifespan is around 22000 H. 

Philips Hue Outdoor Strips are made from bendable material that can be shaped into the design you need. For this, you can lay it on the ground to highlight pathways, rout it along a soft curve or clip and screw to any surface for ceiling or wall lighting. The possibilities are endless!

Covering around the lightstrip helps to produce single, bright and lively colored light for a more aesthetically charming Smart Home that can be paired with Nest products or Samsung SmartThings system.

You can use voice control with Philips Hue Outdoor Strip via Alexa, Apple Home Kit, or Google Assistant.

But you have to keep in mind these two significant limitations: no extension for the strips can be bought and cutting the strips shorter is impossible.

Philips Hue Outdoor Strips can also be customized for bathroom lighting with the use of Litcessory

Do All Philips Hue Lights Work in the Bathroom?

Hue lights are not created for the bathroom, but they can be used in the bath provided that they are protected by light fitting fixtures to stop steam from reaching them.

The key is using the right waterproof tight fixtures for all your bathroom lighting needs. Also, it’s important that you check the IP ratings on the packaging of Philips Hue Lights to find the right ones for each 4 zones in the bathroom.

Philips Hue in the Bathroom 

Check out this range of smart hue bathroom lights from lit to wall and spot lights designed by Philips.

Philips Hue Adore Smart Flashmount Light- Ideal for a single light in the bathroom

This stylish looking, slim and modern Hue Light comes with a wireless Philips Hue Dimmer switch that does not need wired in installation to dim and brighten your lights. 

The brightness can be adjusted  from full brightness in the morning to very dim light at night when you have to get up and use the bathroom. It’s available in white ambience only and works with Alexa and the rest of the Hue system with the help of Hue Hub (sold separately).

Philips Hue Adore Smart Flashmount Light provides powerful light output of 2400lm that supports your routines day in and day out.

Philips Adore Bathroom Wall Lamp/Light – MIrror and light in one

This is another sleek Hue Light that has chrome white finish with a white diffused light coming from the top to bottom. 

Adore Bathroom Wall Lamp/Light is white ambience only and comes with a dimmer too, but can be adjusted to a warm yellow white or cool white to get you energized in the mornings.

If you already have a Hue smart home system, you can link Adore into this and easily control it from your smartphone or tablet via Hue app. There are countless modes and various scenarios available in the apps, so you have unlimited choices for making a customs lighting concept that will allow you to bring your ideas aglow.

Philips Hue Adore Recessed Spot Lights for the Bathroom – Adjustable hue light

This Hue Light can be bought in 3 versions:  Philips Hue Adore Single Spot, Philips Hue Adore 2 Spot Bar and Philips Hue Adore 3 Spot Bar All these versions come with a dimmer switch and all bulbs are directional and adjustable that use a GU10 white bulb

Hue Adore Recessed Spot Lights have white finish to the wall mount and bulb casing with a chrome finish to the end and a chrome flexible part that lets you point and direct the spotlight where desired, be it yourself, a mirror, or the tub where you are reading.

Plus a plug and play dimmer switch if you don’t have a Hue Bridge yet!

Philips Hue Adore Chrome – Bathroom ceiling light

This Philips Hue Light matches the style and design of Adore range. It has bright diffused light chrome exterior with a maximum brightness of 2400 lm. With Hue Bridge, you can use all the Hue functions and brightness is adjustable using the HT (Halo Track System) dimmer of Hue App. 

Philips Hue Adore Ceiling Light Chrome includes a convenient Dimmer Switch. The timeless design of this ceiling light drowns your entire bathroom space in a beautiful illumination.

Hue Lights look stylish in the bath and replicate your favorite spa experience because the brightness can be adjusted. And with varied lighting systems, Philips Hue has developed the dimming capability and brilliance to its spectrum of smart lights!

Everything we want for Hue Lights from chromatic to white ambience, bathroom or outdoor lights, easily operated, quick access via Hue Apps, accent lights and even spotlights to smart mirrors lighting are made to cater to our Hue Light indulgence especially in the bathroom! 



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