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Hue Lights In the Pool – This was such a good Idea! – Houshia

Hue Lights In the Pool – This was such a good Idea!


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Swimming pools are the ultimate relaxation spots in your homes. A nightly dip in the pool takes your stress and fatigue away. Pool lights, whether they be external lights or in-pool lights, offer both better aesthetics and better safety. Nowadays, LED lights like Philips Hue Lights offer light bulbs and other lighting devices with a wide variety of colors, brightness, and smart features.

Can I use Philips Hue Lights in Swimming Pools? Yes. Philips Hue Lights are the most innovative brand of smart LED lights. They are waterproof and so applying them near, or underwater is perfectly fine. These lights also offer a wide variety of colors that you can change through an app on your phone.

In this article, we will explore the idea of using Philips Hue Lights as the lighting in and around home swimming pools. Inspiring ideas of using Philip Hue Lights in swimming pools will also be discussed to maximize your swimming pool experience at home. You will also have an idea why the smart features of Philip Hues Light are a perfect choice for your swimming pools. 

Philip Hue Lights Are Waterproof

Phillips hue starter kit
Phillips hue starter kit

There are Philips Hue Lights that are waterproof such as the bulbs that are manufactured for outdoor applications. Philip Hue Lights are the best LED lights to set up around your pool due to its durability, sustainability, and quality. Philip Hue White Ambiance Bulb, for instance, has a brightness that goes up to 800 lumens at 4000K.

To maximize your pool experience, you may install Philip Hue Lights around your pool. Philip Hues offers a wide range of lightbulbs to choose from that are waterproof. However, as of the moment, Philips Lights, the biggest LED company in the world, is yet to manufacture a line of LED lights that are specifically intended for pool use. 

Customizing Your Philip Hues Lights Is An Option

Regardless, some pool owners have managed to customize the current Philips Hues Lights into their pools. After all, Philips Hue Lights are the best LED lights in the market. It would be a waste to not have them in and around our pools.

As for external lights or lights near the pool, you do not have to do some customization as the available Philips Hues Lightbulbs will already suffice. Most Philips Hues Lights are weatherproof, which makes them viable light sources near the pool.

Best Philip Hues Bulbs To Choose From

Philips Hue White LED is a standard white LED bulb that costs $15 each. The newest models can be controlled by Zigbees or Bluetooth without the need of a Hue Bridge. You may choose to buy a starter kit with two bulbs and a hue bridge with just $70.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED is the colored version of the White LED. It has a full spectrum of colors. With the Hue Bridge, you can control its color, brightness, and power. It may also be controlled by Bluetooth.

Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip is actually a fixture, not a bulb. Regardless, these are outdoor lights that you can stake into the ground to light up the pool area. It has full access to the full spectrum of color. Like all the other smart LED lights, you may connect to it via Bluetooth. Since it is weatherproof, you do not need to customize this one to use it near the pool. However, this is not certified as waterproof underwater. 

Installation Process

You will have to be innovative in using Philips Hue Lights as lighting for your pools because, as of the moment, none of these lights are marketed for underwater use. LED lights, however, in general, are known to be the best option to use in pool lighting, as compared to incandescent bulbs. Philips has available lights designed for underwater use such as Decoscene LED BBP621 but not under the Philip Hues Lights product line.

However, just to make sure you might want to hire a technician or someone who has mechanical skills to make sure that the Philip Hues Lightbulbs you are using get waterproofed. For safety reasons, it is better to have it installed when the pool is drained.

Lighting Ideas Using Philips Hue

Hue Swimming pool at night

Philips Hues offers the full spectrum of colors, and because it is a smart LED light, you can change the color it displays to whatever you want it to. Because the natural color of swimming pools often come in color blue or cyan, installing a pink or green Philips Hue lights that you can control anytime will make the pool even more relaxed.

Lighting the pool up usually started as a safety concern, but nowadays it’s all about the aesthetics. LED lights are the best lights to use in pools, whether it be on the side of the pool, on the step ladder of the pool, or on the floors of the pool. Philips Hues are the best LED lights out there because of its smart, innovative features. 

Best Color Combinations For the Pool

Since Philips Hues can be changed from one color to another, you may actually change the color of your pool lighting whenever you want to. You may even use it to reflect your mood. 

Pink and Violet are the colors often associated with pool parties. Meanwhile, you could change it to Green and Cyan if you just want to have a relaxing pool session. Regardless of what color you prefer, Philips Hues offers the option for you to change the color lighting to however you want it to.

Positioning of the Philips Hues Lights

Pool Deck 

Starting with areas near the pool, the pool deck requires ample lighting since there are a lot of activities done on the deck pool. If you do not want to worry about kids tripping over the lights, you can opt to have the lights staked on the concrete ground.

Mounted Lights on Trees 

By mounting the lights on trees near the pool, you can mimic the moonlight that creates the romantic vibe that light coming from the moon does. If you do not have trees near the pool, you can always use concrete posts as a substitute.

Floors of the Pool

Lighting the floors of the pool with Philips Hues LED lights gives the appearance of a pool that is glowing from within. Lighting the floor of the pool is better than lighting it from the sides of the pool.

Smart Features of Philips Hues Lights

The reason why Philips Hues are perfect for pool lighting, even though they are not yet marketed as such, is because of its smart features. Philips always had waterproof LED lights, but the Smart Hues line is just the best because of its features such, voice activation control, wireless (no rewiring needed), color-changing features, and Bluetooth connection.

Voice Activation

By using a Hue Bridge V2, you can remotely control your pool lights by voicing out specific commands such as “set lights to red” or “turn lights on/off.” This smart feature really becomes useful when you are already wet in the pool. No need to go out of the pool just to change the color lighting.

Wireless Connections

Philips Hue Lights are not wired, and so installing them will not be as complicated and messy as installing other kinds of bulbs. By using them in pools, you do not have to worry about cable wires getting wet.

Color Changing Features

By far, the best feature of Philips Hue Lights is the color-changing feature. It allows you to change the color of the pool light without replacing the bulbs. Anytime you can change it to whatever color suits your mood or preference.

Philips Hues is a System of Lighting

You can set up timers so that the pool lighting can be turned on/off after a certain period of time lapses. You may also sync the lighting with music through several apps such as iLightshow. You can also set up motion sensors near the pool so that it automatically lights up when it detects someone going into the pool area.

Costs of Using Philips Hues Lights

Philips Hues Lights are affordable if you consider the fact that they last longer than other ordinary bulbs. It is expensive compared to ordinary bulbs, or even to ordinary LED lights, but with the number of smart features it offers and the wide variety of colors it may change to, the price could be considered affordable.

You cannot be thrifty when it comes to swimming pools. Everyone wants to get the most out of their swimming pools. If you want to spend money on your swimming pool, better spend it on smart hues.

Breakdown of Basic Costs

A starter kit of colored Philips Hues that contains three bulbs, with a Hue Bridge to control it, can be bought online for at least $199. Since you may have to hire technicians to customize the bulbs for underwater use, additional expenses would have to be incurred. Given that you have a pool, most likely, you could spare about $400-500 for your pool lighting. 

Shop Online or Shop at Walmart

Philips Hues are available at Walmart Stores, so you can go to the nearest Walmart and buy a starter kit without worrying about delivery fees. However, should you hate to go out and shop in physical stores, you can always opt to buy online at Amazon. Of course, by shopping online, you will have to deal with delivery periods and fees.


To summarize, while there are no current Philips Hues available in the market for pools. You can always customize the available Philips Hues to achieve the same smart lighting features that your living room or bedroom experiences in your own pool.

Sooner or later, Philips Hues for swimming pools will be ready for market the same way there are Philips Hues for bedrooms, living rooms, gaming setups, aquariums, and gardens.

But for now, we will just have to customize and use our creativity in using these smart hues for our swimming pools at home. A glowing swimming pool that can be changed at any time, even by voice activation, now that’s some next-level stuff.


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