ieGeek vs Wansview vs Victure – Battle Of Budget Cameras!

ieGeek vs wansview vs victure - battle of the budget security camera

So you thinking about buying a security camera. But you don’t have the budget to stretch to buy one of the high end brands. What does that leave you with? In this article, we’ll compare three of the most popular low budget security cameras available.

We’ll take a look at what ieGeek Victor and Wansview brands have to offer you.

  • Will look at the features that each camera has.
  • Will look at cost comparisons.
  • Will look at ease of setup and installation.
  • And finally, we will give our recommendation of which one we think you should buy.

But if you’re in a rush and want the tldr. Then, in my opinion, the camera to go for would be the wansview outdoor security camera. The main reason for this is that it is both Alexa Compatible. Has two way audio built in an ease of installation for an SD card. These features and a few more differentiator from the competitors.

But there’s a little bit more to it than a quick answer. So if you want to know exactly why, you might consider buying the wansview or the eye geek or the Victor. Then keep reading because there are a few scenarios where you might consider buying the alternative brands.

Budget security cameras, are they worth it?

As technology continues to evolve the cost of buying high end equipment continues to fall. Companies are in a constant battle to provide better services, richer features and more reliable tech.

As a result, you’ll often find that what was top of the range three to four years ago is now in a budget section for would be consumers. So there’s a real opportunity to buy a bargain in today’s market.

What I mean is that the requirements that people often have for owning a security camera hasn’t changed too much in the past decade. And as a result, you can buy something that was state of the art and few years ago and be perfectly happy with the results.

You will also benefit from my reduced price in comparison to the cutting edge options available. At the time.

With That being said, Let’s pick out a few features. That we want to look for when deciding which budget friendly security camera is best for you.

What to look out for in a budget security camera?

As a bare minimum, I think one of our criteria should be the resolution of the camera that records the footage. Cameras capable of recording 1080P footage are fairly ubiquitous nowadays. And as a bare minimum, I think we should look for this as one of our requirements. In additional benefits of this as well, is that you can pull stills from the footage. As evidence, if required.

Weather-sealing goes without saying. If you’re intending on mounting a piece of hardware externally to your premises, then weather-sealing or weather-proofing is a must. Therefore, we want a good IP rating for our security camera. Typically something along the lines of IP66 would be more than sufficient for our uses, since it both guarantees her good level of waterproofing, but will also perform under a range of temperatures. This is something that is often overlooked.

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In addition to that, we also need to take into account night vision. After all, a camera is only going to be useful for half the day. If it doesn’t work at night. Therefore, a good array of infrared ally dies in built into the camera are essential. This means that you won’t get grainy footage at night. That won’t be legible.

Motion detection and alert notifications. Are equally as useful. Since you can use this. As an early warning system so you can detect any unexpected motion within the cameras view. I think this is a really great feature, especially when on a budget and since the last thing you want to do is to look through hours and hours of footage to find a particular thing you’re interested in.

Finally, storage options. What I mean by this is ideally if you can have several methods of storing security footage, then that would be greatly increase the appeal of a budget camera. Typically at this end of the market, there will be an SD card slot included within the camera. But really, good cameras will also offer cloud storage and potentially local storage within your own home Internet.

As I’m writing this, actually remember there’s one more thing which is companion app that goes alongside the security camera. You’ll often find that budget cameras tend to not include this and instead you have to use a third party app.

Wansview Outdoor security camera

With an average rating of 4.5 from 375 reviews this camera is really impressive. Just like the other two offerings, this camera includes a antenna for Wi-Fi communication and Ethernet cable for hard wired comms.

The camera itself has 100 degree wide angle lens. This provides a pretty decent viewing angle. To fill your yard, for instance. Just like we covered in the categories for a good budget camera. This one has 1080P full HD video footage feed.

It also has a 15 infrared led array, which means you can have up to 25 metres of night vision. Not only that. The camera itself comes with a motion detection feature which works both in the day and night. So for instance, if someone is walking in your yard in the evening or then the camera will pick it up regardless of the lighting conditions.

In terms of weather proofing, this camera comes with an IP66 rating. Which means it should be fine to leave are all year round regardless of the weather conditions, rainshine freezing temperatures or hot summer days. It should work regardless.

One of the features of this camera that I didn’t see on the other two competitors is that it’s compatible with Alexa, which is great if you’ve already got several Alexa devices within your home.

This feature comes into its own with the two way audio communication that’s built into the camera. What this means is that you can communicate with the person on the other end of the camera using a Alexa device, provided of course that that Alexa device has a microphone and a video feed itself. For instance, an echo show would be a good fit for this.

Finally, the installation of memory SD card for the wasnview is fairly convenient in comparison to ieGeek. That’s because you don’t need to dismantle the entire camera in order to instal your micro SD card.

All you need to do is to unscrew a face plate and then that provides access to the micro SD slot.

One of the other things that I quite liked about this camera was the optional storage. So while all three cameras provide access to micro SD cards. The wansview also offers a third party software storage by a company called Oen View. Not only that, you can also use cloud storage. Meaning that you can store the the footage elsewhere.

I’m really happy with this camera and be honest, it’s my front runner as a recommendation for the budget security camera.

ieGeek at outdoor security camera

ieGeek, is our next offering. Just like wansview, it offers a range of desirable features at a very affordable price. In fact, at time of writing, the ieGeek camera was offered at a 20% discount off its normal retail price.

ieGeek cameras boast a silicone chip, which allegedly will have a better definition picture than competing products. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to directly compare the footage of these three cameras and I have seen the footage I ieGeek cameras, I’ll leave photo below showing it in HD mode. It looked pretty short to me to be honest. I was quite impressed. So in terms of image quality. I think I geek definitely stands out.

ieGeek hd footage

IeGeek cameras also include motion detection and they have the ability to set zones within the field of view of the footage, so they only triggers motion detection for a specific area.

This can be particularly useful if, for instance, a road is near your security camera or a pathway. Without the ability to set zones, it’s likely that these areas will be triggered constantly due to foot traffic or road traffic.

The software that supports ieGeek is pretty open as well, which is both a selling point, but also negative. Allow me to explain.

There is no companion app that runs alongside the ieGeek camera. Instead, you use third party apps, which as a benefit means that you can view this on both PCs as a web browser or on your smartphone or tablet, which is great. But the downside is you don’t have any kind of guarantee that the software you using is compromised. For instance, an app could send your details elsewhere without you knowing it.

That being said, of the three cameras, the camera stands out as having the highest overall rating with four and a half thousand reviews. It scores a 4.5 on average, which is pretty remarkable when you think about it. There’s also over 1000 questions answered on the Amazon review.

Meaning, if you do have any queries that I haven’t covered, then you should definitely checkout the answers questions section of the listing, as it’s likely they’ll be an answer to your question there.

One thing you have to take note of with the ieGeek camera is you’re going to need to buy a micro SD card to record the footage too, as there’s no cloud option available. You’re also going to most likely need to buy an extension cable, as the one included in the kit is not long enough for any reasonable use case. They only cost. Less than $10.00, so it’s not really an issue. This camera also requires direct power and is not battery powered. Battery power tends to be a feature of more expensive cameras.

Victor outdoor security camera

Lastly, we have the vector security camera. This camera comes with another really high Amazon rating currently at time of writing it has 1661 ratings, giving it an average of 4.5 stars.

Not only that, it also comes with over 650 answered questions, so as I mentioned before with the ieGeek camera, it’s likely if you do have a query that the answer will be within the listing itself. So definitely check that out.

Similar to the wansview camera, the vector security camera supports two way audio. This is something that the ieGeek camera does not, which to me means that these two stand out. However, according to the listing, there is no support for Alexa. That seems to be reserved primarily for the ones view camera brand.

That being said, the angle of view for the Victor camera is slightly wider than the other two computer competitors with 110 degrees. The resolution is also 1080p and offers infrared vision for night viewing.

As with the wansview camera, this offers an IP66 rating, making it suitable for outdoor use all year round.

And also this camera supports both the micro SD card and cloud storage. As for the app for this camera, there is one called IPC 360. I don’t think this is officially created by Victor.

From what I can see in terms of this cloud storage options, they are subscription based. As you would imagine from a cloud provider. That range is anywhere between $20.00 and $30 month. In UK pounds it’s £15 for Seven days of storage and 20 pounds for 15 days of storage and 29 pounds for 30 days of storage.

As a side note, if you are thinking about buying a camera primarily with cloud storage in mind using a subscription, then in all honesty I would recommend purchasing a more advanced, higher and camera. As you are going to incur quite a lot of costs and the monthly subscriptions, so an extra few pounds or dollars here and there to pay for the initial camera won’t really impact you that much.


As you can see, there is lots of choice and variety at the lower end of the market. I was pleasantly surprised with the feature sets that these cameras offer. But with that said, You have to keep in mind just how the things that they do not offer. Higher end camera systems are more likely to have a subscription fees that offer more advanced algorithmic identification. And cloud storage that can be accessible via a dedicated dedicated companion app.

That being said, I think if you go for the ones view camera then. For what is effectively an eighth of the cost of one of the higher brands, you can. Get I really decent budget security camera.

Okay, that’s it for this article I do have. An entire section dedicated towards the security cameras and home security. So if you are interested, please cheque that out on

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