Inflatable Garages & Carports – Are They Any Good (Important Facts)

Inflatable Garages & Carports are structures that can be raised in a matter of minutes, on almost any terrain, and that can provide temporary shelter for a vehicle.

Inflatables have a bad reputation, and most people consider them to be cheap products with no real value. It might be the plastic that creates this illusion but is it really just an illusion?

So are inflatable garages and carports worth it?

In this article we’ll walk you through everything you need to know when deciding if an inflatable carport or garage is right for you. There’s plenty of important things to consider and we’re here to help….

How much do inflatable carports/garages cost?

Did you know that there are inflatable paint spray booths? Some of these come with ventilation systems and sometimes these are even used by professionals. Of course, these could be used as a garage but they are a bit more expensive.

The costs that inflatable carports/garages imply vary according to:

  • Size;
  • Materials;
  • Country of origin;
  • Additional utilities (such as a ventilation system).

Most of the inflatable garages come from China, but this doesn’t mean that the quality is lower than expected.

InflatableBudget EndHigh End

You can find inflatable garages and carports at prices between $400 and $2,500 and, depending on where you buy it from, you may or may not have to pay for transport and customs.

With the budget end, tending to either not include an aircompessor or a low power, low quality one.

low end compressor

And the more higher end options have more exotic features like air filtration and more powerful compressors included.

higher quality compressors for inflatable carports

More and more portable buildings come in an inflatable form, and despite the general preconception that these would be no good or that they would deflate over night.

The truth may be that inflatable garages and carports may be simply a great invention that is suitable for some people in certain circumstances.

In this article we will explore all the aspects of inflatable garages and carports and you will learn if these could be a good option for you and your car.  

Popular uses for inflatable garages

Inflatable garages are used in a variety of ways. Sometimes these aren’t even related to cars. But let’s focus on cars for a bit.

Garages and carports are used for a few basic reasons, when we think about a car.  

1. Protection against the elements

Inflatable garages can offer protection against sun rays, thus protecting the paint of the car, But, keep in mind, that if sunshine is accompanied by heat (in Summer), the garage will be very warm, because the material from which is made retains heat.

Rain, snow and small hail can also be successfully kept at bay by an inflatable garage, as long as they are not accompanied by strong winds.

Frost too will avoid the interior of the garage because the roof, even if it is inflatable, still provides cover that prevents heat from escaping enough for frost to form.

2. Privacy

Even if an inflatable garage is basically a two layer tent, with some air in between, it can still provide privacy for whatever it is inside.

3. Parties and weddings

As we stated before, inflatable garages aren’t used just for cars. Since they are really easy to install, some people choose to carry one to a designated area and set it there in order to organize a party or a large family barbeque.

In this case it provides shelter in bad weather and shade for sunny days.

4. Car show

As they come in different sizes, and some of these are very large, they can even accommodate more than one car. Sometimes, you will see different dimensions of inflatable garages at car shows. In fact this is a great place to visit if you want to see how these accommodate people, cars and furniture.

5. Storage

Using a temporary building to store goods is a great idea that can save a lot of money.

Depending on where you live and how much outdoor space you can access, you can use an inflatable garage in order to paint your house or to make any home improvement that you need to.

Can I use an inflatable garage long term?

Before thinking of inflating a garage you need to keep in mind that states have different laws that apply to temporary buildings.

In most states it is legal to install an inflatable garage on your property, because these are viewed as temporary buildings. But, in order to stay safe, it is better to consult the legislation first.

Moreover, you should read the documentation provided by the manufacturer, and if you have any additional questions, you should contact them directly.

Depending on the temperature and other environmental conditions, the fabric can become damaged, so it’s important to know all the facts before deciding to invest in one.

Another important factor is atmospheric pressure and temperature variations. This is definitely something that influences inflatable buildings more than other types of structures.

When the garage will be under direct Sun, and it will become hot, the air inside it will expand, inflating it even further.

At night, or with cold spells, the air will contract, slightly deflating your garage. Over time, this can cause the fabric to weaken and the garage to be damaged.

If the manufacturer guarantees that it can be used on the long terms in the type of weather that you have, it could be a good idea to use it for an undefined period of time.   

Are Inflatable garages and carports good in high winds?

The answer to this question depends on the manufacturer, the materials that were used to build them and on how you install them.

Some inflatable garages and carports have anchoring systems that makes them much more stable.

But it also depends on the strength of the wind, and as we all know our weather is changing rapidly and sometimes the weather report is not the most accurate.

There are some that withstand wind very well, but you cannot offer them the same confidence that you would grant a sturdier building.

Is this something you should consider buying?

It all comes down to what you need it for and if the investment is worth for you.

An inflatable garage is a great investment for those who need a temporary shelter in winter, in order to work on their car, or to offer automotive related services.

It is also great for people who:

  • Want to store objects without paying for additional services;
  • Leave in a place with high humidity, and need to protect their car or other goods against rust;
  • Will be using it as a temporary, outdoor, place of business;
  • Want to travel and need additional shelter for them or their car – as it can be used for camping with your car;
  • Are planning a car show;

However, before you decide to buy one consider the costs that it involves. These vary dramatically and even if they are easy to install and cheaper than a traditional building, inflatable garages and carports come with a limited warranty.

Do Inflatable Garages Make Good Spray Booths?

Some inflatable garages come with a ventilation system. If you intend to buy one, it is always a good idea to have a ventilation system installed in it, because it prevents high humidity levels that tend to build up in these types of structures.

An inflatable garage could be a good place to spray paint a car, but you should know that there are inflatable spray boots that were created for this particular purpose.

The difference between the two might not be tremendous, but it is important from a legal standpoint.

This means that if the inflatable garage isn’t used according to the manufacturer instructions, they will not be liable to pay warranty or to replace the product.

However, if you use a spray booth to paint cars, the structure will be covered by warranty and the manufacturer will replace it if it is damaged.

We’ve written an entire article about inflatable spray booths, if you’re interested in learning more about them check it out here How Do Inflatable Paint Booths Work? (Explained for Beginners)

Pros & Cons of Inflatable Garages & Carports


  • They are extremely easy to install;
  • They occupy little space when they are not inflated, which makes them easy to store;
  • Most of them fit in the trunk of a car, so the car can carry its home as a snail would;
  • They protect cars and goods from sun, rain, snow, frost and small size hail;
  • They can also be used while camping;
  • Most of them include a ventilation system which refreshes the air, protecting the content;
  • Protects from bird droppings, which are highly acidic and affect paint. This is especially useful for those who live near the seaside;


  • In hot weather, the air inside can become extremely warm;
  • They are easy to break in, so they provide little protection from theft;
  • They are exposed to pressure variations, and they might need to be further inflated occasionally;
  • Strong winds may be damaging.

The decision to buy an inflatable garage or carport shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it is always good to know that you can use this option, especially given the fact that inflatables are extremely easy to relocate if and when the time comes.

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