Is Wyze Lock Worth It? I Bought One – What You Should Know


I recently bought Wyze Lock and it does an amazing job for its price. Wyze Lock is a smart lock that attaches to a pre-existing deadbolt which is perfect for those who would like to have their outside locks remain unchanged.

Is Wyze Lock worth your money? Yes, absolutely. Wyze Lock is the best budget smart lock out there and it can offer even more than your usual smart lock. With its remote and automatic locking and unlocking, along with door position detection features, Wyze Lock is on par with other smart locks at a much lower price. 

As you read this article, you will be convinced that Wyze Lock is worth your money. It does have its drawbacks but you will also know its various features that you will definitely love.

Aside from these, you will also find out what will be included in your Wyze Lock purchase.

Reasons You Should Choose Wyze Lock

Wyze Lock is very recommendable if you are looking for a smart lock that is worth your money. At its price, it can give you features that can surpass what other smart locks can offer.

It Is Worth Your Money

The ultimate budget pick for smart locks is definitely Wyze Lock. Under $100, it can give what most expensive smart locks can offer including, but not limited to, remote access and the automatic lock and unlock features.

This smart lock is also cheaper compared to similar smart locks that use an existing deadbolt attached to the door. It also works efficiently with WIFI and Bluetooth which can then be used for integration with other Wyze products like camera and light bulbs.

Imagine being able to automatically turn off the lights in your room whenever you go out or trigger the video recording in your front door whenever someone opens the door.

At an attractive price, Wyze Lock even offers its own door sensing feature without the need for the installation of additional devices. Through its Wyze App, you can easily know the status of your door may it be open, closed, locked, and unlocked.

What Sets It Apart From Other Smart Locks

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Wyze Lock has its own door sensing feature which is a feature that most smart locks don’t have. Without additional sensors, smart locks at a similar price range cannot do this.

Because of this feature, Wyze Lock can sound an alarm if it remains open for too long and it will not automatically lock while the door is still open.

Continuous Improvements From Wyze

Wyze might have been notorious before due to its security breach issue. But this incident has caused the Wyze company to make huge improvements in their security.

Currently, they are very transparent about their progress on security improvements as well as the lock’s software updates.

Wyze Lock Features You’ll Love

Aside from its price, there are other features you will definitely love on Wyze Lock such as its design, the easy installation, and several smart features that can rival other costly smart locks.

Expensive-looking Design

Wyze Lock has an all-metal smooth finish which makes it look simple yet modern. It is only available in silver color and is rectangular with curved edges.

Its length is 4.9 inches while its width is 1.3 inches. Including the thumb latch dimensions, its depth is 2 inches.

It embodies a clean overall look equipped with functional elements like a large thumb latch for you to be able to easily hold it and a front cover that uses a magnetic lock. 

Guaranteed Easy Installation

This smart lock can be installed easily and for just around fifteen minutes. It also provides you with everything you need for the installation except for the screwdriver you will use.

It also includes three different kinds of adapters to ensure that your Wyze Lock can fit on any cylinder deadbolt. Once installed, you’ll be amazed at how its mechanism works quietly and smoothly. 

Lots Of Smart Features

Of course, Wyze Lock is packed with lots of smart features! Using your Wyze app, you will have a very convenient way of locking and unlocking your door from anywhere.

Aside from this, it can automatically lock and unlock depending on your preference. It can also detect if your door is just closed or if it is both closed and locked.

Alexa and Google Assistant can also be used to control this device. For your peace of mind, you can also check the door activity through the device history on your application.

If you purchased the keypad add-on for this lock, you’ll also be able to use its anti-peeping technology which is letting you unlock the door even by adding extra digits before or after your code input. 

Few Downsides With Wyze Lock

The list here is just some of the issues raised by other users but these may not significantly affect you. Some people do not even consider these downsides a problem at all.

If you are fine with these, then there’s nothing stopping you to try Wyze Lock! 

Just A Smarter Traditional Lock 

Some people think that Wyze Lock is just a smarter version of your old lock because the device just replaces the back of your current lock. Wyze Lock just attaches to a pre-existing deadbolt which still serves as the lock.

On the outside, the keyhole is still there hence, old keys can still be used. However, this is not really a big deal because other people, for security purposes, want to use smart locks without being obvious.

Wyze lock is perfect for these instances. Plus, being able to use your old keys can also be useful in case you would have future technical problems with the lock.

The Keypad Is An Add-on

There are some reported glitches when using the automatic unlock feature. Through this feature, you can automatically unlock the door once Wyze Lock senses that you are within close range.

If this feature happens to become unreliable, you might find yourself taking out your phone and opening the lock through the Wyze app or just plainly using your old keys. Most find this an inconvenience.

But this can be solved by using a Wyze Lock keypad attached on the outside. Unfortunately, the Wyze Lock keypad is a separate purchase. It needs to be installed separately and operated on another two batteries.

But once a keypad is installed, you will have no problems using the code set-up features.

Bluetooth Only When Changing Some Settings

Changing some settings related to the automatic lock, alarm setting, and volume is only possible through a Bluetooth connection.

Other people do not like this because this means that you should be near the device to access these settings which can be inconvenient.

But this can also be considered as a safety feature to restrict access to your Wyze Lock’s important settings. 

Battery Operated Smart Lock

Some people do not like battery-operated locks because there’s always a possibility of the batteries running out and when that happens, smart lock users might encounter difficulties entering their homes.

Replacing batteries can also be a hassle for some smart lock users, especially if you need to detach your lock from your door to replace the batteries.

Smart devices that only rely on Bluetooth connection have longer battery lifespan ranging from 1 to 2 years. Since Wyze Lock also uses other connection methods, its battery lifespan is expected to be shorter. 

Battery lifespan can depend on the type of battery used. Wyze Lock needs four AA batteries and it is recommended to use alkaline batteries for this lock.

Other types of batteries which are lithium and carbon-zinc are not recommended to be used because they run out of power faster.

Once they start to have critical battery power, they discharge even faster which may result in not receiving any low battery warning. On the other hand, alkaline batteries discharge gradually.

The low battery warning you’ll receive when using these batteries can still give you enough time to replace your batteries. 

What You’ll Get When You Buy Wyze Lock

Now that you know Wyze Lock is worth your money, you will probably be thinking of buying one.

Here is what you should expect in its package once you have purchased Wyze Lock. 

Purchase Inclusions

When you purchase Wyze Lock, you will get the lock with a detachable magnet cover and prominent thumb latch along with a Wyze Lock gateway which is a Zigbee hub that connects your Wyze lock to your wifi.

This gateway needs to be plugged into an electric source and paired with the lock. It also comes with four AA batteries that usually last for 5 to 6 months.

For its installation, it provides you with one adhesive strip used for keeping the keyhole in place during installation, a mounting plate, three adapters, and a quick start guide to aid you for proper installation.


Wyze Lock is silver in color and made with aluminum. The lock weighs 0.67 lb without batteries while the lock gateway that needs to be plugged in weighs 0.12 lb.

These two are both for indoor use only. The device uses Bluetooth and Zigbee as communication methods. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS so you will not have problems when using any kind of smartphone.


For a smart lock packed with great features, Wyze Lock sure comes off as reasonably priced. It has some minor drawbacks but at its price, I can attest that it is worth your money.

It offers features that most smart locks do not even have at their much greater prices. It only needs a few minor improvements (which I’m sure its company is already looking into) then soon, it can rival other expensive brands.

At under $100, Wyze Lock can easily be one of the best budget smart locks available out there. 


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