Schlage Z Wave Ultimate Buyers Guide!

I’ve been wanting to upgrade the lock on my home office for a while now and knew that Schlage had a great reputation for building quality smart locks. So I did a little research to find out if the schlage Z wave smart lock is worth it.

Is Schlage Z Wave smart door lock worth the buy?  Yes, it is! Schlage smart door locks with Z Wave technology have two models. Both offer you the chance to upgrade your door locks to another level with keyless entry, door alarm sensors, and voice command features, all in a sleek modern design.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, I knew that this door will have outstanding features that will surely add more security to any home. I scanned the company’s official website and looked at all their smart-locks. There is only one product with two models for the Z-Wave door lock.

The older model has a whopping 4,000 plus reviews, and the newer has over a thousand reviews. So it got me thinking, and I decided to make an article about the smart-lock and highlight the reasons why it is worth buying.

The Reason Why You’ll Love It

Schlage is one of the leading companies when it comes to door locks. You’re guaranteed they’ve put in lots of thought and effort into providing the market with smart-locks to reflect over 95 years of their experience in the field.

Easy To Install

I always look for simplicity when it comes to smarthome devices. I want something easy to understand, easy to set-up, and easy to install. Life is already complicated as it is, which is why I love this feature.

All you really need is a screwdriver, which you probably already have, to install this door lock. Setting it up is even easier, all you need to do is press a few buttons and voila! Your Schlage smart-lock is ready for use. It is also easy to pair with your Z-wave capable smarthome system hub.

You’ll find tutorials and other resources on the net if you want further info on this. The bottom line is that the pairing is pretty straightforward and not rocket science-y. 

It can fit standard door prep with 1 ⅜ inch – 1 ¾ inch door thickness. The package also comes with a 2 ⅜ inch or 2 ¾ inch backset, so you are fully covered.

Sleek Modern Look With Colors To Choose From

This lock comes in 2 styles: Camelot and Century. Both look gorgeous and modern if you ask me. The Camelot style has curvy edges that give it a touch of character and old-look feel. In contrast, the Century has a sleek minimalistic look and feel.

The exterior panel has a 3 x 5 x 1-inch dimension, and the interior panel measures 3 x 8 x 2 inches. The smart-lock weighs 3.8 pounds, and both styles come in four different colors: Satin Nickel, Matte Black, Bright Chrome, and my personal favorite, Aged Bronze. It’s really easy to find the lock color that will suit your home and door with these options.

Works With Alexa And Google Assistant

amazon alexa garage door opener

Another feature that really brings this lock to the next level of home automation is its ability to be voice-controlled via Alexa or Google Assistant. If you have any smart device in your home that you’ve already set up with Alexa or Google, you already know how convenient it is to use voice commands.

You can easily use a voice command to unlock the door for you when you are busy in the kitchen or inside the bathroom, soaking in the tub. Now, ain’t that just nifty!

Pairs With SmartThings, Ring, Wink, Nexia And Iris

Because of the Z-Wave Technology that comes with the lock, it can easily be paired with SmartThings, Ring, Wink, Nexia, and Iris automated home set-up. This advanced feature allows you to control your lock from just about anywhere.

Gone are the days of you stressing out because you can’t remember whether you locked your door or not. You can quickly whip out your smartphone and check. And with built-in security encryption, you’re sure that you are protected.

Hooking this lock up into a smart hub opens up a ton of functionality like adding and removing codes straight from the phone app, lock and unlock your doors, turn the keypad beeps on and off, you also get a log of the codes used including the time when the codes were used.

If you have lights and other smarthome devices connected to your hub, you can synchronize specific devices with the Schlage smart-lock. Examples are turning the lights on and sending you a phone notification. That is pretty cool, in my opinion.

Customizable Alarm Settings

This smart door lock also has a built-in alarm sense with three settings to choose from.

Activity Alert

This setting is perfect when you’re at home during the day. It gives you two short beeps as an indicator that someone locked or unlocked your door. This makes it easier to detect when someone just got home.

Tamper Alert

Now, this setting is perfect for your secondary door (if you have one) or when everyone is at home for the night. The door lock gives a 15-second alarm sound when the doorknob or the lever is disturbed. This gives you ample time to check who’s outside and call the police if you suspect that someone is trying to get in.

Forced Entry Alert

Perfect for when you are retiring for the night or when nobody is at home. It basically deters break-ins by giving a high-pitched, loud alarm for approximately 3 minutes when it senses a significant force at the door.

Keyless Entry

The keyless entry feature is almost on all smart-locks now. This is a valuable feature because it does not just free you from the hassle of losing your key and getting locked out. It also allows you to forget about hiding a spare key for your friends, family, pet sitter, and cleaning lady.

You’ll get a touchscreen keypad with a lock cylinder outside your door and a thumb turn lock on the interior. What I really love about this lock is that it can save up to 30 personalized user codes. So you can assign a code for your pet sitter, nanny, cleaning lady, friends, and family.

You can even get phone notification each time a code is used. You also have the authority to restrict access to each code. This level of control allows you to let only the people with authorized access codes in your home. 

The touchscreen keypad is smudge and fingerprint resistant to make sure that there is no visible wear on the keys for the duration of its lifetime. You do have to be careful when entering your code because 4 wrong codes in succession will trigger the alarm.

This lock is powered by 4 alkaline batteries that are already included in the package (I told you that you only need a screwdriver from the beginning). You don’t have to worry about being locked out because the batteries died on you. The door lock is programmed to provide you with a low battery indicator weeks before the battery dies out. 

Back-Up Key For Nostalgia

Just in case you feel a little nostalgic, this lock comes with a key that you can use to unlock your door. To be honest, I think this key will be used for when you forget to change the batteries. I mean, that would be the main reason for me because I am a bit of a scatterbrain sometimes. It is an override key that can unlock the door without entering a code.

I’d probably end up putting this somewhere outside my home and treat it as a spare key.

Triple A Grading From BHMA

BHMA stands for Builders Hardware Manufacturer Association. They are the only group of industry experts accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to check, grade, develop and maintain performance standards of locks, exit devices, and other builders hardware.

This group of experts gave a triple-A grading for this specific lock. This grade is the highest score that the BHMA can provide based on security, durability, and finish of the hardware.

It’s actually not surprising that this lock got a triple-A rating because we all know that Schlage is one of the leading door hardware companies. They have been offering the public with different kinds of locks for many years.


So there you have it! The reasons why the Schlage Z-Wave Smart Door Lock is worth buying. I gave you all the reasons why this lock has been such a popular option for many. With the dawn of the #keylessera (according to Schlage), this lock will surely upgrade your door lock to the next level and become an integral part of your home.

It might also be the reason why you would want to transition into a smarthome. After using this door lock and experiencing the benefit of keyless entry, I’m definitely sure that you’ll never want to go back.


That’s it for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you think it might be useful for someone else then please share it on social media, email or your own website! It really encourages us to write more content and grow the site!

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