3 Smokeless Firepits Made in America

Smokeless firepits each come with a design that will produce a nearly smoke-free burn. Most of these pits feature a double-walled design. This allows smoke to move through the space in between those walls and escape through air holes at the top.

Several companies manufacture smokeless fire pits; So I decided to compile a list of three US based companies along with their top model that I feel deserves recognition.

These companies stand by their name, and all their products are made in the USA.??

Breeo Smokeless Firepits

The Breeo company began inventing smokeless firepits ten years ago, back in 2011. Their goal has been to produce a fire pit that will leave each and every customer with a great experience.

All of their firepits, along with the accessories, are made in the USA. Straight from their headquarters in Pennslyvania, the fire pits are made and delivered to the customer. 

Breeo has been updating and expanding its product line since its beginning. This company has a definite passion for making sure the ultimate campfire experience is brought to their customers.  One model stands out above the rest, in my opinion.

Breeo X24 Smokeless Firepit

Whether you are going to have a family BBQ or just a night of talking around the fire, Breeo’s X24 will do it all. It’s designed for maximum cooking and will easily adapt to any crowd. It’s large enough to serve the neighborhood, yet at the same time, it won’t get in your way if you want to play yard games.

The X24 will last you through the next decade of your life, no matter what that may look like to you. If you are just starting out with small children or planning to retire soon, this smokeless fire pit is an excellent choice.

It’s extremely durable and built to stand the test of time.

The X24 has some amazing features. Obviously, the smokeless technology is top-notch with X Airflow and the double-wall convection. It’s the perfect size for large or small gatherings, and it’s also easily altered for your personal lifestyle.

Choices include a sleek stainless steel and industrial corten. You can add on a sear plate which will bump your cooking flair up. You can cook anything on the X24, seafood, steak, chicken, anything you can think of.

The fire pit also comes with an attachable outpost grill. With the Breeo Ecosystem, you can pick the packages that suit you best; from the insert ring to the firemaster package, you are good to go. 

And most importantly, Breeo products are made in the USA. Their products are top-notch, built-in Lancaster Pennslyvania and are built to a tough USA standard.

HY-C Smokeless Firepits

Since its start in 1947, HY-C has been providing homeowners with chimney covers, firewood storage log racks, fireplace accessories, and many other home fire equipment. Almost 90 percent of their products are made in the USA, which means customers don’t have to wait for overseas shipments to come in.

The people at HY-C are truly committed to delivering a high-performance product that they can back. They have continuously provided safe indoor and outdoor living products for families across the country. 

Because they strive to keep a 9-12 month stock of inventory, most product orders can be made right away. If a rare part needs to be ordered, HY-C promises to try and deliver within 36 hours.

Best of all, HY-C firepits are made right in Missouri. 

Flame Genie FG-16 Smokeless Fire Pit

Imagine being delighted by the allure of a warm fire on your patio or perhaps in the backyard. There is nothing quite like sitting with friends or family, enjoying your time before a roaring flame.

The Flame Genie FG-16 firepit is smoke and spark-free, giving you the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your outdoor time. 

The FG-16 is easily put together and easily lit, giving you the ultimate enjoyment in no time. It efficiently uses pellet fuel, which makes it extremely handy and moveable.

Its visible flames are magnified by the secondary combustion, and its output of heat is out of this world.

You also won’t have to deal with messy cleanup, as the ash pan will capture those annoying pieces that tend to fly everywhere. And when the fire goes out, it’s out—nothing to worry about. 

The FG-16 is ideal for both patio and campsite use. It comes with a gravitational afterburner system, and it also will produce a larger flame.

This means more heat and longer burn times! This firepit also burns clean with wood pellets, which will give off minimal, if any, ash.

This makes clean up a breeze. You also won’t have to worry about your clothes smelling like smoke!

Burly USA Firepits

Burly USA started as a small company amount friends. The idea of a firepit that leaves no sticky residue was simple. The birth of the Burly was a long-lasting fire that is heavy-duty, easy to start, and handcrafted.

Their firepits also promise the reduction of smoke because, at Burly, they believe that the worst thing is having to move your chairs around to continuously avoid blowing smoke.

This company has specially designed an airflow system that eliminates smoke almost 100 percent. They truly believe there should be no bad seat at a firepit.

Gather Matte Black Firepit

Burly’s Gather Matte firepit is made from heavy gauge steel and crafted to reduce smoke. Yet still, it produces significant heat with very few sparks.

A traditional wood-burning fire pit can be dangerous with the number of sparks it throws, so it’s a comfort knowing you will be safe sitting by the fire.

This firepit will hold up in weather with its white oak stained handles. The two-piece system will allow for easy clean-up and transport as the unit already comes assembled right out of the box.

The Gather Matte features a 21-inch diameter and weighs under 75 pounds.

Solo Stove

While its parts are not manufactured in the USA, this Texas-based company still deserves an honorable mention. Solo Stove strives to design outdoor products that help you and your family create memories.

Their firepits and accessories are designed to make entertaining a breeze. Relax in the moment with a warm fire, a cup of coffee, and a smile as you roast smores together. 

Solo Stove believes in the power of humanity and encourages its customers to appreciate nature while spending time with those you love. 


Solo Stove’s Yukon is the extreme in backyard firepit fun. You will have the pleasure of knowing you have made your guests happy with backyard celebrations that produce a huge flame.

The Yukon has a 360 signature airflow design that comes in an extra-large size. This allows for an incredible secondary burn.

The Yukon produces way less smoke than other designs, and almost everything burns to a fine powdery ash. This makes Yukon ridiculously easy to clean.

It’s also built tough. It’s made to last and, at the same time, is very easy to light. It will not disappoint as you will see that you will have a beautiful roaring flame in no time. Yukon is also shipped free inside the continental United States. 

Why Do Smokeless Fire pits Exist?

When one thinks of bonfires or firepits, the family activity of gathering around a warm flame comes to mind. During the fall, you may be snuggled under a blanket as the temperatures dip down. Maybe you are enjoying a glass of wine or roasting marshmallows.

Firepits are also a wonderful activity in the summer as a roaring flame will keep pesky mosquitos away and allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. Lighting a fire on the 4th of July is probably one of the most memorable things a family can do together.

Or perhaps you are enjoying the winter and love spending time outside no matter what the temperature is. A firepit is the ultimate in keeping warm and cozy no matter what time of year is your favorite. 

Whatever the activity, a warm fire makes everyone feel cozy and happy. However, one of the things that aren’t so pleasant is the smoke resulting from that warm fire. It gets in your eyes and can burn something awful, and your clothes will smell for days.

There is also the danger of flying sparks that can easily catch fire on clothing. This can be especially scary if small children or pets are around.

So, it’s fortunate that recent updates to the designs of firepits have made this annoying and sometimes troubling problem one of the past. These changes in design will allow you to enjoy your firepit while avoiding the downfalls. 

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