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17 Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind – Houshia

17 Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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Everyone loves a hot tub don’t they!? In this article, we will be showing you seventeen different ideas for hot tub enclosures that will spur your imagination.

We will also discuss the pros and cons of having each enclosure and some additional information about these wonderful ideas we have for you.

Some enclosures are for people who are on a budget, while some offer enclosures for people who want unique experiences for their hot tubs.

All of these enclosure ideas are surely a hit, regardless of what the homeowners want to achieve.

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Hot Tub EnclosureProsCons
Deck with Roof ExtensionsPrivacy ensuredRoof protects from the harsh sunlightStarry night may not be seen
Privacy ScreensProvides privacyAir flows freely
Open PergolasAmple sunlight enters the hot tubBreeze flows freelyNot suitable for places with more trees and foliageDebris might get into the water
Seasonal SolariumsProvides full view aroundProvides floor-to-ceiling viewsMore outdoor feelExpensive compared to other enclosuresMight not be suitable for places frequently visited by typhoons and hurricanes
Classic Italian Pergola EnclosureSunshine flows freelyBreeze flows freelyLeaves and other debris from trees might fall from the water
Sun-shade EnclosuresKeeps harsh sunshine awayPrevents sunburn when using the hot tub in summer monthsHelps block lighter forms of precipitationNot suitable for protecting against heavy forms of precipitation like storms
Wishing WellHeadspace protectedLandscape viewsGives protection from the elementsMore chances for further enclosures
Sunken Tub EnclosuresEnjoy most privacyAdding string lighting can make this a unique experienceCan be placed in the gardenWood subject to deteriorationChances of safety hazards thanks to wood
Automated/Smart CoversCover can be adjusted to your likingSleek technologyCan cover hot tub to prevent debris from falling into the waterExpensiveNeeds constant updating of software and system used
Backyard Deck with Fire PitUninterrupted flow of breezeDecorations can amp the experienceWood is flammableExtreme care needed to avoid fire hazardsMay not be applicable for weathering if using cheap wood
Lattice PanelsCreates a floating illusionProvides seclusion and extra privacyCozyCan be incorporated in the garden
Cedarwood Deck EnclosuresDurability ensuredEnclosed on three sidesRoofing makes sunlight enter through the hot tubPerfect for neighborhoods with small and compact outdoor spacesCedar is expensive
Finnish Sauna-like EnclosuresAlmost complete protection from the elements on three sidesCompact and sleekGreat views of the sky every day
Traditional Slate RoofingDurableCozyPerfect for those with small outdoor surfaces
Pergola with Tile RoofingViews are guaranteed since it is not fully enclosedRoof gives shadeComplements wooden decks
Traditional Gazebo EnclosureInexpensiveCurtains can be washableAffordable choice for those who are on a budgetWeak quality of curtains might cause wear and tearNot suitable for places with typhoons and hurricanes
Smart Gazebo EnclosureCustomizable depending on the homeowner’s likingSleek and sophisticatedFull roofing attachedThree sides enclosedExpensiveNeeds constant updatingMight cause hazards if substandard materials and systems are used

Having a Deck with a Roof Extension

Perfect for Those Who Value Their Private Time

Let’s face it: not everyone likes swimming in the open. Some people might feel the need to hide themselves, but they want to relax too in the comfort of their own homes. Putting a roof extension over the hot tub is the perfect solution for this dilemma. The roofing and the deck is placed on a deck with two walls on both sides.


This kind of enclosure provides privacy to the users. Some houses do not have bathtubs. People might do this just to relax. The roof protects them from the sun if the sunshine is too hot to handle for the users of the hot tub.


Since there’s a roof above you, seeing the sky is restricted. You will not be able to see the stars well, thanks to the roofing on top of your head. There might also be a need for more lighting fixtures since it’s enclosed on two sides and on top. Starry nights are not really assured on this type of enclosure.

Hot Tub Privacy Screens

For Your Uninterrupted Me-Time

Wooden hot tub is filled with water on outdoor. Summer

Privacy screens provide you a semblance of privacy without losing the breeze blowing from the outdoors. It also gives you a degree of protection from different elements. Perfect for those who want to enjoy outdoors without eyes looking at them, this kind of enclosure is a fit.


The lattice sidewalls and pergolas are perfect for several reasons. It lets the air flow freely from all around the hot tub. It gives you a sense of privacy. It also allows easy access all year round. Privacy and protection in one is what the lattice enclosure provides to the homeowners.

Open Pergolas Hot Tubs

Pergolas for Keeping the Shade Away

Pergolas are freestanding structures supported by posts on all sides. The top part is made from several cross beams, and it leaves open spaces in between the beams.


This kind of enclosure gives you enough shade from the sun. It provides air flow, which makes the hot tub look very contained, in terms of moisture. Lastly, it gives you a relaxed yet protected feeling when you’re using the hot tub to relax and unwind.


If you are planning to do this enclosure but you can’t let go of your trees giving you constant shade, this enclosure is not for you. This is not suitable for places with too many trees and foliage.

Leaves, twigs, and other debris might fall to the hot tub directly. Pergolas have no roof attached so everything might slip inside, making cleaning a hassle. It is best to opt for a more solid roof.

Sun Shade Enclosures

Shading You Just Enough

Source: Hot Spring Spas

This design calls for an open hot tub exposed look and feel. It might look exposed but it is still enclosed in a way. Using pergolas gives good benefits as well.


The pergola design keeps off the worst sunshine away from you. It does not make you sit under the direct exposure from the sun. It prevents you from getting sunburnt. This enclosure also helps block lighter forms of precipitation, such as drizzles and dew. These bad boys get blocked by the pergola. Lastly, it makes a hot tub experience much better all year long.


While it’s very helpful in keeping raindrops and dew away from the hot tub, it won’t help too much with heavier forms of precipitation. Thunderstorms, heavy rains, snow won’t be kept away when you use the hot tub in these conditions. But then again, no one wants to use the hot tub in winter.

Seasonal Solariums

More Cover, More Comfort

Source: Solarium/Skylight Inc

Solariums are much more covered than pergola setups. It is also known as a greenhouse or glass enclosure. It is made entirely of glass, and the purpose is to trap as much light as possible.


Solarium enclosures provide the best and maximum views of surroundings. It allows for a more outdoor feel without going out and exposing yourself to the elements. It provides floor-to-ceiling views to everyone using the solarium. It is also sturdy enough to protect from seasonal weather changes. Overall, it provides a great outdoor experience.


If you’re on a budget, this enclosure is not for you. Solariums cost an arm and a leg. Since it is made of glass, installing it might be more expensive. It also requires constant cleaning of glass panels to avoid cloudy surfaces. The glass panels might break if built in places where typhoons and hurricanes are frequent visitors.

Classic Italian Pergola Enclosure

Covered Yet Comfortable

Source: Austin Outdoor Design

It is another variation of a pergola setup. It is an open enclosure like most pergola setups, and it is perfect for smaller hot tubs.


Classic pergolas give you enough shade from the sun. It blocks the harsh rays and keeps your skin sunburn free. It also keeps leaves and other plants out of the water. You can be sure that it is a shade satisfaction guaranteed situation in this enclosure.


Thanks to its open structure, constant foliage would be a problem. Leaves might get into the water, and constant cleaning would be required. Simply put: it won’t let leaves wither in peace.

Wishing Well Structures

Giving Your Hot Tub a Whimsical Touch

Source: Samuel H. Williamson Associates

This is a unique idea for a hot tub enclosure. This enclosure is inspired by the structure of water wells with a roof on top. Installing this on your hot tub makes for a certified conversation starter.


Headspace is covered thanks to the roof on top. It also allows a view of the landscape. This enclosure also gives protection from the elements like the sun and the rain. More chances for further enclosure are allowed in this setup, which can be done as weather and the seasons change. In summary, this enclosure is covered on top, and comfortable all around.

Sunken Tub Enclosures

Keeping it Lowkey

Source: Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

In this type of enclosure, the hot tub is incorporated into the concrete patio. You can use wooden pergolas in this enclosure. This works best with wooden decks to complement the structure.


Enjoy the most of the privacy thanks to the integration of the hot tub with this enclosure. Adding string lights is recommended for a more magical ambience. It is perfect for starry ambiances without the actual stars. This one can also be put in the center of the garden. Doing that gives you a “nymph bathing by the brookeside” feel. It is indeed a secured hot tub experience.


Sadly, this means more maintenance for the wood. Wood can be subject to deterioration. Use hardwood or better varieties to avoid rotting, and never scrimp on the quality of the wood. Make sure the installation of the hot tub is done perfectly to avoid any safety hazards.

Automated Covers

Fusing Technology and Convenience

Source: Paradise Valley Spas

This one calls for a fusion of modernity and sleek efficiency. The hot tub can be automatically lowered or raised. Of course, it depends on the homeowner’s needs and wants. In addition, it protects the hot tub when lowered, and becomes a sort of a mini pavilion when raised.


Automation is the best customization for this one. It can be adjusted for your liking. It can be lowered to keep your hot tub away from the leaves and other debris, and it provides an aura of sophistication around the area.


Thanks to its high quality technology, this setup costs more than the usual. It might cost even more since it uses smart techniques and automation. Constant checking of the system is needed to make it more updated. It is a bit labor intensive to install since you have to configure everything carefully with the help of the installers.

Backyard Deck with Fire Pit

Bringing the Full Outdoors Fantasy

Source: Creative Design Space, Inc.

The warm colors of the wood blend well with the outdoors. A fire pit can be installed nearby with seating for lounging purposes. You can fill this one with different options for seating. Examples can be hammocks, hanging chairs, or rattan freestanding chairs. This enclosure uses a wooden pergola for roofing.


The backyard deck with fire pit aims for maximizing the outdoor experience. Uninterrupted flow of good breeze to the hot tub is guaranteed, making this the perfect spot to entertain guests outdoors. Decorating the place with lights will make this one a totally enjoyable experience.


The constant checking of the fire pit is required. You cannot use cheap kinds of wood flooring and pergola or it might collapse. Wood may not be good for weathering the seasons, so if you live in a place with inconsistent weather changes, a wooden deck is not for you.

Lattice Panels

Uniting Nature with Comfort

Source: Design Guild Homes

Lattice panels are perfect for gardens and spacious outdoors spaces. This setup combines a pergola frame with lattice frames. This makes it look like it’s floating from a distance, adding a whimsical approach on the aesthetics.


Thanks to the floating illusion, it might look aesthetically pleasing. This appears to be a sunken space, so because of that, it gives extra privacy and coziness to the ones using the hot tub. This can make you feel like part of nature. Also, this one can be integrated in the garden, giving you a secluded hot tub experience

Cedar Deck Enclosures

Cedar for Ultimate Class

Source: BonaVista LeisureScapes

Cedar is known to be a good quality wood for construction. It is famously known to be durable and it can withstand constant seasonal changes. Lebanon is famous for cedar wood used by the Phoenicians for their boats, and because of that, its durability is guaranteed thanks to its rich and long history.


This setup is enclosed on three sides. The roof is made out of a pergola with a translucent roofing for the sunlight to enter. It gives extra privacy, and this one is perfect for close neighborhoods. This combines class with satisfaction at its finest.


You have to remember, however, that cedar is expensive. A 350 sq ft cedar deck costs $5250 for materials alone, with $15 to $30 per square foot.

Finnish Sauna-like Enclosures

Total Protection from the Elements

Source: Decks and Patio Covers

This setup is enclosed on three sides, topping it off with a wooden roof above for cover. It mimics the famous saunas of Finland, and this one is using concrete patio slabs as foundation.


This one provides the almost complete protection from the elements. Not much sun enters the hot tub, so you won’t be exposed under the rays of the sun for too long. Also, it looks sleek and compact. It provides great views of the night sky every day, so in short: protection guaranteed 100%. The sauna-like enclosure is also great for cold places and where winter is harsh.

Traditional Roofing

When in Doubt, Go Traditional

Source: Tatum Brown Custom Homes

One can never go wrong with the traditional roofing. For this enclosure, you can use asphalt shingles if you are living in places that are not extremely hot. Alternatively, you can use slate or galvanized iron sheets in general. Wooden posts and bricks are used for foundation.


This kind of setup is known to be durable. It creates a cozy space for hot tub enthusiasts. To maximize the experience, you can incorporate couches and pillows for a much homey feel. This is perfect for those who don’t have huge outdoor spaces. Protection and satisfaction certified on this one.

Pergola with Tile Roofing

Fusion of Relaxation and Reliability

Source: Dreamlife Design

Using pergola is common in enclosures, but when partnered with tile roofing, this makes for a much more reliable enclosure for your hot tub..


Since it is not fully enclosed, stunning views are a guarantee on this one. The roof provides the much needed shade from the seasons. This enclosure is perfect for wooden decks to complement the flooring. In other words, pergola plus tile roofing equals perfection.

Traditional Gazebo Enclosure

Affordability and Aesthetics Achieved

Source: Paradise Valley Spas

A gazebo is a permanent outdoor structure. Oftentimes hexagonal or octagonal shaped, it has a railing along the perimeter. Curtains can be installed around the gazebo for additional shade and aesthetic purposes.


Fortunately, affordable gazebo curtains are available online. You can find gazebo curtains as low as $48.99 on Amazon. These curtains can be washed and reused, and it is perfect for those who want to have hot tub enclosures but are on a budget.


Since it’s still made of fabric, the curtains might be compromised. These might have wear and tear especially if weak fabrics are used. Therefore, it is not suitable for places frequently visited by hurricanes and typhoons. Curtains might collapse and pose a safety hazard as well.

Smart Gazebo Enclosure

Blending Technology and Sophistication

Source: Paradise Valley Spas

Some gazebos can be integrated with smart technology, in case you missed it. This enclosure is often enclosed on three sides, with a full roofing attached.


You can install projectors for outdoor movie experiences, and you can install ambient lighting around the gazebo. Privacy screens can be adjusted according to your liking. This is the ultimate hot tub experience provided thanks to technology and ambiance.


As we all know, smart technology is expensive. It is costly since it incorporates system configurations. Make sure that the materials you’re using here are water-resistant. Most importantly, constant updating and checking of the equipment is required for a safe and optimum performance.

Things to Remember When You’re Enclosing Your Hot Tub

Hot Tubs Needed to be Serviced Regularly

Before installing an enclosure for your hot tub, you need to make sure there’s enough room for regular maintenance. Make sure if spaces for future part replacement is available around the hot tub. Don’t close it too much.

You Win Some Perks and You Lose Some

Depending on the place, lesser chances to do stargazing or other outdoor activities are a minus on installing a hot tub. On the flipside, you might get more privacy depending on where you are. Hot tubs last longer when protected if exposed outside. No worries about shoveling snow or shoveling pathways to clear, for one. It also helps get rid of nighttime insects around your garden or outdoor space.

Read the Manual and Take Care of Your Hot Tub

Remember to use the proper voltage in your hot tub, and never ever expose wirings in water. Clean the hot tub regularly. Use the right amount of water and chemicals, and lastly, always check for possible damages every now and then.


The main purpose of installing an enclosure around your hot tub is to protect you and the hot tub from the harsh elements outside, as well as providing you privacy and the ultimate relaxation when using it.

Not all ideas are perfect for every household, so make sure to check everything before buying materials and eventually regretting the results. One thing’s for sure: these hot tub enclosure ideas will surely blow your mind and can give you the outdoor experience of a lifetime.

We have another article about Creating the Perfect Space for a Small Garden Hot Tub that you should definitely check out after reading this one

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