Are Carports Trashy? (7 High End Carports You’ll Love!)

Are you looking to shelter your car from the elements, but you don’t have a garage or your garage is full of other projects?

If you’re on a budget, a nice carport might be exactly what you’re looking for.

While carports have been historically regarded as trashy, they can offer quite a classy solution if you find the right fit.

Here, we’ve rounded up 7 high end carports you’ll love!

Read on to learn what we love about each one…

Abba Patio 10 x 20 ft Outdoor Heavy Duty Carport 

We love this 10 x 20 foot outdoor heavy duty carport for a few reasons. First and foremost, this is extra heavy duty, weighing in at over one hundred points. The alloy steel offers a super sturdy frame, available in either eight or six legs. 

Finally, it comes in four colors: white, beige, pink, or yellow. Adding just a pop of color that complements your home can add a classy look and make your carport look intentional.

Features to like about the Abba Patio carport:

  • Comes in four classic colors: white, pink, yellow, and beige
  • It’s incredibly solid and heavy duty: some users report their carport making it through torrential, blizzard-like conditions!
  • Easy to set up, even with just one person.

Some reviewers mention once a small tear happens, the whole tent is doomed. However, a very small percentage of people have reported this.

Quictent 20′ x 40′ Upgraded Galvanized Heavy Duty Gazebo

This tent certainly comes with a price tag, but it’s pricey and high-end for a reason.

This carport looks much more like a party tent, because it can certainly double as one! And if you can use it for a wedding or over classy event, who’s to say it shouldn’t be used to shelter your vehicles?

This tent comes in a variety of sizes, from 13’ x 26’ all the way to 20’ x 40’. Its retractable panels make this one easy to customize just how you need it to work for you.

Features to like about the Quictent Galvanized Heavy Duty Gazebo:

  • Can double as a party tent, or any outdoor activities needing shelter.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Retractable/roll-up panels mean you can customize the tent arrangement

While most people have had good experiences, some have posted about it crumbling to the ground, even after just one set-up, so quality control may be an issue.

Quictent 10X20’ft Upgraded Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy 

Smooth lines add to the feeling of upscale, and this Quictent car canopy certainly delivers on looking classy.

Its frame is sturdy, sleek, and simple, and the canopy attaches securely through the rivets. 

This tent also comes in a variety of colors, and for the price ($200 on Amazon), it’s well worth the investment! Not to mention the great warranties!

Features to like about the Quictent 10’20’ Car Canopy:

  • Comes in a variety of colors to match or complement your home.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty for replacement for connectors, ropes, pegs, and most other small parts, and a 1-year warranty for poles and covers.

Some users have reported it not surviving extreme conditions, like heavy wind, intense sun, or snow, however.

Quictent 10’x20’ Carport Car Canopy Heavy Duty Galvanized Frame Car Shelter with Ground Bar

Quictent has many different carport options, and this one is right in the middle of the previous two we listed.

It’s not as fancy as the event tent, but offers a little more structure than the one just prior, for a couple of reasons.

This carport has a ground bar, which is rare. Quictent claims ground bars make the tent more stable and more wind-resistant on the ground.

Additionally, this tent offers canvas walls, similar to those in the event tent, but a feature that is completely missing from the heavy duty carport listed previously.

These walls also roll to the sides, so you can choose to fully enclose your vehicle, or open them up to show off your ride, or to make it easier when working on it. 

Features to like about the Quictent 10’x20’ Carport Car Canopy with Ground Bar

  • These ground bars make the tent more stable and more wind-resistant on the ground, a pretty unique feature at this price point.
  • The collapsible canvas walls allow either complete privacy, or easily roll up for when you don’t want a fully-enclosed tent.

Problems some reviewers mentioned about this carport:

  • Some reviewers mention the instructions are difficult to follow.
  • Some reviews mention slight issues, like ripping at O-rings, or that it doesn’t fully keep the weather out.

Overall, the Quictent brand seems to be solid, but may have some quality control issues.

Whether the price justifies taking a gamble on having to return it for another is up to you!


Once again, adapting a multi-purpose canopy or an event canopy can be an easy ticket to making a carport look classy.

Mastercanoopy takes a traditional pop-up tent and provides multiple size options, from 10’x10’ to 10’x20’ to fit your vehicle, with about 10 different color options.

Features to like about the MASTERCANOPY Pop Up Canopy Tent:

  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and perhaps the most color options of all the choices.
  • The pop-up style is easy to use and to put up or down.
  • Purchase includes sandbags to keep the tent weighted down.
  • 1 year free replacement of the frame.
  • Easily folds up and easy to store for when you don’t need to use it.

Problems some reviewers mentioned about this carport:

  • Some users say it was hard to extend to its full height.
  • Some users mention a lack of instructions.

While a popup canopy tent might sound too flimsy, remember that these heavy duty tents are meant to be put up and stay up for indefinite amounts of time, such as for weekend events, carnivals, or other festivals.

GALSOAR 10x20FT Outdoor Heavy Duty Carport Car

This heavy-duty all-steel metal frame is sure to turn some heads in terms of class and construction. Its polyethylene, UV-and-water-resistant fabric protects your car against wind, rain, snow, bird droppings and sap.

Galsoar also boasts 24-hour customer service, a feature rare for carport tents! It’s classic, minimal, and heavy duty.

Features to love about the Galsoar Outdoor Heavy Duty Carport Tent:

  • Polyethylene fabric is UV and water-resistant to protect your vehicle from wind, rain, snow, run, bird droppings, and sap.
  • Excellent, 24-hour customer service.
  • Incredibly sturdy

Some reviewers mentioned poles bent or damaged upon arrival, as well as the strings breaking upon set-up or soon afterwards.

Much like the others, quality control seems to be a minor but prevalent issue.

ADVANCE OUTDOOR 20×10 ft Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy

This Advance Outdoor Car Canopy can adjust to whatever your needs may be! While the 10’ x 20’ size is pretty standard, this tent boasts three adjustable heights to suit your storage needs.

Plus, they pride themselves on their sturdy steel pole feet, as opposed to cheap plastic feet like many competitors. 

Features to love about the Advance Outdoor Heavy Duty Carport

  • Easily adjusts to three different heights
  • Sturdy steel feed for extra stability 
  • Thicker steel poles offer advanced stability 
  • UV protection
  • Available in three colors: white, beige, or green
  • Easy visual set-up instructions are included, and provided on the product page for easy access.

Some reviewers mentioned it did not survive stormy conditions, however, so if you live in a windy area this may not be the best for you.


While carports have historically been considered trashy, there are many options on the market that can look classy, whether sitting in your driveway, on the side of your house, or wherever your needs may be.

As you can see, there are an array of carports on the market that offer a sleek look, come in various colors, and are still heavy-duty in order to give your vehicle the protection it needs.

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