Fire Pits For Patios – 7 Awesome Options

There are so many reasons why fire pits are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they provide a place to gather with family and friends, but they’re also a great way to liven up your outdoor space, and enjoy time outside while staying warm and cozy.

There are so many different types of fire pits to choose from, so you can be sure that you will find one that is just right for your space, budget, and needs.

To help save you the time and effort of having to do all the research yourself, we’ve gathered 7 awesome fire pit options currently available to use on your outdoor patio.

1. TACKLIFE Propane Fire Pit

First on the list of awesome fire pits is this square-shaped propane fire pit table by TACKLIFE. This fire pit has a standard style that is commonly owned and loved by many.

Reaching 28 inches, this fire pit is the perfect height for placing chairs around it and makes for a great centerpiece on your patio.

Equipped with volcanic rocks, this propane fire pit is smoke-free and holds in heat extremely well. The design of this fire pit features a surface edge around the pit to place drinks on and a lid to keep your fire pit clean and protected when not in use.

This allows the fire pit to have versatility and double as an outdoor table during warmer months.

This TACKLIFE propane fire pit also has a door on the side that opens and allows you to store your propane tank inside the fire pit. This keeps the fire pit looking nice and prevents the propane tank from getting knocked over.

With an added stainless steel control lighter, this fire pit is easy to turn on and off and gives you the ability to fully control the fire.

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2. Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Fire Pit

For those looking for a fire pit that doubles as a barbeque, this outdoor fire pit by Sunnydaze is a perfect choice.

This large rectangular fire pit is great for keeping large groups of people warm and cozy while having the added benefit of being able to use it as a grill. 

With a large heavy-duty steel grate for placing wood, this fire pit brings the feel of a campfire with additional safety benefits that makes it easy to use on your patio.

The mesh screen around the fire pit prevents embers and sparks from landing anywhere in your yard and features a hinged door in the front to easily access the inside when cooking or needing to stoke the fire. 

The simple black coloring of this fire pit blends well with any patio design and it is rust-resistant so it will keep looking just as good as the first day you buy it.

Equipped with a grilling grate for cooking, a poker for stoking the fire, and a weather-resistant cover, this fire pit from Sunnydaze is affordable and comes with everything you need.

3. U-MAXX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, this large and elegant propane fire pit by U-MAXX will provide you with a luxurious and comfortable outdoor experience.

This rectangular-shaped fire pit features a black tempered glass tabletop, removable tempered glass wind guard, ocean blue glass stones, and dark brown rattan-style sides that is sure to increase the aesthetic on any style patio.

This 44 Inch fire pit is perfect for entertaining large groups of people and it also doubles as a tabletop when not in use. The side has a slide-out drawer that perfectly holds the propane tank inside and even keeps it off the ground.

This makes it easy to change the propane tank when it is empty and keeps it safe and hidden away on the inside.

Like the first propane fire pit mentioned above, this U-MAXX fire pit also has an easy-to-use temperature control switch to turn it on and off or select your designated heat setting.

All the metal materials are rust and heat resistant which helps to extend the longevity and keeps it looking beautiful.

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4. Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit

Featuring a classic wood-burning fire pit design with a cosmic twist and additional safety features, this Sunnydaze fire pit is perfect to have on any outdoor patio.

With this fire pit, you can now bring the feel of a bonfire to your patio without any risk of embers or sparks escaping the fire pit.

The large metal grate has star and crescent moon cutouts with a round mesh spark screen surrounding the entire grate to allow air to circulate safely while allowing the cosmic cutouts to glow in the nighttime.

This design is great for families with children of all ages and those who want to inspire others to enjoy a cozy fire outside after it gets dark.

The metal grate is deep and allows you to have larger fires than a typical fire pit, which is great for celebrations and hosting events.

The materials used to create this Sunnydaze fire pit are also heavy-duty and rust-resistant so it is sure to last you a long time on your patio.

5. Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

While the other fire pits mentioned above are not typically meant to be moved around to different locations, this small propane fire pit by Outland has the ability to be more portable than the rest.

If you have a small patio space, this is a really great option for utilizing space or if you like going camping often, it is also extremely easy to take with you.

For a simple, smokeless fire this versatile fire pit uses propane with natural lava rocks that look similar to charcoals to create a more authentic-looking fire.

Flame-shaped cutouts on the sides also give it a simple and comfy campfire feel to it. This small round fire pit is perfect for small groups and couples to enjoy some warmth while relaxing outside.

This Outland fire pit comes with a long 10 ft. hose to hook up to the propane so you can store it away from the fire pit or keep it hidden while still using it.

The outside of the fire pit is also created with high-quality steel and the burner is made with stainless steel, so this fire pit is sure to last many years without any tarnishing. 

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6. BALI OUTDOORS Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit Chiminea

Featuring a completely different style than the previous fire pits, this chiminea fire pit by BALI OUTDOORS offers the ability to have a wood-burning fire with limited smoke coming in contact with those sitting around it.

This is a perfect solution for those who love the feel of a natural fire but want to stay away from the smoke.

The chimney-style round roof at the top of the fire pit allows smoke to travel above and away instead of spreading out. It also helps to protect the fire grate from exposure to any elements.

With a 360-degree mesh fire cage surrounding the fire pit, the warmth of the fire can be enjoyed at any angle and helps to keep sparks and embers from escaping.

The mesh fire cage also has a sliding door for easy access and provides good air circulation to keep your fire burning evenly. Created entirely with cast iron, this chiminea by BALI OUTDOORS is heavy-duty, made to last, and will bring a traditional fire experience to any patio. It is great for family events and keeping guests warm and cozy while enjoying the outdoors.

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7. Best Choice Products 30,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit

Last but not least, is the Best Choice gas fire pit for the look of a handmade fire pit without having to participate in any DIY projects.

This fire pit features natural-looking stonework around the entire outside and around the top, complete with a stainless steel burner and lava rocks to spread the heat evenly throughout the fire pit.

This fire pit design is perfect for those with a natural aesthetic on their patio who want to provide an authentic fire pit style without having to worry about burning any wood or dealing with any smoke.

This attractive fire pit uses propane to heat up the lava rocks and has a long propane hose to allow you to hook up the propane hidden away from the actual fire pit.

The Best Choice fire pit is easy to use with a temperature control switch and comes with handles on each side to make it easy to move between different locations on your patio.

This is a small to medium-sized fire pit and is great for couples or entertaining small groups of family or friends.

Regardless of what fire pit you decide to choose, there is one made for every style, size, and need.

We hope that you are able to feel inspired by these choices and find a fire pit that is just right for you.

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