Versatube Carports – Are They Any Good?

Not everyone has a garage at their home. Versa tubes allow those homeowner’s cars also to be protected. 

Overall, Versatube carports are good solutions if you do not have a garage as part of your home. They are quick to build, relatively inexpensive, and can serve other purposes than just being a carport. For many homeowners, a Versatube carport is a quick and easy when lacking a garage. 

If you are looking for a reasonable alternative to a complete garage addition, this may be the option you want.

These are the facts you want to know before investing in a Versatube carport.

Versatubes Are Affordable

One of the most attractive things about the Versatube carports is the affordability behind them.

Carports don’t require a whole lot of material or labor; therefore, they are much less expensive than building a traditional garage. 

Versatube offers a few different carports variations that allow you to make choices from a wide range of prices and sizes. Additionally, Versatube offers financing, which makes carports even more affordable. 

You can also assemble the carport by yourself, and although it isn’t an incredibly easy task, an inexperienced builder would still be able to put one up.

If you do have some building experience, putting up a Versatube carport should be a fairly easy process. 

Versatubes are Available in a Variety of Sizes

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One really big plus to having a carport vs. a garage is that you can get carports in a very large range of sizes, while having a garage can be somewhat restricting as far as size goes. 

You can choose from simple singular carport sizes to really large carports that could serve as a spot for larger vehicles such as an RV, bus, or boat.

You can also choose between the amount of siding you would like to have surrounding your carport’s exterior. 

The siding options for Versatube carports include: 

  • Frame Only
  • Roof Only 
  • Two-Sided
  • Three-Sided

You can also choose between the classic and pinnacle-style carport. 

How Durable Are Versatubes? 

Versatubes themselves are durable carports; however, they don’t offer as much protection as a garage does.

You can also increase your carport’s protection and durability by increasing the number of sides your carport has.

Having a three-sided carport, for example, will be much safer for your vehicle that is stored inside.

Versatube also offers a garage and more expensive building options; however, they are more secure and protective to your vehicles than a standard carport. 

Versatubes, in general, are extremely durable because they are made out of steel, and the cover of the carport is made out of steel as well.

The materials used to make Versatube carports significantly increase their durability. 

They have Affordable Foundations.

When installing a carport, you still have to have a foundation to place it; however, carports make this much more affordable because you have several options rather than just concrete. 

Concrete will be the most durable option, of course, and you can still use this as the foundation for your carport; however, gravel is also a popular option.

Gravel carports are much less expensive than concrete. However, they do require a bit more maintenance and upkeep. 

You Can Store More Than Cars 

With the variety in size that Versatube offers for their carports, you can store so much more than just cars. Some other options for storage use for your carport include:





As previously mentioned, Versatube offers a variety of sizes; many of those options are specifically designed to accommodate recreational vehicles.

They also offer RV cover options to create extra protection for your vehicle. 

Carports Aren’t as Attractive as Garages. 

One downside to carports is that they aren’t as attractive as garages, especially if you are only choosing the roof option for your carport.

The big pro to garages is that they create an enclosed space that gives the exterior of your storage area an overall cleaner look. 

The great thing about Versatube is that they do offer many different options and styles for carports, which means you can get the one that works best for you and what you are choosing to store. 

Versatube Carports Offer Easy Assembly 

Versatube offers building kits for steel carports which makes them very easy to both order and build. The incredibly nice thing about this is that, should you want to, you can take down and move your carport.

This is one of the biggest plus sides to choosing a carport if you don’t have a garage. 

Versatube allows you to get your unassembled carport delivered directly to your home, so you don’t have to relocate it to assemble it yourself.

Although the assembly process is fairly easy, it is going to help a lot if you have a helper

Versatubes Are Easier to Get Approval for Than a Garage

If you live in an area where you need approval for certain sized building projects, foundations, or structures, then a Versatube garage would be a great option because their building approval process tends to be much easier than a large garage structure. 

Versatube is known for its willingness to work with local building codes and provide several options no matter how strict or laid back your local codes are.

If you choose to go with a gravel foundation rather than concrete, getting through the approval process will most likely be even easier. 

Some areas don’t even have requirements for installing Versatube carports. Before you decide to purchase one, make sure you are aware of the building codes in your area, whether you need to obtain any permits, and what you need to do to install a carport on your property. 

Versatube Offers a Twenty-Year Product Pledge 

To ensure that all carports work effectively and all customers have a good experience, Versatube offers a 20-year product pledge for all of their customers.

This pledge provides a 20-year structural warranty on the framing components of your Versatube carport. 

They do have some reasons why the warranty might be voided. You can find more information on Versatube’s twenty-year product pledge here. 

Versatubes Can Handle Varying Weather Conditions 

In order to prepare your Versatube for different weather conditions, you can modify your Versatube to increase its durability.

If you live somewhere with a lot of snow, adding the trusses to your Versatube structure will prepare it for heavy snow falling on top and adding weight to your carport. 

Versatube carports are very durable in pretty much all conditions. This is especially due to their solid steel structure.

It is also necessary to make sure you put up the Versatube correctly, as this will ensure the carport’s durability. 

Is Versatube Worth the Price? 

Overall, most customers are very happy with their purchase from Versatube and have left positive reviews about their carports.

The company makes the purchase and process very worth it with affordable prices and financing options so that you can pay off your carport over time. 

The durability, ease, and materials the Versatubes are made with are all very worth the price. Not having a garage can be a challenge, especially if you have several vehicles that you need to store in a safe place.

Versatube offers great options for simple vehicle storage for every type of vehicle that you may own. 

For many people out there, a Versatube structure will be a great option for vehicle storage and is offered at a great price as well.

Overall, Versatube carports are well worth your time and investment.

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