5 Best Awnings Produced In America

If you’re looking for the best awnings produced in America, we’ve compared 5 of the top brands in terms of price, size, materials, features, colors, quality, and wind ratings, and laid them out in an easy list for you to view!

NuImage Window Awning

ProductModelPriceSizeMaterialsMotorizedColorsWind Rating
NuImageSeries 3300 Window Awning$262 (starting price)Custom widths up to 96’ in 1” incrementsBronze-finish framework   FabricNoOver 100 optionsNot stated

First up, the NuImage awnings, which are produced in the United States by Futureguard Building Products. “They have been making awnings for more than 25 years, and have the experience and dedication to make some really superb products.

Their fabric awnings are very high quality, starting at around $260, and they offer options for both doors and windows. With a bronze-finish anti-rust framework, the awning should hold up for years to come, and will help to cut your air conditioning costs and keep your home a more comfortable temperature.

They have a huge selection of colors and patterns for you to pick from, so you can choose something which perfectly suits your home or your business aesthetic.

They don’t have a wind rating listed, so it would be best to put the awning away whenever strong winds are expected, rather than risk damage to the framework or fabric.

The company does also recommend removing the awning during winter so it can be stored somewhere dry, but they ensure this removal is very easy, which is great if you want to be able to take the awning down at times.

This product is not motorized, so if you’re looking for something more high-tech, it may not be for you.

NuImage ships products with full installation instructions, so if you’re feeling confident in your D.I.Y. skills, you might be able to install their awnings yourself, and save on the cost of having a professional do it.

If you’re interested in buying an American-made high-quality product, NuImage may be perfect for you.

SunAir Awnings

ProductModelPriceSizeMaterialsMotorizedColorsWind Rating
SunAirSunAir Retractable Patio AwningIncludes installation, ranges between $2000-$5000Custom sizes, available up to 40ft x 14ftFabric with powder coated frameAvailable in Manual and MotorizedHundreds of color optionsLess than 25mph

First founded in Sweden, SunAir has existed since 1880, when they began manufacturing umbrellas – they’ve had a long journey since then, and have a lot of experience under their belts. The company shifted to the US market in 1978, and it’s still owned by the same family: it’s now with the fifth generation.

They have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing retractable awnings, and they specialize in customizing their products to suit individual customer needs. They use mostly acrylic and mesh fabrics, which are good at blocking the sun without blocking your vision.

The frame is available in 9 different colors, and they boast hundreds of fabrics, so you can pick any aesthetic which suits you. They work with dealers all over the United States to help their customers get their awnings delivered and installed professionally.

Their awnings can be either manually retracted or motorized, so while they may not offer very good wind resistance (light to moderate winds, but that’s to be expected from fabric awnings), they are easy to put away when the wind speeds pick up.

They also offer a great warranty of 10 years on the fabric, 5 years on the motor (for motorized awnings), and a full 15 years on the frame. That’s a good vote of confidence in the longevity of their products!

With some useful advice on how to clean the fabric, why you might want a motor, what motorizing your awning may cost, and how to measure an awning, SunAir is clearly invested in customer satisfaction and eager to help their customers make the most of their products.

American Awnings

ProductModelPriceSizeMaterialsMotorizedColorsWind Rating
American AwningsEstateNot Stated6’ 11” – 41’ wide, variety of projections available to suit customer requirementsSteel or Aluminum   FabricManual or Motorized optionsWhite, Sandstone, Earthstone for frame, range of options for fabricUnknown

Unsurprisingly, American Awnings are another great option if you are specifically looking for awnings manufactured in the USA. They come with plenty of different options, but the Estate awning is a good starting point.

They don’t offer pricing information on their website, but do have a number to call to get a free quote, so you can discuss in detail your requirements, and ask any questions you may have.

They offer a 5 year warranty on any motors, a 12 year warranty on their fabrics, and a lifetime warranty on their frames, which are great reassurances about the quality of the product.

They also have a slim version of their standard retractable awning, and an extra long projection version, meaning you’re likely to be able to find one of their products that will fit even if you have an awkward space.

Their website doesn’t contain information about wind ratings, but as it’s a retractable awning, you can put it away if bad weather is expected, and they offer wind sensor accessories, meaning that even if you forget, your awning should be safe from damage.

“They also offer custom styles and even lettering, so if you’re looking for an awning for your business, they may prove the best option!

Sunsetter Motorized XL Awnings

ProductModelPriceSizeMaterialsMotorizedColorsWind Rating
SunsetterSunsetter Motorized XL Awnings$500-$40008ft – 20ftAluminum, fabricYesChoice of fabrics and colors55 – 75 mph

Sunsetter Motorized XL Awnings are superb quality awnings, made in America. Their motorization makes for extremely easy operation; just touch a button and you have your awning in place. This is perfect for hot days when you don’t want to be messing around cranking the awning out manually.

It’s got a superb wind rating as well, so you can rest assured that it will stand up to even ferocious weather without a problem. That’s probably partly due to the quality of the materials they use; they opt for the highest quality aluminum on the market, finished with a coating that bonds all the structural elements together.

Sunsetter offers some great accessories, such as LED lights you can install to make the most of your patio even during the evenings and nights, and their awnings will keep you and your family safe from harmful UV rays. Alongside that, they can be put away in seconds when you want to feel some sun on your skin!

They claim the installation is really easy, and you can do it yourself within a few hours, which is an impressive idea as most awning providers recommend having a professional to do the installation. To get the best price point, you would need to do it yourself. Sunsetter doesn’t advertise prices on their own site, however.

They offer a variety of sizes to try and ensure their awnings meet your needs, and this is the extra large, so if you have a lot of patio space that you want to take advantage of, these are the way to go.

They also offer replacement fabric, custom fitted to suit whatever size awning you have, which should massively extend the life of this product, especially since its structural parts are such good quality.

Polar Shades 7700

ProductModelPriceSizeMaterialsMotorizedColorsWind Rating
Polar Shades Awnings7700UnknownCustom widths up to 26’ in 1” incrementsPowder coated white frame   Fabric awningYesChoice of 100+ colorsNot stated, but no warranty cover offered for wind damage

Polar Shades are particularly proud of how everything they do is done in-house, so none of their manufacturing is outsourced to other countries. If your awning being 100% American is important to you, this is a great company to choose.

With various options for projection sizes, plenty of fabric choices, and 6 different valance styles, this awning is very customizable.

It describes its arms as “medium duty,” which may help you make decisions about how wind-proof it will be – probably not very – but it is at least easy to retract by just pressing a button. They do utilize a stainless steel chain tension system to increase the durability.

They also offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the fabric, 10 years on the motor, and 1 year on the labor – which is probably one of the best warranties available.

However, they specify that the warranty excludes damage from weather such as sleet, snow, or high winds, so you need to be responsible about putting your awning away.

The optional accessories include a Weatherguard Cover that will protect your awning from dirt and precipitation when it’s not in use, and may help to extend its life.


There are some great all-American (or mostly-American) manufacturers providing high-quality awnings, with many different options to choose from. No matter what your patio size or your fabric requirements, there are options out there that will suit you.

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